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November 30, 2000 -- The Drag Racing List Souvenir Store is open! That's right! We have plastered The Drag Racing List logo (seen in the upper left hand corner of each page at on a variety of products! Show your friends that you KNOW what you are talking about in drag racing -- 'cause you frequent the site that has all the info!

There are shop aprons, caps, clocks, golf shirts, T-shirts for kids and adults, magnets, buttons, mouse pads, mugs, picture key rings, sweatshirts, tank tops, tote bags, and visors! Basically, we waved at things. If they didn't wave back, we slapped a logo on 'em! Check out our Draglist Souvenir Store for a neat collection of affordable gifts for the holidays.

Updated Heads Up Event Calendar: If you're in Florida this weekend, Desoto Drag Strip in Bradenton is the place to be for the Snowbird Nationals

Link problems are on they way out! You probably have noticed that our drag racing links have been down for hours or even days at a time recently. It was simply a matter of server power under the load of millions of hits (wish they were all mine!). I got this note from the LinkBank folks today to let us know the status of a planned server upgrade: 

"The current LinkBank system is not up to the task of serving the current traffic. (This has been a problem for a long time.) The new LinkBank system will be ready for current customers to test by the end of the week. If the test goes well, we'll replace the slow, old system right away. The problems with LinkBank are the result of the high amount of traffic it is getting. With over 4.5 million page views per month our system from a year ago is not able to function properly under peak loads. The new version of LinkBank operates on a different system and will be much, much faster." 

There you have it! I will make sure to grab the new version ASAP to ensure our links are available all day, every day! [NOTE: LinkBank ceased operation in January, 2002. We have moved our links to the LinksManager system. bp]

Just in time for the holidays -- Don Montgomery's Hot Rod Books! We are extremely proud to offer you Don Montgomery's outstanding hot rod books. Don's books set the standard for high quality automotive books. These beautiful hard cover books make the perfect gift for the hot rod or dragster fan in your life! Well written and packed with hard to find information and hundreds of photos, Don's books "take you back" to the heyday of American Performance cars. A racer himself, Don captures the "inside scoop" on the history of the men and women who drove these fascinating machines. Click HERE for more information or to order Don's books.

Drag Racing Story of the Day: The Rise and Fall of the King & Marshall Funny Cars. James Morgan provides a cool history of the K&M Funny Car legacy in words and photos. 

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Blown Swedish Pro Street Racing. Kjell Lindqvistwith some shots of the amazing blown Pro Street machines racing in Sweden.

Drag Racing Movie of the Week: John Ellis' Outrageous Burnout! Brian Fawcus catches European Pro Mod Racer John Ellis as he aims for the starter during the burnout!

Updated Draglist Links.

November 29, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: How to Start a Career in Drag Racing. I answer the age old question that pops up about once every five years...

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Country Girl: Rodalyn Knox's Injected Nitro Funny Car. Steve Heuer provides a pit shot of Rodalyn Knox's injected Cuda from the '70s.

November 28, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: War Horse Recaps the 2000 Season and Plans Ahead. Bruce Mullins looks back at a great season and tells us what's in store for his funny car team in 2001.

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Haulin' the Groceries! An 8-second bracket wagon! Gonzo captured this wild Super Comp station wagon over the weekend.

November 27, 2000 -- We have updated Wade Mahaffey's website at Wade offers unbelievably detailed dragsters and roadsters and other cool racer products. If you are looking for a high tech sportsman dragster chassis, check him out. Wade also has his amazing Corvette Super Gas roadster for sale.

Drag Racing Story of the Day: How Fred Got Hooked on Drag Racing. Fred Vosk, webmaster of and one of the best custom painters in the sport, tells us what brought him to drag racing.

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: A Tribute to Clayton Harris. Bob Plumer with a tribute photo to a lost friend, Clayton Harris. Harris lost his life this week in the crash of a small airplane. Clayton Harris was at times the baddest top fueler in the country. In recent years, he has tuned some of the quickest Top Fuel teams in the sport. Rest in peace, Mr. Harris.

