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How to Play Match Race Madness!

Tips & Tricks for Playing MRM!

The MRM "announcer screen" display.The following paragraphs come directly from the Online Help Screens of the Match Race Madness Drag Racing Simulation Game. Each major screen is covered. If you have additional questions, send an email to bilden@draglist.com. Now, cut a light and STAND ON IT!!!


MATCH RACE MADNESS takes us back to the days when the superstars of drag racing crisscrossed the country, fighting for honor and bucks on the grueling match race circuit. National events were few and far between, gasoline and nitro were cheap, and fans packed local drag strips to see the big names go at it in two-out-of-three competition!

MATCH RACE MADNESS allows you to race ANY two current year racers on THE DRAG RACING LIST against each other at any drag strip in the world. You also can enter your own race car and take on the stars, or you can enter two race cars and race your PC buddy. MATCH RACE MADNESS is completely authentic with regard to individual performance records for over 2,000 racers and track records at over 300 actual drag strips.

MATCH RACE MADNESS simulates live races by generating random numbers within varying performance ranges for each racer. In future versions, we'll include real-time progressive timing and maybe even a Christmas tree with performances and reaction times based on keyboard input. To begin, press any key, then select your favorite drag racing class. Or, if you want help any time during the game, press the F2 key.


The MATCH RACE MADNESS On-Line Help feature is a "Paperless User's Manual." Any time you need assistance during the game, simply press the F2 function key. The F2 key provides appropriate instructions for MATCH RACE MADNESS, depending on where you are in the game. Each time operator input is required (i.e., a blank space needs to be filled in), pressing F2 gives you information to help fill in the blank. Press any key to return to the game after help. Other helpful keys are F3 (change configuration), F10 (hide screen), and Alt-S (toggle sound).

HELP: SELECT YOUR FAVORITE CLASS. Every racer and car listed in the current year of The Drag Racing List is available for match racing in the MATCH RACE MADNESS game! The "Main Menu" lists several options. Most allow you to race any racer in a class against any other racer in that class at any track in the world. Other options are more specific, and limit you to one type of car or to a specific geographic area of the world. Drag Racing action is great everywhere, so try them all! If you want to get really wild, try option 27. It combines any two classes on the menu. Jets vs. funnies? Pro Stocks vs. Pro Mods? Top Fuel vs. Sportsman Dragsters??? You're the promoter! Race 'em how you like 'em! Enjoy!

HELP: SELECT APPROPRIATE TRACK RECORD. MATCH RACE MADNESS usually needs no help to figure this out, but you have selected OPTION 27 (race two different classes of race cars). I'm toying with the option of letting you race different classes on dial-ins like bracket racing, but for now, you need to make the call. Generally, it's best to select the quickest track record of the two classes you are racing, but that's not a rule.

The options are Top Fuel, Funny Car, Legal Pro Stock, Unlimited Pro Stock, Alcohol Dragster, Alcohol Funny Car, Unlimited Doorslammer (Pro Mods), Fuel Altered, Blown Gas or Alky Altered, Sportsman Dragster, Jet Dragster, Jet Funny Car, Jet Truck, and Wheelstander. Notice that the class database is a MIX of two other classes.

HELP: FILES NOT FOUND. MATCH RACE MADNESS can't find the database files it needs to run the game. If you are running MRM from a 5.25" diskette, place the other diskette in the drive now. If you are running MRM from a 3.5" diskette or from an area of your hard disk: ensure all your database files are in the same directory (area) as the RACE.EXE file. YOU MUST run the game from WITHIN that area. MRM won't run unless it can find its database files. If you have tried the above options to no avail, you may have deleted a necessary file. Just download the game again from www.draglist.com/freestuff.htm.

HELP: WHAT HAPPENED AFTER I SELECTED THE CLASS? The first thing MATCH RACE MADNESS does is sets you up to race your desired class. First, it sorts all track records for the class you chose, either by Performance (all world track records from quickest to slowest), Alphabetically (all world track records alphabetically), or by Division (track records listed alphabetically by division). Next, it sorted all class racers by performance. Finally, it calculated a performance curve for the class by comparing class records to average class performances (AVG). This feature of Match Race Madness provides its realism. Pro Stock fields are much tighter than Fuel Altered fields! Besides, it's neat to check out the average ETs and speeds for a class.

HELP: SELECT RACER, SPECTATOR, OR QUIT. MRM allows you to "watch" two pro racers race each other, or allows you to get in the game. If you leave the S (Spectator) alone, MRM lets you race two of your favorite pro racers against each other. If you change the S to an R (Racer), MRM displays a Match Racer's Entry Form where you fill in all the information about your own fantasy race car. You also can enter a Q right now if you want to quit the game (or just this class) without continuing.

Nosy boss or work mates? Remember, the F10 key blanks the screen at any time and you can toggle the Sound On or Off by pressing Alt-S!

