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Desperately Seeking (9)

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

I'm trying to surprise a friend by locating the old race car "NO BIG THING." I guess it is a Vespa body on a gasser, I think. It is probably from the Midwest, maybe from Illinois or Indiana. If anybody knows the whereabouts of this car, in whatever shape it may be in, please. Thank you.

Lou Capps

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

I am currently building a web page to re-create the memories of my youth, Southland Dragways in Houma, Louisiana. Would like to hear from anyone that has any old photos, magazines, and/or stories from racing in the Louisiana swamps. Please contact 

Lance Peltier 
Austin, Texas 

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

We are looking for the former J&M Speed Center Jr. Fuel dragster in which we won the '68 Bakersfield Jr. Fuel Division race. It was the former Logghe Bros. A/Fueler slot racer out of Detroit. I believe it was sold in 1968 but we don't know to whom or where it went. Phil Braybrook was the owner and I was the driver, Gene Brasel. Please call or e-mail. Thanks. 760-751-9709 or brasel2@home.com

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

1970 Hemi Cuda SS/DA. I am looking for the previous owner of this car. The car was originally dark green with green interior and a column auto. Chassis work was done at Barnett Race Cars in Atlanta. When the car was brought to Canada from Elkhart, I N, in 1979, it was dark red with gold down the side. The car was supposedly always a race car. If you have any leads at all, please contact me. The serial # is BS23ROB211108. Thanks! hogs4u@hotmail.com

<<<<< Desperately Seeking! >>>>>

Looking for Terenzio Bros. Italian Way BB/A. Has SEMA 100 stamp on upper frame rail 2 to 3 inches from the roll cage front upright on left side of car looking from rear of car; '23-T Ford roadster. Contact Gene Terenzio at ttotobono@aol.com or call 570-689-7057


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