Updated Personal Best with Steve Klemetti. Steve provides all the updates from the NHRA World Finals at Pomona.

New Exclusive BONUS Photos! Les Welch provides high quality photos from the NHRA World Finals at Pomona!

November 26, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Fuel Burndown Wars. Chuck Johnson tells about a burndown between his car and The Snake at Orange County.

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Smax Smith Wheelin' and Dealin' in Canada. Rob Potter with a super shot of Smax Smith in the Noakes Family Dodge Challenger funny car -- gee, it looks like a real car!

Drag Racing Movie of the Week: Peter Gratz's '69 Daytona Pro Mod. Paul Rogers, Jr., captures the outrageous Valvoline Daytona from behind on a full run.

November 25, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: What Got Me Hooked on Drag Racing? Bill "Badco" Ott on what got him addicted to the quarter mile madness. What got YOU hooked? Send us your story and we'll publish it!

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Girls Rock the Generations! Shirley Muldowney at the World Finals. Robert Briggs with a shot of the queen of drag racing, sponsored by a 16-year old female webmaster who, along with all women, enjoys the benefits of Shirley's pioneering work in blasting through the barriers of sexual discrimination.

November 24, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: The Spooky Story of James Dean's Porsche. Steve Gruenwald contributes a creepy tale that is about a month late for Halloween!

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Hot Pro Stock Action for a Cold Country. James Morgan brings some holiday warmth in the middle of a cold snap in much of the U.S.

November 23, 2000 -- Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope you enjoy a nice, quiet day of rest and relaxation with your loved ones. We are thankful for all our terrific friends both near and far! You are all very special to us -- and we are extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful "extended family." All the best to you and yours! Bill, Denise, Jason, and Emily Pratt

Drag Racing Story of the Day: Big Fun Before Reversers. Bert Toulette tells what a blast it was to back up the Wheeler Dealer fueler at night!

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Surf's Up! The Surfers at Bakersfield '66. Chris Stinson shares a pencil drawing of the legendary fueler being push started at the 'Patch.

November 22, 2000 -- We're back! Disney World was great and we had a chance to slip in a little cruise to the Bahamas to boot. We've been saving for quite some time to do this and it was a fantastic trip. The family is nice and rested and here we go for the final stretch of 2000! Hang on tight!

One little thing: our email server filled up while we were gone. If you got a reject notice after sending us an email after 11/15, please send it again! We are here and ready to hear from you! bp

Drag Racing Story of the Day: Dreams Do Come True in Drag Racing. Pat Foster tells about the green kid he took on tour who became a top fuel crew chief.

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Bruce Sarver's Hot Wheels Funny Car. Robert Briggs caught Bruce in his new livery at the NHRA World Finals.

November 12, 2000 -- Farewell, friends! We are on our way to the land of Mickey Mouse for ten days. That means it's time to PRE-LOAD our stories and pictures of the day! Here are enough great stories and pictures to last you through our absence! Don't read 'em all at once! bp

Drag Racing Stories of the Day: 

November 21, 2000 -- What I Love About "The Beach." Bob Van Luven highlights the best parts of "The Beach" -- Lions Drag Strip.

November 20, 2000 -- SoCal Funny Car Shows in the Sixties. Bill Duke tells us what the very first southern California Funny Car shows were like.

November 19, 2000 -- Trailer on the Loose! A Towing Story. Pat Foster with a tale of a wild ride home from Bakersfield '64.

November 18, 2000 -- What Are the Main Issues in Drag Racing? (Revisited). Doug Dornbos responds to some harsh criticism of his fascinating 7/01/00 Story of the Day.

November 17, 2000 -- The First Funny Car? Ron Pellegrini stakes his claim with May 1965 runs in his Super Mustang.

November 16, 2000 -- Bud's Coast to Coast Drag Racing Adventure. Bud DeBoer tells about his 40,000 trip behind the wheel of the Drag News van in 1965.

