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Danny's Corner

Pro Mod Street Fight in Denton!

By Danny White, 5/16/99

The Pro Modifieds came to improved I-35 North Texas Dragway north of Denton for the monthly race. The track has new ownership and a sanction from IHRA to go with the constant improvements they are making.

Fifteen cars tried to qualify for the eight-car field. Number one was Jason Davis in he and his father Mike's beautiful Davis Racing 97 Monte Carlo with a new track record 4.47 at a whopping 168.48 mph. Pro Modified newcomer Bobby Booth in his brand new blown Booth Automotive 38 Chevrolet went a 4.61, 144.01 run for number two. The Texas Bounty Hunter 1994 Camaro blown hemi of Gaylen Smith ran 4.65 at a shutoff 123.43. Big Jim Brooks got a 4.70, 122.91 run to get the number four spot in his Big Jim 97 Lumina with a nitrous engine. The Black Bat 81 Camaro of Phillip Vallair went 4.86, 131.99 for number five. Tommy Adams and his 69 Camaro went 4.87, 142.60 for the number six spot. Jamie Satterwhite went 5.01, 111.14 run that broke the 69 Camaro's rear end and ended him seventh. Brett Hasara got one shot to qualify and made the most of it with a 5.05, 134.47 in the blown Hasara Racing 92 Lumina.

Leading the seven alternates was Pat Edwards in his all black 1988 Corvette with a 5.09, 128.55 run to end him up number nine. Mark Walker's blown Texas Ranger 71 Pinto was number ten with a 5.12, 114.15 crossed up run. Ricky Toms was number eleven in his nitrous equipped 92 Camaro with a 5.14, 116.87. Marty Neely was driving Danny Scott's blown 92 Camaro to an off pace 5.20, 137.55 for number twelve. Tony Thorn in his Pro Street 1974 Nova went a good 5.22, 126.68 for number thirteen, Thorn later went 5.09 on a time trial. Alvin Sneed in his Snake Racing S/C 86 Camaro was number fourteenth with a 5.37, 132.81. Grant Hensley took the last spot. Hensley broke a sprag in his transmission on his first burnout and never received a time.

The first round started with Davis beating Hasara 4.58, 162.16 to Hasara's 5.56, 90.38. Hasara kicked out the head gasket and had a minor fire that went out quickly. Jim Brooks beat Vallair with a 4.54, 151.87 to Vallair's crossed up 6.08, 66.29 pass. Gaylen Smith beat Tommy Adams 4.58, 134.44 to Adams 5.04, 121.71 run. Bobby Booth set a new track E.T. record with 4.47, 155.74 to beat Jamie Satterwhite's wild sash saying run of 4.64, 140.26.

The semi final showed that the bad right lane was not as bad as first thought. Jim Brooks put Jason Davis in the bad lane but Davis let it all hang out and came up with super early lifting 4.52, 157.69 to beat Brooks piston burning 5.08, 104.08 shutoff run. Gaylen Smith showed that he could get down the right lane also and beat Bobby Booth 4.46, 146.10 to Booth's 4.64, 137.78. The 4.46 again reset the track record.

The final was a good race with Gaylen, the track E.T. holder, taking the preferred left lane and putting Davis, the track M.P.H. holder, again in the right lane. Davis left first but Smith motored around to an awesome new track E.T. record 4.41, 155.57 pass that beat Davis' scary near-the-guardrail shut off pass of 4.58, 148.03. The win was Gaylen's second of the year at the rebuilt I-35 North Texas Dragway to add to several other wins and a growing list of track records.

Danny White


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