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July 31, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Philosophy of Building a Nostalgia Fuel Motor. Jim Burke tells how to build one, step by step. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: PT Cruiser in Drag Trim. Yet another photo/art fantasy from the mind of Gonzo

July 30, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: The Stories of the Drags. More poem than story, Laurie Watts tells a touching tribute to her dragster and others like it. Earl Watts provides a beautiful photo. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: John Bradley, "Mr. Flathead." Pete Garramone offers two shots of the legendary "Mr. Flathead," still kicking after 50 years in drag racing! 

Drag Racing Movie of the Week: Pass A Fire! Carl Witt captures American jet car racer Leland Blee on a blast down the Willowbank quarter mile.

July 29, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Kuhlmann Backs Up 230.88 mph Run. The first man over 200 mph in a doorslammer is the latest man over 230 mph! Story by John Lindsey with photos by Scott Meier. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Rainy Day at the 'Pod. Newcomer Anne Valder with some nice still shots during a rain delay at the recent Cannonball race at Santa Pod, England. Husband Bobby supplies the words.

July 28, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Farewell to The Hippie. Flyin' Phil Elliott with fond remembrances of Mike Mitchell. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Garlits & Larson Warm Up SR-32. Art Cimilluca with a nice pit shot of the two great racers. 

July 27, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Adam's Weekend My First Race in a Funny Car. Adam Sorokin describes his first weekend at the wheel of his new funny car ride. Mike Boersma provides photos. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Ford on the 'Flats! Pete Garramone with a gorgeous shot of the Kenz and Leslie salt roadster. 

July 26, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Drag Racing to Return to Irwindale. History will be made on August 12 and captures the facts. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: The Most Awesome Vehicle in Drag Racing. James Morgan captures Bob Motz's Jet powered Kenworth in its full glory. 

July 25, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Were the Early Funny Car Shows Fixed? Flyin' Phil Elliott and FC pioneer Tommy McNeely talk about the category's formative years. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: How I Spent my Summer Vacation. Ralph "Gonzo" Crosby takes us back to the classroom and an activity I KNOW many of us undertook!

July 24, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: The Globe of Death. Fred Vosk recalls one of drag racing's most innovative, exciting, and dangerous "circus acts." 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: The High Roller. James Morgan grabs a shot of Jon Oswell's High Roller Wheelstander with the front end WAY up! 

July 23, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Running Home to the Drags. David Ross with a story of wasted youth saved by drag racing. I think a lot of us will see ourselves in David's story. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Gary Clapshaw's Fuelish Pleasure. shot of perhaps the most beautiful funny car of all time. 

Drag Racing Movie of the Week: Steve Read Rocks! Carl Witt shows Aussie fuelers at night!

July 22, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Son of Surfers Hits the Strip! Adam Sorokin gets his Advanced ET license and gets ready to tackle CIFCA funny car racing!

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Butch Salter's A/D. A gorgeous shot by the newest member of our photo team, Pete Garramone! I think Pete is the Ansel Adams of drag racing -- and I think you'll agree!

July 21, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Pro Mod Pro Bod Shootout at Kennedale. Danny White spills the facts! 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Four OH Nine. Ernie Broughton with a nice photo of a 409 powered Junior Fueler.

Updated Draglist.

July 20, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Fighting the Bracket Battle. Joe Turco relates the true meaning of drag racing competition. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Night Raiders. James Morgan with a great shot of early '80s funny car match racing. 

July 19, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Night Of Thrills Is Night Of First Ever Performances. Billy Anderson and James Morgan team up to bring us the results of Epping's Night of Thrills. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Mr. Rocca at Moroso. Gonzo shows us a nice photo art collage of the Ironhorse.

July 18, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Richard Tharp, Road Warrior. Steve Gibbs tells of his wild adventures while driving with Richard Tharp. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Whooossssh!!!!! Art Cimilluca captures Dennis Roslansky's Jet Dragster, full flame on! 

July 17, 2000 -- Drag Racing Stories of the Day: Mopar Mile High Nationals Results 2000 and Litton Takes Top Fuel Title At IHRA Carquest Empire Nationals. We cover BOTH big races from this weekend! 

We have NEW FEATURES at! I've been meaning to do both for quite some time, but I finally got around to it. Check out our new Picture of the Day and Movie of the Week features! I hope you like them. If you want to contribute either one for your fellow drag racing fans to enjoy, please send them along! Any drag racing subject is welcome, just make sure you OWN THE RIGHTS to what you are sending! Our Picture of the Day is a nice piece of photo artwork by Ron Dilley and our Movie of the Week is a Top Fuel run from down under by Carl Witt.  

July 16, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Q&A: Chicago Style Drags and Match Races. Bill answers the question: "Just what IS a Chicago Style drag race?" Updated Draglist.