November 15, 2000 -- General Admission in Drag Racing: Where's the Seats? We return to the question we asked at VMP in April -- why aren't there any seats available for general admission tickets in the NHRA?

November 14, 2000 -- The First Blown Funny Car Show. Bob Snayko checks in with a report of the first eight-car blown funny car meet.

November 13, 2000 -- How Do Snowmobiles Drag Race on Asphalt? Steven LaMunion introduces us to some of the technology required to go nine seconds flat on a snowmobile!

November 12, 2000 -- The Santa Monica Gentleman's Club and the Nitro Garage. Tom Jobe and Don Prieto combine to decode the mysterious May 1967 cover of Drag Racing magazine.

Drag Racing Pictures of the Day: 

November 21, 2000 -- Mystery Fueler at the '70 Winternationals. Tom West provides a beautiful shot of a front motor digger at speed. But who is it?

November 20, 2000 -- Got Milk? Russ Parker's FMFC. Robert Briggs goes back to Las Vegas for a shot of Russ Parker's Division 6 flyer.

November 19, 2000 -- Funny Car Fun in the Northwest. Jay Mageau provides photos and a report on some Canadian funny car action.

November 18, 2000 -- Kenz & Leslie's '66 Comet Cammer. Pete Garramone with a super shot of one of the earliest funny cars.

November 17, 2000 -- The Cargo Mate Burns Down Moroso! Gonzo provides photographic evidence that jet funny car racer Kevin Sindel tried to burn down the tower at Moroso Motorsports Park! 

November 16, 2000 -- Joe Mulligan's 6.60 Top Comp Dragster. Art Cimilluca with a shot of one of the Northeast's quickest sportsman dragsters.

November 15, 2000 -- Pro SUV -- Is this the Future of Drag Racing? Ron Dilley with an interesting photo manipulation that could prove prophetic.

November 14, 2000 -- Danny O'Day's Superwinch '34 Ford Wheelstander. Gonzo with a nice photo art piece on history's quickest wheelstander.

November 13, 2000 -- Ron Miller's IHRA Pro Stock Monte Carlo. James Morgan captures the IHRA star at speed.

November 12, 2000 -- Dale Pulde in the Pits, 1988. Ron Dilley with a nice shot of Dale and a humorous reference to the current presidential balloting problems in Florida.

Drag Racing Movie of the Week: Husband vs. Wife on the Strip. Carl Witt provides footage of top alcohol racers Debbie and Steven Reed going at it for household supremacy!

November 11, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Pro Mod Champ Fred Hahn Plans for 2001. Rich Talbert reports on Hahn/Oddy teams plans for 2001.

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Wheeler Dealer Hangs Out the Laundry. Bruce Wheeler provides a nice Leslie Lovett (?) shot of his fueler at Dallas 1969.

Drag Racing Movie of the Week: Europe's First Six Second Pro Stock Run. Sharkman checks in with footage of European drag racing history -- Michael Malmgren's six second Pro Stock run.

Updated Personal Best with Steve Klemetti. Steve provides all the updates from NHRA Dallas and IHRA Rockingham.

The Drag Lists are updated! We got the updates from Danny White two weeks ago, but it took me that long to get the time to set them up and get them ready for publishing. I compared all the lists against Steve Klemetti's Personal Best columns to cross check the ETs. Everything looks great... These updates contain everything through about Mid October. 

We will update the lists again for current racers after the NHRA World Finals. Of course, we CONTINUE to search through the old archives in order to continue filling out information for years past. As always, we need former (and current) racers to check out the lists with a critical eye to let us know what we've missed! Thanks. Bill Pratt

New Exclusive BONUS Photos! Les Welch provides high quality photos from NHRA Dallas!

November 10, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Who Was Barry Setzer? Pat Foster tells the story of how he and Barry Setzer got together to field the baddest funny car of 1972.

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Real Hot Rods Have Fuzzy Dice. James Morgan with a shot of a blown altered sporting the one essential accessory hot rodders have always required.

November 9, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Bombs Away! Steve Gibbs recalls a funny episode at the US Nationals when a national anthem flyby caused a "little concern."

