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December 18, 1999 -- "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." Hi everyone! We have brand new, fresh info in the lists -- thanks to months of work by Danny White and our many contributors. As usual, we still have lots of details to add to the lists, but we have the vast majority of the 1999 drag racing season added to the lists. We now have over 35,000 racer entries! A lot more are coming, too. Thanks to Curt Swartz for providing huge updates to the Fuel Funny Car list. There are lots of great new entries in there, going back to 1972. Great stuff! Check out all the new entries at the Drag Racing LISTS page. Danny White has provided some great new stories, too. Find them at DANNY'S CORNER. Thanks to all our new advertisers! Keep your eye on the banner ads for some great deals. You can find all our advertisers in their own special link section (number 02) at Draglist LINKS. Check them out, race fans! See ya. bp/drl


December 01, 1999 -- Happy December everyone! Just a few quick notes here. Frank Jonkman let me know that the Quick Quotes section wasn't working, so I fixed that. Thanks, Frank! Thanks to all our advertisers! People, click these banners for some great products! I also streamlined the Race Place shopping pages. (Gee -- just in time for the holiday season!) Danny has recovered from his computer woes (his modem had died) and has been working feverishly to get new data ready for the end of the year. He will transfer it to me this weekend and we will get it up here soon after that (hopefully by Sunday...) Advertisers, you need to move quick to get a banner ad up in front of all these holiday shoppers! Call Denise today at 301-885-2249! bp/drl

November 12, 1999 -- Happy Veterans Day everyone. My sincere thanks to all those who fought for our country over the years and thanks also to those important people who waited for them back home. I know how important it is to have that support when you are half a world away. Veterans Day is also our anniversary. Denise and Bill hit ten years yesterday! I celebrated by sitting on the computer from 8 AM until 5 AM on the 12th, with breaks for eating and picking up the kids from the school bus. What I did during that time is COMPLETELY redo the site navigation scheme for This is the single most radical change I have made to the site in the three years it has been up. I hope everybody likes it and finds it infinitely easier to use. Check out the new Site Map, which shows you EVERYTHING offers. I also added several new sub-pages everywhere. Check it out and let me know what you think! I have only a few moments before I have to head off to work, so let me say adios! Oh yeah, I really didn't neglect Denise too badly yesterday  -- she was gone all day running errands and getting her hair done. Why? We are going to New York City for a romantic getaway this weekend! I guess ten years deserves something special! I will check email tonight, but after that, I will be out of touch until late Sunday night! See ya! bp/drl

November 9, 1999 -- Howdy, folks. Things are happening quickly here at We have a huge new update to add to the lists this week. You may have noticed a few growing pains during the last week or so. We have moved to a new server, thanks to our new hosting sponsors, Martel Bros. Performance! THANKS, GUYS! During the transition, our banner ad software decided to misbehave. We should have that up and running in a day or so. Thanks a lot to Don Wilshe and Paul Graham for their invaluable help during the transition. In addition to the server change, we have converted the programming on the site to a more generic HTML and Java code that is not Microsoft-specific. I hope this means we will no longer lock up our friends who try to check in on Macs running Netscape... We will test it with a few such friends to see... 

Despite our growing pains, we are committed to making much better very SOON! This winter, we will convert to an online database system. That's right -- NO MORE HAVING TO DOWNLOAD A MEGABYTE FILE JUST TO SEE ONE RACER! Twig Ziegler fans, REJOICE!!! We are hoping to make the lists completely searchable by any category. Want to see every Ford Pinto from Ohio from 1972 to 1982? We are gonna set it up so you CAN (now we just gotta find out who WANTS to...!) Anyway, it's late as usual, so let me close for now.. Talk to you soon! bp/drl


October 26, 1999 -- Hi everyone. I went through the site and fixed up and smoothed out all the pages. I took off some graphics in an attempt to quicken up the loading of the pages. I also took off some of the fancy behind the scenes programming, so hopefully folks with older browsers will not lock up. We have updated lists from Danny White, who just completed two consecutive on-site weekends at the IHRA event in Shreveport and the NHRA event in Dallas, so look out for that soon. We also have new stories from Danny at his 'Corner, so check them out. We also have finally set up our advertising program for the site, so give it a look and call us if you have any questions. A HUGE help for me is that my lovely wife Denise has quit her day job and is working in our home office full time! This will allow us to pursue the advertising and will allow us to provide much better service to our customers. Denise has MONTHS of my work to catch up on, so the change will be gradual. Thanks for giving this a shot, sweetheart! I'm gonna make this quick, so I can finish up some changes and grab two hours of shut eye, so see ya! bp/drl


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