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March 21-31, 2000 -- New Stories of the Day and link updates. Note that the 3/28/00 consists of Texas Pro Mod race results from the weekend by Will Hanna. If you see some great drag action and you want to put together a story for us, send it along! We are going to use the Drag Racing Story of the Day for next-day or second-day drag racing coverage as well, so long as the racing is one of our Draglist categories.

March 18, 19, 20, 2000 -- New Stories of the Day and link updates.

March 17, 2000 -- Tommy Joe hits! Gonzo sent an email from Bananaland, stuffed with the wild antics of Tommy Joe Cauldwell! Tommy Joe and the gang have been keeping net fans in stitches for a few years now. Check out the Drag Racing Story of the Dayand see if you don't agree! 

March 16, 2000 -- A great Drag Racing Story of the Day by nitro digger veteran Wayne King, and completely updated Racing Schedule and Desperately Seeking pages. Check 'em out! bp

March 13, 14, 15, 2000 -- New stories of the day! bp

March 12, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day update by Kent Fuller that is really fascinating. 

We are having fun at the World of Wheels. Here are some shots from there. 

The first shows the Rick and Matt Stambaugh of the New Generation team.

Rick and Matt Stambaugh hangin' at the World of Wheels.

Here is the neatest vehicle at the show -- the "Lo-Life High" School Bus, designed, built, and owned by Jerry Bowers of Magnolia, Delaware. John Force offered Jerry a huge check for this machine, but he refused...

Jerry Bowers' amazing school bus!

Here is Bunny Burkett posing with the 'bus.

Bunny Burkett digs the bus!

See ya soon! Bill Pratt

March 11, 2000 -- A killer Drag Racing Story of the Day by Pat Foster about what made Jungle Jim so great. I consider Pat Foster to be one of the greatest funny car shoes of all time, so if HE thinks Jungle was the King... WOW. I had fun with the New Generation gang at the World of Wheels in Chantilly, Virginia. Come on down tomorrow and say Hello! Got to run -- I am DEAD tired! bp

March 10, 2000 -- An entertaining Drag Racing Story of the Day by Bill "BadCo" Ott, and we are working hard to get to the World of Wheels today! I went by last night and saw that the New Generation Racing/Drag Racing List/ setup has LOTS of room -- in fact, when Robin Stambaugh pointed out to me where I was going to set up, I started panicking, wondering how I would fill the space! The Hurstettes would come in handy about now! I burned SERIOUS midnight oil the last few nights, writing the website for our newest venture --!

We are offering website development, so if you are in the market, give us a try. We are also going to try to do innovative things like tune-ups to existing websites. I am also very close to kicking off a new domain called  One day it may evolve into a full-blown drag racing e-zine (no, I don't have the time to do this! AS IF! I would bring in a REAL editor and staff), but for the immediate future it will be a nice place to host websites. This will let me create and host websites for folks on my own domain. The benefit for customers is that they don't have to fork out $70 for a domain name, they don't need to fork out $25 a month for a reliable hosting service, AND they have a pretty cool sounding website name (e.g., Don't bother clicking on that -- it was just an example! Anyway, we are kicking this off, so drop me a line if I can help in any way. 

Another aspect of the service is our partnership with top providers in long distance, paging, internet access, and energy. With the deregulation of these industries (and since my partners don't have to waste money on advertising for the people I bring to them), we can offer better rates for all these services. One of the things I will do at the World of Wheels this weekend is to give away our 1320 Gear Hot Rod T-Shirts to those folks to give our services a no-risk try. I discovered last night that -- NATURALLY -- 30 feet away will be the people from Sprint long distance, giving away Speed Racer T-Shirts (the cartoon, not Dale Armstrong & Mike Kase) for those signing up for THEIR long distance plan! They also have a nifty mock-up of the Mach 5. Oh, those cruel fates... Well, hopefully all things will be equal enough that it is down to a choice between a  T-shirt featuring Speed, Spritle, Chim-Chim, and Trixie and a T-shirt featuring a bad, blown '32 High Boy! 

