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January 25, 2000 -- Anybody want to buy a computer? Mine is locking up every half hour! It's a little hard to work that way, but we are making it. We lost our entire D: drive this week, too. All our Drag Racing Lists and Internet stuff is on C:, so no problem there. We did potentially lose HUNDREDS of drag racing photos we had downloaded and were planning to use on the site eventually (to provide a visual for each list entry). We haven't given up on it yet -- there is supposed to be a company in Virginia that can salvage broken disk drives and copy them to new ones for you. That's our next step. We finished the tally for all our free t-shirt winners for  July, August, and September 1999! They join our previously-selected winners from May and June 1999. Meet our big winners on the FREE STUFF page. We sent emails to all winners tonight. Winners, send us your address and shirt size and you will have your shirts within a week! Thanks for playing! OK -- it's 2:48 AM, so time to go! We'll do more tomorrow night. Ciao! bp/drl

January 24, 2000 -- We are still plugging away on catching up on our old stuff and getting new stuff done on time! Today's tasks were to go through 900 emails that we had received that hadn't been answered! I got them all done! Many of you received an email from me today, and we forwarded lots of stuff to Danny White for inclusion in the lists. There are a few emails I still have to work through, but we are rolling! Another LONG time holdup has been our distribution of free T-shirts to those folks to won our "T-Shirts for Info" contests in 1999.  With Y2K behind us, we've had time to dig in and get the names of the people who supplied the most contributions. We've almost finished sorting the names. More info is available at out FREE STUFF page. Check that in a few days. This next one is so late that it's laughable, but the info was so good that I couldn't pass it up. When Danny White wrote his Top Ten Funny Cars story two years ago, he invited readers to submit their alternate lists. Contributor David Hapgood answered the challenge, but his email languished in my overloaded inbox for YEARS. I have saved it for your reading pleasure. Gee, by now, it will be new to David, too! Check out David's lists at Danny's Corner, then send us YOUR favorite Funny Car lists! I'll try not to wait 30 months before posting them! Well, somehow it is 3:00 AM again and I can't get them to change the starting time at work, so I'd better wrap this up and load it to the server. See ya soon! bp/drl

January 23, 2000 -- We are busily trying to catch up now that Y2K is a thing of the past. We added about 200 new links to our links page. We also redid our advertising page to explain it more clearly. Today we updated our 2000 heads up racing calendar! Check it out for great drag racing action. We still need to add a lot more match races (and maybe we'll even do national events this year). Track owners and promoters -- get those schedules to us at! Denise has created about 60 Team Draglist pages! I will review them tomorrow and try to get most of them up online. The Drag Census we are running on the first page has totally amazed me. An honest 65 PERCENT of our readers are drag racers themselves! Unreal! Drag racing fans make up about 18 percent, and the rest trail off... It's great to know we all practice what we love (and the rest of us enjoy watching you do it!) Well, it's 4:10 AM, so let me go grab a few hours' sleep, then I will be back at it. I want to check each page on the site by tomorrow night. See ya then! bp/drl

January 5, 2000 -- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The shackles of Y2K are gone -- we came through with flying colors -- so I am hoping to be able to devote more time to my family AND my racing family! Look for big updates this year. We have new info coming in a few days. We are going to conduct a series of polls of Draglist readers this year, just to see who we are and what we like! The first poll in the Drag Racing List Year 2000 Drag Census is located on the Home Page. Fill it out and let's see who we are! We are also building the TEAM Draglist pages right now! Look for them soon! See ya! bp/drl


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