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World Finals Photo Highlights

By Phil R. Elliott

Tony speaks. Photo by Phil ElliottTony Schumacher was much calmer during his Sunday morning review of his troops than most Sergeants. Actually, this is just one of the duties of a heavily backed driver, speeches to assembled VIPs. This is less than an hour before round one.

300. Photo by Phil ElliottThis is my minuscule tribute to Kenny Bernstein's goodbye. His raceday was quite short -- the tires smoked.

Aussie FC. Photo by Phil ElliottGarry McGrath's Outback Special sat in the Fram booth after failing to make the show on its single lap Thursday. Paint is crocogater-ish -- wild!

Miller and Rhonda. Photo by Phil ElliottBefore round one, Bill Miller's dragster rolled into the lanes followed by Rhonda Hartman- Smith's. David Grubnic lost in R1, Rhonda R2. Both will be back stronger in 2003.

Strange rears. Photo by Phil ElliottWith all the bad weather, manufacturer's row was hampered like the rest. Sunday, companies like Strange Engineering struggled to get their points across in the short time available.

Doug. Photo by Phil ElliottDoug(zilla) Herbert seems to be at the ropes even more since the well-documented pushing incident. He reached the semis at Pomona and later signed long term with Snap-on Tools.

Chuck Worsham seemed to juggling grandchildren, holding one or the other twin all Sunday morning.

Phil Elliott

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