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August 31, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: The War Horse Flies at Cecil County. Bruce Mullins tells of another good weekend on the NHRA tour. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: The L.A. Dart Gets All Four Off the Ground! A great Pete Garramone shot of one of the greatest wheelstanders in drag history.

Return of the SIDE BANNERS! As you know, our sponsor banners got corrupted on Thursday, as we updated the site before Norwalk. They now are back and ready to rock for our generous advertisers. These banners will be extended for double the number of days they were missing! My continuing thanks to our sponsors...

Mountain Motor Nationals! Time ran out last week. We made major updates to the site each night and that took all our time. We will post the full results and photos of this event this week.

August 30, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Bill Kuhlmann Resets Doorslammer ET Record! The big guy goes 6.16 and is thinking about the fives. Story by John Lindsey, with photos by Scott Meier.

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Cars You Will Never Forget. Gonzo shows us a nice representation of the Sachs & Sons Comet Funny Car.

August 29, 2000 -- We are saddened to hear that longtime racer Ian Landies of Chardon, Ohio, lost his life in a racing accident at Cecil County, Maryland, over the weekend. Ian was a racer we've followed for many, many years. From 1970s Pro Stock Camaros, to 1980s Factory Modifieds, to the recent ride in the Street Roadster, Ian was always there, giving it his all. He often rose to the top, especially in the Factory Mod and Comp categories, but more often than not, he was out there pluggin' away, enjoying the sport he loved. I and the entire staff of the Drag Racing List wish to extend our deepest sympathies to Ian's family and friends.

Drag Racing Story of the Day: Remembering Kosty Ivanof. James Morgan with words and a photo about one of the Northeast's toughest funny car racers.

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: My First Love is a '69 Nova Funny Car. Mark Hovsepian does some of the most colorful, vibrant photography in drag racing today. We are thrilled to be able to show his work. Here is Mark's great shot of Jerry Smith's Nostalgia Funny Car. 

August 28, 2000 -- Hi everybody! Just got back from Cleveland. Had a great time at Norwalk. It was great to see Victor and Marie Bray and their son, Ben. The IHRA World Finals were great. I will have a full update tomorrow or the next day. Got in too late for much tonight (nothing like a five hour layover in Cleveland because severe thunderstorms closed the Baltimore airport!) Here's what's new: 

Drag Racing Story of the Day: Millican Takes Top Fuel Title at IHRA Mopar Parts World Nationals. Millican Takes Top Fuel Title at IHRA Mopar Parts World Nationals. The full story on the weekend's race, thanks to Larry Sullivan.

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Brian's Adventures in Paradise (er, Paragould). Joel Naprstek words and Pete Orres photo of Brian Kohlman's wild runs at George Ray's Wildcat Dragstrip in Paragould, Arkansas.

August 25, 26, 27, 2000 -- Hi gang! I am away at the IHRA World Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio, so I am pre-loading Stories and Pictures of the Day for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Enjoy (and no peeking until the right day!) OK, go ahead and peek... bp

Drag Racing Stories of the Day: 8/25/00 - The Nitro Olympics at Hockenheim. Thanks to Taso, we have all the coverage we need from the major German meet of the year.

8/26/00 - Pat Foster Tributes. A follow-on to the Mike Berry's Pat Foster story of 8/23. Pat's friends thank the author...

8/27/00 - YOU MIGHT BE A RACER IF ... This thing has made the rounds of the Internet. Les Welch sent it our way.

Drag Racing Pictures of the Day: 8/25/00 - Rat Assassin. A beautiful Pete Garramone shot of Roger Guzman's funny car engine from the '60s. BIG CHROME! 

8/26/00 - E-Town Pro Mod: Rocca vs. Stawicki. Art Cimilluca captures Johnny Rocca's Willys vs. Mike Stawicki's Camaro in mid '90s Pro Mod action.

8/27/00 - New Toys at the WinterNats. Kevin Knauer with a nice pit shot of Jim Murphy's Beretta Funny Car at the beginning of the '90s.

August 24, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Tommy Joe, The Call of the Weird. Tommy and Gonzo visit Jungleland. Is it about cars? Well, it's about Tommy Joe! That's good enough for me!

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Back when Chucky used to Drive. James Morgan with a cool shot of Chuck Etchells Datsun Funny Car. 

Drag Racing Movie of the Week: Firestorm's Pre-Race Show! Mark Fawcus brings us jet funny car flame show action from Great Britain. Updated Draglist.

