2016 Blue Suede Cruise Photos

Describing the Wanda Akzo Nobel Blue Suede Cruise is like a recipe. Combine 1200 classic cars, nostalgia drag racing, and ’60s music blaring on the PA system with swap meets, concerts, timed fun runs, and fireworks, then mix in 3 days of great weather and you get a great event. Here are some pics from Dave Oakes.

56ChevyWagonA beautiful flamed ’56 Chevy Wagon

Addington3The Addington C/Gasser reaches for the sky

Boles12Bo Boles took home the 7.50 crown

Curry1Toney Curry’s wild ’64 Chevy

DeVore2In his first race in this car, Tim DeVore went to the 7.5 final

Godzilla14The ageless Godzilla ’55 Chevy won the Gasser Magazine Shootout

HelterSkelter12The Helter Skelter Camaro broke on the burnout in the 7.0 final

MalibuWagon1Gotta love torque!!!

Palmer1Jamie Palmer’s ’37 Chevy was low qualifier in 7.0 pro

VWBusFeel free to create your own caption on this one

Walczak8Steve Walczak, your 7.0 pro winner

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