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Desperately Seeking (6)

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

I am trying to locate any information about a driver named Petterino and his C/A called Rumpilstilskin. The car was run in the 1970s in the NY/NJ area, I believe. I purchased the body about 20 years ago and am attempting to restore it. The aluminum body was removed from a British (?) sports car and installed on a drag chassis, probably in the 60s. Thanks, Roland Wommack. Email bac7232@home.com

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

I am looking for a Chassis Research (K88?) Dragster run by Whitt & McClenden for 1959-60 with a blown 392 Chrysler. Larry Whitt drove this dragster was from N.E. Ohio and ran mainly @ Howland Dragstrip in N.E. Ohio with trips to Erie, Pa. Also, they made it to third round of Top Elim @ 60 Nats at Detroit. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Ron

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

Tri City Dragway, Saginaw, Michigan. Anybody have any information?

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

Although my Chevy friends don't understand why -- I am looking to find a 1969 AMC S/S AMX of which there were 52 or 53 made. I'm looking for a complete car as spare parts for these things don't exist. I also have an interest in old GASSERS, especially those with a history. I would like an Anglia, Thames Panel, Willys, etc. Can anybody
out there help? Contact dhall9251@aol.com

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

Ken Lowe is seeking this dragster...

I am looking for my old dragster. I sold it in 1975 to a couple of guys in Columbus, Ohio. It has a 155" wheel base and the chassis was painted silver when I sold it. The body was black with several color bars with a Bill Roell paint job. The car was originally built for a small block Chevy and for a while ran B/FD but the car was sold with a carbureted big block Chevy and a Torqueflite. It had a Chrysler 8 3/4 diff with a chrome housing. If you can let me know where it is now and who owns it I would appreciate it very much. Ken Lowe http://www.kenlowe.com.au

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

Hello, my name is Jeremy Grist. I am 22 years old and am a beginning drag racer with family roots. My grandfather, Floyd Grist, was a competitive drag racer in the late fifties and early sixties. He and my Great Uncle Ralph Grist raced as the Grist Bros. Racing Team in and around Southern California. They held several records in the A/Gas unblown class driving a '41 Willys coupe with a chopped top. To my knowledge, they ran a 500+ cube Lincoln engine, and also a couple of others. The car was black with white lettering and raced against some of the big names of the class. My grandfather died before I was born, but my Uncle Ralph is still around. He has told me stories about their racing, but I would like someone outside of the family that knows about them to write. It would be very interesting to me. Please, if you have crossed paths or have seen this team in action... write. I would love to hear about it. Thanks, Jeremy Grist jerweng@earthlink.net

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

My partners and I are running a nostalgia '48 Fiat - 410" Blown SBC - AA/A - Black with flames - currently looking for a Rodeck alum. SBC block - new or slightly used - must be GOOD! Jim Lutz lutz@multicorp.net


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