August 23, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Hot Rod Nostalgia Spurs Creation of Exact Replicas. Mike Berry wrote this great story on Pat Foster for the Wichita Eagle and has allowed us to reprint it. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Swamp Rat Was Here. Bruce Wheeler shares this Roy Wells photo of the Frantic Four dragster after Don Garlits "visited" it in 1965. 

August 22, 2000 -- provides a super story of the first, last, and ONLY AHRA meet of the year. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: New VW Pro Mod World Record! Gonzo checks in with, of all things, the car that set the new VW powered Pro Mod world record!

August 21, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Fugitive on the Run! Tommy McNeely tells about some of the trials and tribulations of running a wheelie car.

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: More Pics from the Jet Car Nationals. Stephen Jones was there and he offers up these choice shots. 

August 20, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Hot Times at MIR's Jet Car Nationals. I announced the MIR Jet Car Nationals last night and it was a blast. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Alfred E Neuman Election Funny Car. Robert Briggs joins our list of contributors with a nice shot of Dale Creasy's car at Sonoma. 

Drag Racing Movie of the Week: Jet Breaking the Sound Barrier! OK, so it's not drag racing, but when's the last time you saw footage of a vehicle smashing through the sound barrier? 

Updated Personal Best with Steve Klemetti. Steve provides all the updates from the NHRA Divisional events in July 2000. 

Updated Draglist

Updated Desperately Seeking pages.

August 19, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: The Original Big Mac Attack. How Tod Mack helped in its early days.  

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Big Time Memories! Draglist friend Ron Dilley with a nice pit shot of other Draglist friend Rocky Pirrone's gasser.

August 18, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Herzog Wins River City Pro Mod Shootout. By 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Chutes in Bloom and Comin' at Ya! Pete Garramone with a nice top end shot of a front engine dragster.

August 17, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Tommy Joe and the UBS/X. Ralph Crosby with one of the first Tommy Joe stories -- a real life adventure not really that long ago. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: The View from Down Under. Ash McFee with some great photos of Australian Drag Racing machines. 

August 16, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Bunny Burkett, Then and Now. James Morgan and I team up to pay tribute to the First Lady of TAFC racing.  

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: The Nasty One at Tucson. Flyin' Phil Elliott with a great nighttime burnout shot of Dave Benjamin's Dodge Charger Funny Car.

August 15, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: War Horse Rotates the Earth! Bruce Mullins becomes the latest Roots blower funny car in the 5.80s!  

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Wheeling and Dealing in Bristol. Bruce Wheeler supplies a photo of his 1967 Top Fueler at Bristol.

August 14, 2000 -- WE'RE BACK! We were unable to update our site for three days due to a router problem at our hosting server. Most of the rest of the world could see our site, but we could not! That meant that for the first time since we started our Stories of the Day in February, we did not have new Stories and Photos for you. We regret that delay, but we finally got the problem tracked down tonight and the hosting service fixed it. Here are all the stories, pictures and movies you missed on 8/12, 8/13, and 8/14:

Drag Racing Story of the Day: Rich Hanna Continues New England Jet Domination. Billy Anderson provides coverage of the weekend's racing activities at New England Dragway with James Morgan photos. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Eddie Hill's Pennzoil FED! Ron Dilley with a photo manipulation of Eddie in a Front Engine Rail. 

August 13, 2000 -- How the Joker Got His Name. Dick Kalivoda explains where he got the moniker.

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Bird Catchers Gettin' Frosty at Palmdale. Kevin Knauer has given us access to some obscure alky funnies photos. Here is the first. 

August 12, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day. Nitro at Night. James Morgan with photos and words from another great New England Fuel FC match race. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Fire at the Academy! Texas Top Fuel racer Paul Savadin burns down the house at Temple Academy Raceway!  

August 11, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Gymnastics in Drag Racing. Fred Totten checks in with a tale of a perfect "10" landing by Dan Geare.  

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Pro Mod as a Baby. James Morgan shows us a taste of Wild Bunch racing -- the primary East Coast precursor to Pro Mods.  

New column! is a long time friend of The Drag Racing List. We have been corresponding from WAY back in the days of the paper Drag Racing List booklet. A true stats fan, Steve has followed an intertwining, but separate path from the Drag Racing List. While we have been busy putting together lists of all the pro, semipro, exhibition, and quicker sportsman racers in the world, Steve was busy using our lists and his own research to create his own databases. 

