Andy Frost is JB’s Pick for Racer of the Week: October 16th!

Racin’ & Rockin’ with will be back on Monday, October 16th. I have rescheduled all of the Racers of the Week one week along to accommodate the break and keep everybody I have lined up to be featured in place! Best to all, JB

Coming up Monday, October 16th, 2017 for JB’s Pick as Racer of the Week, I have selected Andy Frost, from Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. Andy was recommended to me by our friend and owner of C & C Engineering, Andy Cowen. Thanks, Andy! Andy Frost’s Red ’72 Vauxhall Victor is in Bahrain to try and become the world’s fastest street car, for the upcoming race organized between the USA, Canada and the UK, done on the internet by Trish and Chris Brio. This car is nothing short of amazing, and I’m looking forward to featuring Andy and his great car on the October 16th show!

I am open to suggestions for Racers of Week, folks. Feel free to message me here on Facebook if you have a racer in mind for this feature.

NO COST, PERIOD. All you get is worldwide ink. The criteria is simple and fun to produce, and the graphic of you and your hot rod, plus the text and audio file of your feature will be online forever.

Approaching Racer of the Week’s 6th year, I’m having a great time featuring our Drag Racers from all over the world in 2017!

Andy’s feature is scheduled to air live in "JB’s Take".

Our guest for the October 16th show will be the multi-talented Nostalgia Funny Car driver and crew man, Brian Gawlik!

Hope you can drop in and listen!

The show will be live at 8 PM US Eastern time.

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Love to all, JB

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