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Personal Best with Steve Klemetti

Meet Steve Klemetti...

Steve Klemetti is a long time friend of The Drag Racing List. We have been corresponding from WAY back in the days of the paper Drag Racing List booklet. A true stats fan, Steve has followed an intertwining, but separate path from the Drag Racing List. While we have been busy putting together lists of all the pro, semipro, exhibition, and quicker sportsman racers in the world, Steve was busy using our lists and his own research to create his own databases. 

Steve now provides updates after nearly every NHRA national and divisional event and many IHRA events. This provides a much-needed counterbalance to the work Danny White and I do. Steve's influence has added greatly to the accuracy of Draglist records, and will be seen even more as we adopt some of his embellishments to our lists. (One day soon, we will include a column for the track where each performance was run).

Personal Best with Steve Klemetti will feature drivers' performance improvements from event to event during the racing year. After nearly each event, Steve will let us know which drivers improved their performance, what class they drove in, the track at which their previous best was recorded, the actual previous best performance (ET or speed), the updated ET or speed, and the track at which it was recorded. In addition, Steve will sort the amount of performance improvement for each driver, so we can follow who improved by the most. 

If The Drag Racing List ever gets to the point where we can afford to sponsor drag races, this will be the method. We will provide a cash award to the racer in each category who makes the biggest leap in performance from race to race. Let's call it the "draglist.com Personal Best Award." Steve's work will form the basis of that award.

As you can see, Steve was busy providing us this information since late 1999, but we are only now getting Steve's column going as we continue to try to catch up to the workload. Now that we have the format and templates ready, we will have the updated personal best performance information available soon after each national event. Check back right here to see who is making the biggest improvements as the racing season goes on!

In addition to the his work with The Drag Racing List, Steve Klemetti has his own website that contains fascinating information, including the following:

The history of NHRA National Records - A list of national records and other performance marks for the professional and alcohol classes including quickest bumps spots and the quickest and fastest side by side races. Early data came from Draglist.com.

List of Most Wins for Driver A list of Personal Bests from NHRA National, Divisional, and other teched-in events. Updated after every National Event and divisional event.

Racer Biographies Information compiled from the notes attached to Draglist entries, thoroughly updated.

Steve is looking for pre-1985 National Dragster newspapers in order to continue his work. If you have any to sell or lend, please contact Steve at the link below.

Steve Klemetti

Steve Klemetti's Drag Racing Statistics Page


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