Personal Best with Steve Klemetti features drivers' performance improvements from event to event during the racing year. After nearly each event, Steve lets us know which drivers improved their performance, what class they drove in, the track at which their previous best was recorded, the actual previous best performance (ET or speed), the updated ET or speed, and the track at which it was recorded. In addition, Steve sorts the amount of performance improvement for each driver, so we can follow who improved by the most. Check it out!

August 10, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Carl Baker Wins 22nd Mountain Motor Nationals at MIR. I was there and here's the preliminary report. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Doug Herbert Goes Boom in Arizona. Chris Stinson captures some wild pyrotechnics from the stands.  

August 9, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Funny Cars and Doorslammers to Race in Malaysia. The gang in Kuala Lumpur aren't gonna be ready for this! By Rob Oberg. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Twilight Zone '86. Art Cimilluca captures nitro stalwart Bobby Lagana's match race funny.  

August 8, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: NHRA Fram Autolite Nationals Results. Thanks to 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Reflecting During a Rain Delay. Gonzo, a camera, a rainy day, and photo editing software: you figure it out!

August 7, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Shirley Muldowney To Race At Indy. Jon Asher provides great news for all fans of the first lady of drag racing. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Starvin' Marvin's Lincoln with Alan Bockla on Board. Pete Garramone with a great photo form drag racing's glory days. 

Drag Racing Movie of the Week: Top Fuel Action at Willowbank! Carl and Simon Witt with more video action from down under. Updated Draglist.

We have updated the Drag List with 20 MEGABYTES of fresh updates! There are many we still have to enter, but this brings us up to date with all the updates Danny White sent two weeks ago. Since then, Ky Michaelson has sent us tons of Rocket updates and Phil Elliott and Dennis Doubleday are going through the funny cars lists with special attention paid to the '60s and '70s. With all this activity, we will have much to fix very soon!

I also updated the navigation of the site a little in order to maintain a more uniform appearance and to keep both banners on the left hand side visible. Instead of a long list of links to each page, we use a NEXT and BACK format. Hopefully, this will help you to navigate more easily through Email with your comments on our new navigation scheme.

Bill strikes again! Danny White sent me a great story on racer Jim Cornett last fall, which, summarily, got lost in email limbo on my computer. So, better late than never (I hope), I have placed that story at Danny's Corner.

Welcome to the parts store! (Note: The parts store was discontinued in March 2001. bp)

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We have teamed up with the Martel Bros. to provide you quick access to their VAST selection of hard core racing products at terrific prices! The Martel Brothers Performance Superstore logo appears on every page within Click on it at any time to access the parts you need! We eventually will have our own store, but thanks to the Martel Bros. for offering readers access to their complete inventory in the meantime. In addition to the superstore, check out the following: 

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August 6, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: East Coast Match Racing Across the Ages. James Morgan with words and photos of some of the coolest match race machines from '72 to present.  

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Gumby vs. the Cruz Missile! Uh-oh! Somebody let Ron Dilley into the photo editing software again! 

Drag Racing Movie of the Week: Aussies Out for Some Fun! Another Carl Witt clip, this one featuring wild, wheelstanding doorslammer action. Updated Draglist.

August 5, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Drag-On Jargon. Chris Stinson provides an entertaining look at the talk we all talk. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Alky Upset! James Morgan with a great, side-by-side alky funny car shot from Division 1. 

Updated Draglist.

August 4, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: The Little Red Fueler Makes a Pass. Bill Ott with a great story of the perfect fuel dragster pass on a sunny afternoon.

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Fuel Funnies at the 'Pod. Anne Valder with a shot of the seldom-seen Santa Pod starting line and two fuel funnies ready to roar. 

Updated Draglist.

August 3, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: NHRA Prolong Northwest Nats Recap. fills us in on all the action from Seattle. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Bad, Blown Camaro! Troy and Marcy Sanborn of Lansing, Michigan, have a hot new Camaro Top Sportsman car featuring some cool graphics on the front fender! 

Updated Draglist.

August 2, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Cut Down to Size. Stan Weber reminds us not to ever take an opponent lightly, no matter how outmatched he seems to be. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: The Chi-Town Hustler at York. Stephen Jones contributes his first shot to -- a great burnout by the funny car match race kings. 

August 1, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Vanishing Point. Gonzo and TJ enjoy the little funny car with the big rocket sound. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: The Bel Ray Streamliner. Anne Valder with an early '70s example of dragster streamlining.


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