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Danny's Corner

The World's Quickest Small Blocks, 1999!

by Danny White (12/12/99)

The Danny's Corner on www.draglist.com that has caused the most stir is the quickest small block doorslammer story I did over a year ago. The small blocks have come out of the woodwork now and have shown how bad the little screamers can be. The blown, nitrous, and turbo cars all have their place here. The following list is an unofficial listing pirated from the draglist files themselves. If you see a correction please drop me a line at ddgw@valornet.com.

World Quickest Small Blocks

1 4.065 171.50* Jason Scruggs Blown Corvette Q8

2 6.585 210.50 Grant O'Rourke Blown Torana AA/G

3 6.641 208.01 Hurley Blakeney Turbo T-Bird AA/AT

4 6.755 208.88 Mike Ragusa Turbo Probe P/ST

5 6.776 202.73 Bob Rieger Turbo S-10 P/ST

6 6.779 206.42 Rob Saboury Turbo Firebird P/ST

7 6.855 203.10 Danny Baines Blown Camaro BB/AP

8 6.856 204.60 Steve Kirk Jr. Turbo Firebird P/ST

9 6.874 193.93 Stacy Hall Nitrous Corvette TS

10 6.894 198.14 Brandon McSweeney Blown Falcon TD

12 6.905 199.50 Hurley Blakeney Turbo Probe BB/AT

13 6.965 202.50 Ken Duttweiller Turbo Cutlass P/ST

14 7.052 193.05 Kim Smith Turbo Probe BB/AT

15 7.085 195.50 Hurley Blakeney Turbo Mustang AA/AT

16 7.135 198.18 Vinnie Pacifico Nitrous Corvette TS

17 7.161 191.18 Jeff Belloma Nitrous Corvette TS

18 7.190 190.50 Buddy Ingersoll Turbo Skyhawk BB/AT

20 7.195 195.82 Ray Newton Sprit of St Louis PM

21 7.199 194.60 Ron Kammes Blown Camaro PM

22 7.229 185.79 Sandy Wilkens Nitrous Camaro TS

23 7.235 201.55 Kevin McCurdy Blown Camaro P/ST

24 7.295 190.50 Ken Duttweiller Turbo Regal BB/AT

25 7.300 185.40 Tom Jackson Blown '38 Chevy BB/G

Some will disagree with me about the number one car of Jason Scruggs*, but no other car has come close to his eighth mile times that I can find and he does not race quarter mile tracks. Hurley Blakeney appears three times in three different cars -- it shows how well he has done with the small block. If Camp Stanley is reading, Kevin McCurdy is the only one on this list with treaded tires that made it. Keep on screaming and God bless small blocks!

Danny White


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