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Potential Jim Dunn Drivers

By Phil R. Elliott

So, any guesses? News is supposed to happen today (Wednesday), or at the latest, tomorrow at the press conference for the third annual NHRA SummitRacing.com Nationals in Las Vegas.

It's really hard to guess from the long or short lists of eligible drivers because there are so many ingredients necessary to make a team gel. And, Jim Dunn has been full of surprises in the past. His picks for drivers have literally startled me in the past, and he rightfully chooses from a very educated position he was an incredible shoe himself.

I had a little fun with this but it certainly will not amaze me if the longtime fireman disregards my list totally and gambles on another obscure name from a foreign country. Why not? It is, after all, his operation. Good luck, Jim, and whomever you choose for that matter, on the remainder of 2002.

I have my guesses listed below, in descending order as to best odds to least.

Bruce Sarver (I believe he'd bring e-moola.com money)
Frank Pedregon (Did well the last time he drove for Dunn Racing)
Bob Gilbertson (Bob has his own operation but he runs a huge company. I think he'd LOVE to bring a little money to the table for this deal)
Jerry Toliver (WWF money dwindling? Dunn tried one street fighter, why not another one?)
Jim Epler (Good driver, must have a little backing ready to be associates)
Louis Sweet (Because his VP position keeps him close to home, probably not)
Mike Dunn (Doing well on TV but why not return to where he started?)
Cory Lee (Very capable driver without a ride)
Chuck Beal (Would bring lots of knowledge to any table)
Gordie Bonin (He's driven everything with wheels -- love to see him back)
Dale Pulde (Was his saying "No way!" just a smoke screen?)

Flyin' Phil Elliott


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