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Personal Best with Steve Klemetti

Steve Picks the Top 80 NHRA Round Winners

By Steve Klemetti

With the NHRA Top 50 coming to a close soon, I thought it would be interesting to check out the top 80 drivers by rounds run in eliminations.

I only count nine more out of the remaining 11 spots (the ones with the asterisks) that I figure will be in the NHRA Top 50. There are two I don't know about. Mike Dunn or Gary Scelzi could make it; it's hard to believe Yates, Allen, or Cory Mac will.

Scelzi is #16 in the number of third round or higher finishes. Mike Dunn comes in at #22. Newberry is #9 in third round or higher, but Austin and Manzo have more championships.

DRIVER rounds of eliminations raced

*Warren Johnson 1004
*John Force 996
*Kenny Bernstein 880
*Joe Amato 855
*Bob Glidden 826
Pat Austin 787
*Don Prudhomme 605
Mike Dunn 521
Jim Yates 509
Bruce Allen 505
Cory McClenathan 501
*Mark Oswald 499
Eddie Hill 478
David Schultz 475
Ed McCulloch 464
Bob Newberry 456
Jay Payne 452
Al Hofmann 449
Cruz Pedregon 447
Kurt Johnson 438
Mark Pawuk 432
Chuck Etchells 411
Larry Morgan 410
Frank Manzo 405
Scott Kalitta 403
Tom Hoover 398
Jim Head 394
Whit Bazemore 389
Gary Scelzi 385
Darrell Alderman 373
Frank Iaconio 369
Jerry Eckman 369
Vern Moats 368
Connie Kalitta 363
Blaine Johnson 351
John Myers 346
Del Worsham 345
Tony Pedregon 344
Larry Dixon 342
Tony Bartone 337
Bill Barney 330
Rickie Smith 314
Gene Snow 311
Dick LaHaie 305
Randy Anderson 300
Scott Geoff ion 299
*Shirley Muldowney 286
Tommy Johnson Jr 281
Darrell Gwynn 280
*Don Garlits 279
Rick Santos 276
Dean Skuza 274
Ron Capps 269
Gary Densham 267
Gary Beck 267
Butch Leal 266
Matt Hines 261
Gary Ormsby 257
Brad Anderson 253
Doug Herbert 244
John Smith 244
Jim Epler 241
Steve Schmidt 239
Joe Lepone 238
Chuck Cheeseman 233
Jeg Coughlin 232
Steve Johnson 231
Dale Pulde 229
Mike Kosky 228
Angelle Seeling 228
Mark Osborne 223
Lee Shepherd 219
Frank Bradley 218
Bucky Austin 218
Tom McEwen 217
Tony Schumacher 217
Tom Conway 212
Billy Meyer 210
Bob Vandergriff 205
Raymond Beadle 205

Steve Klemetti


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