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Dornbos Reviews...

A Novel Way to Run Top Eliminator

By Doug Dornbos

Hi gang. For a couple of years now and for MULTIPLE reasons that I will fully delineate some time I'm sure, I believe that the ONLY performance rule in the top eliminator should be based on a percentage of weight loss during the run. It would be easy to do (have two sets of scales), and would allow the real innovative guys to have the leg-up. 

An easy to calculate number would be 1% weight loss. A 2500 lb. car would then be allowed to lose 25 lbs. during the run, which translates to less than three gallons of nitromethane or just over 3.5 gallons for methanol or diesel fuel or 3.9 gallons of gasoline. You get the idea, whatever the folks wanted to use. For a 1250 lb. car, these gallon figures would be half as much. 

Although jet engines and hydrogen peroxide rockets would be legal, I don't think they would be competitive due to their extreme fuel usage. Also, you would need to watch out for the electric boys; they have already run in the 10's with NO weight loss I believe. Maybe you could run three classes this way, 1%, 5%, 0%.

Doug Dornbos

What do YOU think? Send your ideas for fuel racing safety or other innovations to bilden@draglist.com!


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