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Oct 16, 2006

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Bubba Stanton Wins ADRL Flowmaster Pro Extreme Battle of the Belts

Text by Danny White ~ Photos by Gena White

The 2006 ADRL Flowmaster Pro Extreme contestants.

The season ending ADRL Flowmaster World Finals brought the Battle of the Belts to Texas Raceway Friday night. The top eight teams each had a shot to win the 2006 ADRL Flowmaster championship. The field was tough to say the least as each racer had run in the three second zone in the ADRL Pro Extreme series this year. First round racers included Jason Scruggs, 2005 Champ John Lyman, Joshua Hernandez, Bil Clanton, Troy Critchley, Bubba Stanton, Joey Martin, and Mike Neal.

Bil Clanton made the race after a bad crash at Rockingham.

John Lyman beat Clanton, 4.05 to 4.10!

The Clanton family thrashed to get to Kennedale after a bad crash in Rockingham at the last ADRL Flowmaster race. Mike Neal was in his son’s car after the Stroud Racing Studebaker cracked a block.

The first round was wild as John Lyman took out Clanton with a 4.05 at 183 to Clanton’s 4.10 at 171. Bubba Stanton pulled a major upset with a 3.897 at 186 in the Henson Racing Widowmaker to beat Jason Scruggs’ wild crossed up 4.34 at 134. Scruggs had earlier run 3.90 in testing.

Bubba Stanton burning out in the Henson Racing Widow Maker.

Troy Critchley launching hard in Dave Wood's AMS Jackhammer Cuda.

Mike Neal was all over the track with a 4.161 at 156 in the Neal Racing entry, but it was enough to beat Troy Critchley’s shut off 6.80 at 76.56 pass in Dave Wood‘s AMS Jackhammer. Joshua Hernandez ran a 4.039 at 180 to squeeze by Joey Martin in the Tim Tindle Shelby Mustang at a shut off 4.06, 162.57.

Joe Martin lost in the first round with a shut off 4.06!

Martin leaving the line against Hernandez.

In the semifinals, Stanton took out 2005 champion John Lyman in the first pairing. Stanton ran 3.92 to Lyman’s close 3.96! The other pairing had Joshua Hernandez taking out Mike Neal. Neal shut off with a 6.17 and handling problems while Dr. Moon’s Rage ran 3.94 for the win.

John Lyman ran 3.95 to Bubba Stanton's 3.92.

Josh Hernandez ran a 3.94 and was the runner up.

The finals featured the best race of the night as Bubba Stanton beat Joshua Hernandez, 3.91 to 3.95. The win was an upset because Stanton was the final qualifier in the ADRL Flowmaster Pro Extreme Battle of the Belts field. Bubba took out Jason Scruggs, John Lyman, and Hernandez with a new combo that features an amazing 18-71 blower. The 3.89 pass is second only to Scruggs’ 3.81 pass recorded at the Rock!

Lyman stages the Little Red Corvette.

Joshua Hernandez won this one with a 3.94 to Mike Neal's shut off 5.16.

For more info about the ADRL Flowmaster series go to www.outlawpromods.com. To learn more about the monthly Pro Mod races at Texas raceway go to www.texasraceway.com or www.texasoutlawracing.com.

Bubba Stanton and the Henson team in the winner's circle!


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