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Southern Fuel Coupes

Roddy Racing's All Girl Crew For 2002

By Bob Gettys

Don and Sharon Roddy and their all-girl crew are looking to make waves in DRL SFC competition. Photo by Bob Gettys
Don and Sharon Roddy and their all-girl crew are looking to make waves in 2002.
Photo by Bob Gettys

I would like to take the time to talk about a special team with whom I have become very close. I first met Don and Sharon Roddy at the first SFC race of 2000. Since then, the Roddys have become very special people in my life. If all friends were like Don and Sharon, the world would be a better place to live in.

About the Roddys... Roddy's Racing Team started in 1999 after being out of racing for 25 years. With a bit of laughter, Don said that the Jr. Dragsters today are running about as fast as he did that long ago. He wondered if he was really up to this.

The team started as a husband and wife team, Don and Sharon Roddy, with the help of some good friends from time to time. Their first car was a yellow 1957 Thunderbird, but when that "bird" wouldn't fly as fast or as straight as they wanted, they bought a 1993 Corvette Funny Car. Sporting one of the wild paint jobs for which Don's is so noted, they made their first run with the car at the end of the 2001 season with the Southern Fuel Coupes.

Don had never driven a clutch car before so it was a whole new experience for him. He quickly adapted to the new car and the clutch by busting off a 4.53 at Ware Shoals on his second pass. He and Sharon knew then that the Funny Car was a good decision for them, but now their concern was how to manage the car without any help. Getting the car to the starting line, lifting and lowering the body, and adjusting the clutch after every run were many of the things that had to be considered. This was when the "girls" appeared on the scene.

These two girls are just as special to me as are Don and Sharon. They are full of life and loads of fun to be around.

About the Girls... Shayna Harding and J-Bird (Jena) Roddy, daughters of Don and Sharon, were more than happy to come back into the drag racing scene when asked. They, just like Don, quickly adapted to what they had to learn and do. Training was easy because they were eager to learn everything from the bottom up and they did, thus the "All Girl Crew For 2002" was born. Fans are amazed when the girls lift the FC body and climb underneath with the dial indicator in hand to adjust the clutch. Their movements are quick and accurate. The dirt, grime, and sweat are never a consideration for these girls. Don will tell you very quickly that he didn't raise his girls to be dainty.

This also goes for his wife, Sharon, who is the crew chief of this team. Knowledgeable about every aspect of the car, Sharon handles many duties. She keeps everyone focused and calm before every race, going over every little detail - twice. When asked what her main job was, she said that it was to keep Don in the groove. That is a hard task in itself because she laughingly says that Don likes to take the scenic route at times. I have heard through the grapevine that she presses Don for good reaction times. This must be working because at the Ware Shoals race on May 18, Don had the best reaction time with a .430 light.

The Roddys always take the time to talk to fans, young and old. If you walk into their pit, you will always see the team talking or signing tee shirts for their fans. And the team has many fans because they know and realize that their fans are their number one priority. The Roddys strive to give them the best show possible at every race.

At the end of every race - win or lose -- this family knows what drag racing is all about.

Don, Sharon, Shayna, and Jena: Y'all have something that everyone dreams about, especially me.

Bob Gettys
Computer Magic/Draglist.com


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