As with everything, we waited too long to get ready... we found a place that would do a vinyl banner in 24 hours. I designed it quickly and fired off a graphic via email -- the place had an exact duplicate ready last night. Denise had our two kids and a neighbor kid -- all wearing their karate gear -- as she hightailed it 50 miles each way to pick up the banner. We designed business cards, flyers, labels, and the site itself(!) in the span of 48 hours, staying up late at night to do it. Yesterday, I scrambled to get the site live before going into work. I had a 1 PM meeting and I was trying to squeeze out every last second, keeping an eye on the clock on my computer monitor. One problem -- my CMOS battery is giving out and the clock loses time! Denise called from the kitchen, "Bill -- it's not 11:15; it's 11:55!" Oh my GOSH! 

I wrapped up and published the site, she pre-loaded the car with my briefcase and everything, and I hit the road at exactly 12:03 PM. Now, my job is exactly 42 miles away, through lunch hour Washington, D.C., traffic. I flew up Route 5 amongst pokey PG County residents, into D.C. with its potholes and construction on 295, screamed across 395 west, slammed across the bridge into Virginia and past the Pentagon, blazed out Route 66, SMOKED (oops... I mean "tip-toed") down the Dulles Connector Road (hello, officers...), then Tire Squealed through the toll gates, three sets of traffic lights, three turns, and into my parking garage at work! The time: 12:43. Yahoo! A new record! Actually, by the time I had the Dulles Connector road, I knew I had it licked -- the rest of the journey was just for fun! Oh, by the way, the meeting went well...

Anyway, got to quit and get ready for the car show today. Hope to see you there. Again, good luck to everybody at Darlington. Bruce Mullins and the War Horse are in the show so far! Hope all my West Coastie friends have a blast at Bakersfield.

Talk to you soon! Bill

March 9, 2000 -- A new Drag Racing Story of the Day, new links, and still crankin' on getting ready for this weekend! Check out the Drag Racing Story of the Day and bookmark the SEMA Legislative updates page. We need to keep an eye on what our state legislatures are doing regarding our right to drive high performance vehicles.

March 8, 2000 -- Hi everybody. By now, you know we have a new Drag Racing Story of the Day up every night, as close to midnight Eastern Standard Time as circumstances and the old bod' will allow. Our links are fresh every day, too. As a result, I've been a little lax on the note writing, letting the Stories and Links tell their own tale (see the "Feb 23 to March 8" paragraph below). I figured it was time to check in with a real note, just so you would know I am still alive! 

We really have stepped up our readership lately, setting a new record for page views at 50,000 in February -- and that is a short month! I hope you are enjoying the Stories of the Day and other features. There is more to come -- we just gotta find the time. Any venture capitalists out there? I will be putting together a business plan soon... 

I mostly wanted to write this note to tell everybody that I will be at the World of Wheels car show in Chantilly, Virginia, on March 10, 11, and 12, where I will debut our site. No, it's not live yet (and we are burning the midnight oil to get it ready for this weekend!) If you are going to be in the Washington, D.C., or mid Atlantic region, pop in and say hello. John Force will be there Friday night, I believe. Thanks to Rick "Surf" Stambaugh, who kindly offered me part of his display space, and Matt Stambaugh, who put this together for me. Rick will be there with his Fuel Altered, a bunch of New Generation Racing parts, and a full line of Nitro Fish apparel. I will be giving away free 1320 Gear Hot Rod T-shirts to people who sign up for my new telephone service. Stop by and see us! 

I also want to wish Bruce and Pattie Mullins the best of luck in Darlington, South Carolina, this weekend, as they take the War Horse Pro Funny Car into battle on the IHRA tour. Bruce and Pattie will be flying the colors of in our first official sponsorship of a race car. This young team has a lot of talent and a lot of heart and fields one of the most beautiful funny cars ever to grace a drag strip.

My thoughts will also be with all of our Standard 1320 Group pals as they enjoy the Bakersfield March Meet this weekend. We will get out to the left coast for one of these great races soon!

Until next time... Bill Pratt

March 1 - 8, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day! & Link updates. Let us know how you like the stories of the day. We are having a great time doing them! bp


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