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Geoff Blake (M) from Sydney, New South Wales Australia   (Comp Nr/Finish: 71) 2010 - Category: NOSTBAD, Type: VA, Class: Supercharged Outlaws, Div: 8
"Blake Racing" Owned by Darron & Liz Blake from Sydney, New South Wales Australia Crew Chief: Darron Blake
Dragster by an Unknown chassis builder | Powered by Supercharged Alcohol 509 Chevrolet with 2 speed manual transmission
1/4 Mile ET: 6.466 at Western Sydney 3/10          1/4 Mile MPH: 224.00 at Western Sydney 3/10
1000 FT ET: Unknown at Unknown    1000 FT MPH: Unknown at Unknown
1/8 Mile ET: 4.270 at Unknown    1/8 Mile MPH: 176.00 at Unknown
Entry's 2010 Performance Ratings (0 to 100) based on comparison to average ET/MPH:
1/4 Mile Rating: ET 85.20, MPH 77.70    Entry is 0.93983 times average ET and 1.07666 times average MPH
1000 FT Rating: ET 00.00, MPH 00.00 Entry is 0.00000 times average ET and 0.00000 times average MPH
1/8 Mile Rating: ET 55.30, MPH 100.0 Entry is 0.99256 times average ET and 1.07186 times average MPH
2010 Records: 1/4 Mile: 6.292 ET, 236.84 MPH    1000 Ft. 0.000 ET, 0.00 MPH    1/8 Mile: 4.000 ET, 176.00 MPH   
2010 Average: 1/4 Mile: 6.880 ET, 208.05 MPH 1000 Ft. 0.000 ET, 0.00 MPH 1/8 Mile: 4.302 ET, 164.20 MPH
2010 Minimum: 1/4 Mile: 7.468 ET, 191.67 MPH 1000 Ft. 0.000 ET, 0.00 MPH 1/8 Mile: 4.632 ET, 152.50 MPH
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Notes: Only 170" WB and runs a BBC with a 2-speed Lenco and clutch. It's the original design like they used to run in the 70's. No side pod wings. Low chair. My butt is hard up against the diff and I can't see where I'm going. Just the way it should be. - Geoff Blake. | Sponsors: Proflo Performance (Paul Sant), Caddy Storage, Bakers Ground Level Panel and Paint. Special shout out to Sam Caruana who has been with us from the start. Thanks for your continued help with the engine, assembly, and all the crew work. Graham Blake: The clutch man and master fabricator and crew work. Darron and Liz Blake: Without them I wouldn't get the chance to pilot this awesome machine. It's an all in effort. We're a team. To view the 6.46 pass you can visit the racer video link. Or go to Youtube and type in search "geoff blake").
Submitted by Draglist Archives, Last updated on Tuesday, April 2, 2013, 09:42:05 PM by Geoff Blake.

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