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Danny's Corner

NHRA's Quickest Comp Eliminator Cars, 1999!

by Danny White (12/19/99)

Ever wonder who the quickest Competition vehicles in NHRA are? Well I have! I did a little research and came up with the following vehicles.

Chicago area racer Robert Book owns the quickest dragster in Competition eliminator. Book has managed an awesome unfactored 6.605 at 204.50 with his new Spitzer built dragster this year. The run put the index so far down to a 7.10 that it is near impossible to win with the car. The car uses a 483 cube Pontiac for power, backed by a Liberty 5-speed. The team is planning to add an A/A next year with Division Three champion Ed Bennet III at the wheel.

The fastest A/ED run was by longtime racer Robert Bailey from Indiana. The car ran a wild 6.795 at 196.40 with a single carbureted 450 Pontiac and an automatic transmission.

The fastest altered in Competition eliminator is longtime racer Tom Snyder. The car Snyder races can be traced back to 1978, but through a couple of rebuilds and updates, "Pappy's Pride" is as good as new. Tom has wrung a 6.74 at 199.64 out of the wild car at the season ending Pomona race. Just watching this car leave the starting line and carry the front tires several hundred feet down the track is worth the price of admission. The car uses a Pro Style setup 511 Pontiac backed by a Lenco.

The fastest blown altered I could find was the Marrs & Williams AA/A 23-T from Texas with Greg Marrs at the wheel. The car was built by Victory Race Cars in California and the blown Pontiac was built by Steve Schmidt, backed by a Liberty 5-speed. Marrs managed a 7.220 at 188.68, which in 1995 was the quickest AA/A ever. The car was sold to Mike Hoff, for whom Carnie Fryfogle has driven to a known best of 7.234 in 1998.

The turbo altered quick car is the Garth Hill-driven Hill & Williams's single turbo 257 cubic inch Buick V-6 23-T AA/AT. The car ran 7.105 at 198.28 back in the eighties when the index was much softer. Hill & Williams switched to a straight six and ran F/EA until they retired.

The quickest ‘slammer ever in NHRA Competition eliminator is Hurley Blakeney's "Angio Laz" twin turbo AA/AT Thunderbird. The car was built by Pro Stock Truck racer Kim Smith with a killer small block built by turbo guru Ken Duttweiller. Dubbed "Silent Thunder," the car ran 6.641 at 208.41 a couple of years ago in Houston. A perfect run with the temperamental car was hard to come by.

The fastest naturally aspirated run came from Jerry Haas two years ago in Bob Phelps' 1963 Corvette. The ultra trick Corvette ran A/A with a 632 inch Pontiac backed by a 5-speed. The car ran 6.782 at 203.89 with Haas at the wheel. Next to Blakeney's Thunderbird, this car had to be the most popular car in Competition eliminator.

The fastest blown car in Competition eliminator is also Phelps' wild ‘63 Corvette. The team won the tough Division Three championship this year. A 6.996 at 198.93 gave the team the title of "quickest blown gas car of all time."

NHRA Competition Eliminator has so many varieties of combinations that I could not begin to cover them here. However, this was a little sampling of the baddest of the bad in NHRA Comp eliminator.

Danny White


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