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: The Dealer -- Competition Drag Bike. Anni Valder with a nice side view of a bad Comp drag bike from England.

November 8, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: How to Build an Amazing Wooden Model Car from Scratch. Gonzo puts together a fantastic wooden model using everyday hardware. Now YOU have to name it!

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Eddie Hill's New Sponsor? (not really). Ron Dilley with some photo tom foolery that is sure to get me in hot water!

November 7, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Drag Racing's "Forgotten" First 200 MPH Run. Harrison Inglis relates a Travis Perrenot story about the probable "real" first 200 mph run in drag racing history, with commentary by Lee Schelin and TV Tommy Ivo. Got all that?

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Brand New Shiny (White) Super Stock Dodge.  Joel Naprstek captured Charlie Fishback's Nostalgia Super Stocker at Atco '99.

November 6, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Paul Romine Wins IHRA Top Fuel Championship in  Rockingham, Plus Complete Fall Nationals Results. FastNews provides the results of the final IHRA National event of the year.

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Lizzard Man -- Matt Grillo's Top Sportsman Corvette. captures Matt Grillo's boss '53 Corvette doorslammer at speed.

Updated Personal Best with Steve Klemetti. Steve provides all the updates from NHRA Houston and IHRA Shreveport, plus some various NHRA WDRS races.

November 5, 2000 -- Updates are on the way! Hi gang. I just spent the last 16 hours going through and getting the latest round of updates ready to publish to the web. We will have new lists up by Sunday night. Thanks as always to Danny White and Steve Klemetti for volunteering hundreds of hours to this effort. Thanks also to all our contributors. You guys are the Super Crew! bp

Drag Racing Story of the Day: Two More Winston Champions Crowned in Dallas, Plus Full NHRA Results. Motorsport. com provides the results of the water logged Ennis event.

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: TV Tommy's Fire Burnout at Cordova! Tommy shares a super Tommy Shaw photo of one of his patented fire burnouts at Cordova Dragway in the mid '70s. Thanks to Byron Stack.

Drag Racing Movie of the Week: Fuel Funny Cars, British Style. Mark Fawcus with footage of a great side by side run by two of Europe's quickest Fuel Coupes.

New Exclusive BONUS Photos! Les Welch provides high quality photos from NHRA Houston!

November 4, 2000 -- is HOT! Hooray! We made it into the 100 Hot Auto Sites for the week ending November 3 (all the automotive websites are tracked each Thursday). We finished 72nd -- our highest finish yet! We finished 96th last week. We aren't ready to take on GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, or, but it sure is neat being ranked up there with the Top 100 auto sites! We just had our biggest month ever, with nearly 30,000 individual readers and over 94,000 hits! I simply can't believe that many people see our humble work here. Thanks for helping to make one of the top car sites on the 'Net! Bill

Drag Racing Story of the Day: Remembering San Gabriel's "Green Room." Fred Vosk with tales from one of the racers' favorite post-race party dives.

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Dangerous Curves. James Morgan with a close-up photo of Ronnie Hood's sleek Corvette Pro Mod car.

November 3, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Flying Six Cylinder from Down Under. Ash McFee fills us in on a test session with his quick six.

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Kemper's 'Vette and Draglist Signage(?) at Maple Grove. Ron Dilley with a photo of a neat doorslammer and the what the wall at Maple Grove might look like if we had any money at!

November 2, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Bring it On! A Photographer's View of Bret Kepner's "No Wheelie Bars" Idea. Tom West says, well, bring it on!

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Tiny Dancer -- Angelle Seeling Wins the 2000 World Championship. Ron Dilley with a nice, at-speed photo of the new champ!

November 1, 2000 -- Drag Racing Story of the Day: Heaters, Bleachers, and Belchers. Gonzo recalls what it was like to see the drags for the first time, and it was a JET race!

Drag Racing Picture of the Day: Stock Class Chevelle Finds New Home in Sweden. Janne Kretz checks in from Scandinavia with photos and words about his '71 Chevelle.


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