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Desperately Seeking (1)

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

Here are our first entries, appropriately submitted by Ron Pellegrini:

If you've seen this car, shoot Ron Pellegrini an email!

I have attached a picture of the car I am looking for. It was built in 1963 for Tom Ivo and has two 454 cubic inch Buicks in line. Vertex magnetos and Hilborn injectors. I ran the car in 1963 and sold it. Last know owners were the McCaig brothers of Berwyn, Illinois. The sold it in around 1970 to someone on the south side of Chicago. The surviving brother does not remember the name of the buyer.

Ron Pellegrini 805-474-4756 or email acrp33@pacbell.net

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

If you've seen this car, call Jack Ditmars!

Jack Ditmars would like to locate his "Der Mini Brute" The chassis was built by R & B automotive of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Body by Fiber Glass Ltd. It was powered by an injected Chevrolet. Contact Jack Ditmars at 708 614 9000

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

Dear Bill, I would like to submit the Orange metal flake, Rod Peppmuller built, 1964 WRFH  Frantic 4 car for the "Ten most wanted" list....or whatever it may be called. The trail has gone cold as I am now in Hawaii where it is supposed to be and no luck. The people who told Peppmuller at CHRR in '98 that they had the car are unidentified. My attempts to reach Norm Weekly have been futile. Sob, sob! Please help us get reunited after 35 years. Signed, Desperate in Dallas Dennis648@aol.com

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

If you've seen this wild, wheelstanding Chevy digger, contact Larry Steineggar!

Owned by Euell Barnes, and the late Jim Simpson. Jim lost a leg in a prior race accident, this car had a hand operated clutch pedal, a simple cable set up. Jim toured the east with the small block Chevy powered dragster. Sold it before he returned to Phoenix. Euell would sure like to find and restore this piece of Arizona drag race history. This is a run against Speed Sports Stuckey car.

Larry Steinegger, P.O. Box 743, Carefree AZ. 85377 or Phone: 480-488-3054


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