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Danny's Corner

Texas Outlaws at Kennedale!

by Danny White (4/11/99)

The monthly Texas Quick 8 Association Pro Modified race was held Friday April 9 at Texas Raceway in Kennedale, Texas. It was a night chock full of best-ever performances as circuit regulars continued to creep up on their combinations. Ten cars tried to make the elite eight-car field.

Low qualifier after two rounds of qualifying was DeSoto-based Gaylen Smith. Gaylen drove the blown Texas Bounty Hunter 1994 Camaro to a soft 4.368, 161.88 pass. 1997 Texas Quick 8 Association Champion Landon Jordan of nearby Mansfield was number two in his Ray Brooks-owned "The Kid" 1963 Corvette at a shutoff 4.442, 135.98. Scott Herzog of Brenam in the Herzog Racing 1990 Camaro, formerly owned by Carolyn Melendy, was number three with his best ever run of 4.476, 157.90. Grant Hensley of Fort Worth landed in the number four spot with a solid 4.550, 154.11 in the G-Force Racing 1992 Trans Am.

From Houston came the Black Bat 1981 Camaro of Phillip Vallair. Phillip ran his best ever elapsed also with a 4.673, 152.59 with a Powerglide. Mark Walker of Liberty Hill, in the world's quickest Pinto, ran a solid 4.793, 142.24. If you ever see Walker's wild Texas Ranger 1972 Pinto you will never forget it -- stretched, blown, and the largest wing probably ever put on a Pro Modified! Pat Edwards of Dallas in his all black 1988 Corvette got the number seven spot at 4.836, 142.01. Edwards run was especially notable -- it was run without nitrous and with a Powerglide to boot! Pro Modified newcomer Brent Hasara of Willis has jumped up from Pro Street. He put his blown engine into the 1992 Lumina formerly owned by Jimmy Freeman, Jr. The Hasara's Lumina was able to barely get into the field on a best ever run of 4.871, 145.69, garnering the last spot.

The first alternate was Duncanville-based racer Marty Neely in his 1968 Camaro, complete with a vintage Lee Shepherd-built combination totaling 500 cubic inches. Neely was able to run a close but non-qualifying 4.876, 139.69. The second alternate was longtime racer Tommy Adams from Carrolton in his venerable 1969 Camaro with a problemed 5.256 134.73.

The first round kicked off with Grant Henley taking on Phillip Vallair. The two left side by side but Vallair ran a winning 4.679,152.07, to Hensley's close but short-shifting 4.768, 146.11. The next pair had two racers from Central Texas racing facing off as Scott Herzog took on Mark Walker. Herzog took the lead early in the race and won with a 4.466, 154.09, to cover Walker's 4.856, 140.56. The third race of the round had Landon Jordan facing Pat Edwards. Jordan laid down low elapsed time of the night with a super 4.206, 168.09, to bury Edwards' transmission-breaking run of 5.858, 102.98. Two blown cars raced in the final paring of the first round as Gaylen Smith faced Brent Hasara. The race was over by mid-track when Hasara crossed the centerline taking out the 330' timers. Smith ran a 4.414, 151.53, to go to the semi finals.

Landon Jordan took on Scott Herzog in the first pairing of the semis, while Gaylen Smith faced Phillip Vallair in the second race. The first race pitted the two 700 plus cubic inch engines of Herzog and Jordan. Jordan took the win with a 4.222, 167.93, to beat Herzog's best ever run of 4.419, 151.39. The last pair saw Gaylen Smith run a 4.370, 157.87, to defeat Vallair's best ever run of 4.662, 152.57.

The final race of the night had rivals Smith and Jordan racing one another. In the Jordan pit it was business as usual. Smith's crew, however, thrashed to pull out all the stops to beat Jordan with settings for more blower, tighter clutch, and a pill change. The race was a tension builder when Jordan took his time to stage, but red lighted the victory away to Smith. Smith ran a spinning shutoff run of 6.734, 69.82, while Jordan ran a null and void 4.243, 166.65.

The monthly Pro Modified race at Kennedale is scheduled for the second Friday of the month through October.

Danny White


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