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Drag Racing Picture of the Day!

04/30/02 - The Cottrell and Reichard AA/GAS Austin
04/29/02 - PF Flyer: Pat Foster in the Barry Setzer Vega Funny Car
04/28/02 - Mick Coleman's Supercharged Outlaw Calais
04/27/02 - Super Mario Carranca's Jet Funny Car Streaks!
04/26/02 - Tom Prock in the Detroit Tiger Fuel Monza
04/25/02 - Rest in Peace, Leroy Goldstein
04/24/02 - Bishop and Buehl AA/Fuel Altered Blazes the Hides
04/23/02 - Charlie Castaldo's Fun City Flyer Plymouth Pro Stock
04/22/02 - The Jungle Jim Show: Funny Cars AND Fuelers
04/21/02 - The Roach: Olds Powered VW Bug B/Fuel Altered
04/20/02 - Dave Wilson's Top Methanol Dragster Europe's Quickest
04/19/02 - Chris "The Greek" Karamesines is Wide Open
04/18/02 - Smokin' 'em Like the Old Days
04/17/02 - Bug Off! The VW New Beetle as a Blown Doorslammer
04/16/02 - John Force Gets 100 Wins. Do They Have to Rename the Statue?
04/15/02 - Dale Creasy vs. the Cassidy Bros. Funny Car Match Race
04/14/02 - Jerry Davis' Carolina Wildman Southern Fuel Coupe
04/13/02 - Dale Boomgaarden in the Mallicoat Bros. AA/Gas Plymouth Barracuda
04/12/02 - Norwegian Batmobile May Be the Coolest One of All
04/11/02 - Bill Hosford's Warped Speed Jet Funny Car Flame Show
04/10/02 - Neil Diggins' British Funny Bike at the Cannonball
04/09/02 - Larry "Elvis" Dixon Has Left the Building
04/08/02 - Jake Crimmins' Mustang II Fuel Funny Car
04/07/02 - Bill Pratt Goes Nostalgia Super Stock Racing!
04/06/02 - Tony Schumacher Tests New Michelin Air Suit
04/05/02 - Don Prudhomme Racing: The Snake Cars Face Off
04/04/02 - Cesar Degreas' Twin Turbo Brazilian Bomber!
04/03/02 - Urs Erbacher's Fat Attack Top Methanol Funny Car
04/02/02 - Dan Horan's Top Fueler on Fire at Tulsa '73 
04/01/02 - Jim Adolph and the Shady Glenn Fuel Funny Car

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