Bruce Larson to Race 1972 USA-1 Camaro in 2016


In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Bruce Larson’s USA-1 Chevrolet Funny Cars, we are debuting a replica of the 1972 USA-1 Mini-Camaro. Unlike many of the nostalgia cars currently being campaigned, the car will driven by its original driver, Funny Car World Champion and International Drag Racing Hall of Fame member Bruce Larson.

Like the original 1972 Camaro Funny Car, the new car reflects Bruce’s loyalty to his Chevrolet fans. As a true reproduction, the new car uses a blown Big Block Chevrolet engine. In a world of Chrysler Hemi-powered cars, the USA-1 Camaro is truly unique and a rare experience for bow tie fans of all ages.


This reproduced USA-1 Camaro is true to the period in which it competed. The original funny car was destroyed in a racing fire at Budds Creek Dragway. The new car has no computer, no aero skirting mods to the body, a single mag, wet sump and no side windows. Just a few sensible safety updates have been added. The car was built by Worm Inc. with a Bob Rosetty body, as was the well known previous ’68 Camaro USA-1 Tribute Car.

Bruce feels the current nostalgia funny car rules have been stretched too far, resulting in excessive expenses for the racer and track operator.

This car, as well as others such as the Time Bomb Vega, will be available to track operators and show promoters in 2016 at affordable pricing. This opportunity will take race fans back to the glory days of long ground-pounding smokey burnouts, dry hops, and nitromethane-fueled header flames. Bruce and the car make a desirable package for promoters who can draw a crowd of fans looking for autographs from a world champion.

Bruce was there when match racing ruled the strips. Bruce and his 200 mph Mini Camaro will leave young and old fans with an experience they will never forget. Bruce Larson and the USA-1 name will bring spectators to your drag racing event.

Information for promoters may be obtained by calling 717-921-3336 or by emailing

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