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September 16, 1999 -- Hi, everyone! This is gonna be SO quick, then I am SO out of here! In talking with Danny, we have all new information to load next weekend, so target the last week of September to review the brand new Draglist info! I am writing today to introduce you to our newest columnist, Doug Dornbos. Doug is a great original thinker and a hard core drag racing fan who writes interesting reviews of local and national drag racing events. This is NOT your father's round by round coverage! Check out his new column, Dornbos Reviews, and see if you don't agree... Well, the northernmost reaches of hurricane Floyd are beating on the roof, but I still have to go into work... Y2K doesn't sleep -- at least not THIS year! Catherine is VERY hard at work on converting the site to a fresher, quicker loading, easier navigating, and all-browser-compatible format! Look for that by the end of the month. Until we meet again... See ya! Oh yeah, one more thing -- we now have Over 5,000 searchable links on our Draglist Links page! Check it out! bp/drl 

September 4, 1999 -- Howdy folks! This new color scheme DOES NOT represent Catherine Cooke's extensive updates for! Catherine is still working magic, converting all 140 plus pages to a completely new format that will be easy to use and will look GREAT! In the meantime, I guess I have to admit that boredom got the best of me. Since I loaded the new FrontPage 2000 program, I have been dying to update the look of the site. I thought this COOL BLUE [since replaced... bp] was awesome, so here we are! It won't be around for long, since Catherine is working hard on our ALL NEW LOOK! Check out our Draglist Links, which now total over 4,700 links! We also will have updates from Danny White, Doug Dornbos, and Jim Hill later this weekend. See ya! bp/drl

August 16, 1999 -- Here's another quick update. We have two new stories to enjoy. Danny White offers his latest update on the Texas Outlaw Pro Mod action at Danny's Corner. New contributor Doug Dornbos provides an insightful review of the NHRA Mile High Nationals at Bandimere, Colorado. We hope to encourage Doug to become a regular contributor. Until then, his story appears on our Drag Racing Stories page. Check it out and see if you don't agree with me -- this is good stuff! Other changes include cosmetic changes throughout. I have removed all the Java buttons that have prevented some of our readers from accessing certain areas of the site (like the four buttons under the title on the front page and the ONLY button to the links page). Thanks to Tony Butera for pointing that out! I am doing my last little bit while it is still a "home made" site. Catherine Cooke is DAZZLING me with the "new-look" Draglist. You will be absolutely amazed, I think. Since Catherine is a true designer, and not just somebody who grabs a FrontPage design envelope to place all his text in (like I've been doing), it's gonna take a few weeks to get all our 140 web pages converted. We won't roll it out in pieces. It will come out as a turn key operation. NO PRIMER ON THIS FIBERGLASS! Also, we have been turning and burning on the Draglist Links page. We are now up to over 3,000 links that are FRESH EVERY DAY! Gotta run... See ya later! bp/drl

August 11, 1999 -- Hi everyone. Two quick updates and I'm outta here: we have updated all the lists with the latest information. Great stuff! Lots of new European and Australian stuff. Mucho stuff from the states, too. Our links are growing by leaps and bounds. We now have over 2,700 links to drag racing and motorsports sites. I can hardly keep up with categorizing them all! We are also starting to publish the site in Microsoft FrontPage 2000. There are LOTS of neat new features coming, but for now, I hope some of our friends using obscure browsers and computers can log on to us without crashing. Finally, time is running out on our trusty old "drag strip pavement" format for the site. We have just partnered with Washington-area Web Goddess Catherine Cooke, who will give the site a COMPLETE makeover, increasing its appearance and ease-of-use by leaps and bounds! I have seen some of Catherine's early ideas and they look great. We will do a full bio and introduction when we debut the new look -- coming soon! For now, see ya later! bp/drl

July 15, 1999 -- Here is it, exactly one MONTH after my incredible trip to Australia, and I FINALLY have entered all the updated data I gathered down there. Aussie drag racing fans (wherever you reside), check out all the new stuff! We updated all the other lists last week, but I entered several new things this week as well. Go to the Drag Lists page to see ALL the new info! We also have two FRESH new stories from Danny White at Danny's Corner (like, from this weekend, man!) Check 'em out, Pro Mod fans! Things have slowed down a bit at work and that will allow me to finish all the TEAM Draglist web pages. Pro, semipro, and exhibition racers -- join TEAM Draglist and get a free web page submitted to 450 search engines! Click here to find out how! I got a note today from motorsports web site designer and Pro Stock Bike fan Jerry Battle. Jerry wanted me to remind everyone to stop in at the John Myers Memorial Page and say hello. Oh yeah -- we've cut a deal with Roadrunner Records in Holland to provide the cover art for an upcoming hot rod album! More details on this soon -- including ordering information. Should be WILD! Well, I'm gonna grab some sleep for a few hours... LATER! bp/drl

July 6, 1999 -- Rushing around as usual! Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend. Ours was good and HOT! I spent most of it at the computer here. We have updated lists in all categories, but I don't have all the Aussie Winternationals stuff entered yet. Danny caught up on lots of emails, however, and our U.S. national event results are up to date. More soon! bp/drl


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