We will try to update all the lists tomorrow with a fresh batch of updates from Danny. Also, Phil Elliott will get on the phone with us for a few hours tomorrow to fill in some of the blanks in our lists. Thanks, Phil! Hopefully, we will have new lists up by the end of the day Sunday. We just have to fit it all in! bp

If you haven't read our Superchargers Showdown race from MIR last weekend, check it out HERE. Tim and I took about 14 straight hours to write the story and process more than 50 photos! Hope you like it! We are delaying the opening of our parts store until August 1st. Our partner has decided that their current shopping cart system was inadequate for the huge amount of inventory we are going to carry, so we have put it aside for another package. That software is undergoing coding now and will be tested and ready mid July. We then will take two weeks to ensure everything integrates smoothly with, then we will OPEN THE DOORS! Thanks for your patience. I don't want to open this thing half-ready. I want to be READY TO ROCK when the doors open! See you on August 1st! (NOTE: The Draglist Parts Store was discontinued in March 2001. bp)

July 15, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Early Ramchargers Fueler Notes. Bob Snayko takes us through the formation of the early years of this dominating fuel dragster team. Updated Draglist.

July 14, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: TV Tommy in the Movies. TV Tommy Ivo talks about making those cool old Beach & Drags movies. Updated Draglist.

July 13, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: King & Marshall's Famous Top Fuel Caster. Don Roberts answers the age old question: why was a caster welded to the top of the roll cage on the King & Marshall fueler? Updated Draglist.

July 12, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Winston Showdown Complete Results thanks to Updated Draglist.

July 11, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Our Incredible Weekend at the Winston Showdown! Our pals Bruce and Pattie Mullins were runners up at the NHRA Winston Showdown in Bristol, Tennessee! Yeah, there were only four cars there, but all ya can do is run who they line ya up against! Bruce "the TV Star" Mullins provides us his notes on the amazing weekend. Congratulations gang! Updated Draglist.

July 10, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Out of Mothballs and onto the Rear Wheels. Racer Lyn Smith pulls out his '70s era A/SR and has a ball. Lyn is trying to start a nostalgia organization in Ohio. If you are interested, check him out. 

We FINALLY got all of the Superchargers Showdown story written and the photos updated for yesterday. What I figured to be a three hour job turned out to be about a 12 hour job with two guys working. Tim and I wrote our biggest story ever, including about 50 photos (please count them for me -- I don't have the energy!) It took our entire Sunday (making for a very late Story of the Day). Oh well, I think you'll like the results! That's the last time we do something like that, though. I couldn't do anything else! 

Danny White sent me all new list updates Sunday, but I was in the middle of writing and entering 50 photos into a Story! Thanks to my brother Tim for taking the photos and then for getting them all captioned and ready to go into the article when it was ready. I will try to get this new information up onto the web this week. See ya. bp

July 9, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: MIR's Wacky Superchargers Showdown. Tim and I covered this outrageous event last night, and it had a little bit of everything. I have put one photo and two paragraphs up. As I am pushing my third 24-hour (awake) day this week, I find I can't go any further... I will get a few hours' sleep, then return and write the entire story by noon EST. bp

July 8, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: London's Burning! The new Fireforce 2 Jet Funny Car. Draglist Associate Editor Andy Marrs brings us up to speed on Europe's newest jet, with photos by Tog and Sharkman! Updated Draglist.

July 7, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Blazing 'Liner. Don Ewald with a great photo and memory of one of the most unique Top Fuel cars in history. Updated Draglist.

BONUS! Check out Billy Anderson's Lebanon Valley Raceway Division 1 story again! It now features a great photo of Jeannie Booz by James Morgan.

WAIT, WAIT -- THERE'S MORE! Billy Anderson also wrote to let us know that his great New England Dragway - Best of the '90s story got cut in half when he sent it to us. That's right! That huge story you read on 7/02 was only half the story! Read the entire story again by clicking here or above! bp

July 6, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Mr. Flathead's Memories. Drag racing legend John Bradley provides a few memories of neat innovations and races over the years. Updated Draglist.

July 5, 2000 -- Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July. We had folks in town, so we went down and joined several thousands of our fellow Americans on the mall in Washington, D.C. It was crowded but nice! Watched the fireworks from the steps of the Capitol building after a nice dinner at Union Station. Hope you had just as much fun and fellowship.

Drag Racing Story of the Day: The Legend of the Pea Soup Special. Robby Andersen tells how he used his sponsor's product to barter for flathead speed parts! Updated Draglist.

July 4, 2000 -- Happy Independence Day, my U.S. brothers and sisters! Have a safe and happy one. I watched it come in last night by updating each of the 425 pages on the site by hand. I streamlined the way some of the banners are shown. This should make them load a lot quicker. It took some tedious work to do it, though! 

Drag Racing Story of the Day: Booz, Manzo, Kinash repeat at LVD. Billy Anderson with a report on the NHRA Division one race at Lebanon Valley, NY.

July 3, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: TV Tommy, Big Daddy, and the Secret of Running 200. Tom Ivo with a funny tale of Don Garlits "confiding" to him the secret of running 200 mph in a Top Fuel dragster. 

July 2, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: New England Dragway - Best of the '90s. Billy Anderson provides a terrific list of top racers and runs from the great northeast track. 

July 1, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: What Are the Main Issues? Doug Dornbos with an incredibly thought-provoking dissertation on the issues affecting drag racing today. This is an excellent opinion editorial and I'm proud to run it. Be sure to send us some feedback on Doug's thoughts. Tell us if you feel he is right on or off the mark. Updated Draglist.


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