HELP: FILL IN DRAG STRIP, RACER ONE, AND RACER TWO. MATCH RACE MADNESS allows you to fill in these blanks by typing in or by pressing the Page Down (PgDn) key. If you selected the R option on the last screen, RACER ONE (and possibly RACER TWO) is filled in already.

Pressing PgDn first displays a list of all tracks, sorted as you specified earlier. You can use the arrow keys or the PgUp and PgDn keys to move through the list. When you press the CTRL key with the PgUp or PgDn key, it speeds you to the top or bottom of the list. Select a track by pressing Enter or the ESC key.

MRM then displays a list of racers, sorted as you've specified. Use the arrow, PgUp, PgDn, CTRL PgUp, and CTRL PgDn keys to move around and select the desired racer. Also, use the left and right arrow keys to view additional information that may be hiding off the side of the screen!

THE PGDN OPTIONS TO SELECT A TRACK OR RACER WILL WORK ONLY IF THAT RESPECTIVE FIELD IS LEFT TOTALLY BLANK. This includes ANY typed character in these fields. You can type in all three of the fields (it's somewhat quicker), but the track and racer names must be typed EXACTLY as they appear in the PgDn list. Also, if several drivers have the same last name or if the same driver drives several different cars, the game may select a different race car than you wanted. For these reasons, I recommend you use the PgDn option unless you know the exact spelling of the desired track and racer.

HELP: ENSURE INFORMATION IS CORRECT. MATCH RACE MADNESS gives you a chance here to make sure this is the right track and racers and that everything is spelled right. If you used the PgDn option to select the track and racers, no problem -- press Y (Yes). If you see a mistake, press N (No). The game will place you back at the DRAG STRIP field so you can make changes. Use the Arrow keys or press Enter to fix the RACER ONE and/or RACER TWO fields. Press Enter or PgDn to have the computer read the new information. If all information is correct, press Y (Yes). You also can press the Q (Quit) right now if you decide to quit the game (or just this class) without continuing.

Notice that typed track and racer names don't display all information immediately like those selected with the PgDn or Racer option. This is normal. When you press Y, the game searches for the typed drag strip and racers, and puts their information on the screen. If the game can't find a typed drag strip or racer, it will generate an error and ask you to enter the information again. If all else fails, delete the name you typed and use the PgDn option to locate the track or racer. After the game verifies the track and racers, round one of the match begins!

Notice your race car's et and speed. This is your performance base. To improve it, you have to race at fast tracks, often! That's a hint, son!

HELP: SELECT "RACE NEXT ROUND?" If you say Y, you go on to the next round. Did you win two straight? You either can say no and not let your opponent get a consolation win, or you can say yes and pound him one more time! If you say N, the game asks if you want a rematch.

HELP: SELECT "WANT A REMATCH?" You know you do! You can't let him/her get away with a win! If you select Y, the game blanks the track and keeps the win totals. Just enter the site of the next battle. If you think she's had enough, select N. The game will ask "Race Same Class?"

HELP: SELECT "RACE SAME CLASS?" If you press N (No), the game will send you back to the main menu. If you choose Y (Yes), the game asks if you want to clear the win totals (you may want to leave them, to see how you do against a series of racers in that class). Or, you may want to erase the record of a 0-11 series against John Force! Enter Y or N, as you wish. The game then asks for the "Spectator/Racer" option again. If you select R, the game asks if you want to update your race car. Select Y to change engine type, etc., or N to leave it alone.

HINT: Here is a shortcut to Racing the Same Class: Enter Y for a Rematch, then Arrow down to Racer Two, delete him, and press PgDn!

HELP: THE RACER'S ENTRY FORM. Here is where you build your "dream machine." Most of the fields are self-explanatory -- I'll offer a few hints here. On all fields, the first character is capitalized, then you're on your own. If you can fit your whole name, go for it. Name your car whatever you like! The four letter engine designator could be Chev (Chevy), McGe (McGee), J-85 (jet), or whatever. The year and model of car has to be just that. This field will not allow you to begin with anything except two numbers. The first character of the model is upper case like the other fields.

The transmission type is important, because this is how the game knows what shifting sounds to play while the cars are racing. The possible combinations match the real world combinations and the reasons for using them: direct drive and two speeds for the fuel cars, 2 and 3 speeds for alky cars, 4 and 5 speeds for Pro Stocks, etc. It is more fun to keep the tranny authentic to the class, but if you want jet sounds from your pro stocker, I won't stop you! Just remember, there is a REASON for using the right tranny. Are some better than others? Like real life, it depends on the class and track. 'Nuff said!

After you enter all information, the game asks if it's correct. Type N to re-enter it or type Y to accept it. The game then asks for "1 or 2 Players?" Enter 1 if you want to race the stars, or enter 2 if you want to race a buddy. Entering 2 will display a second Racer Entry Form.

HELP: RACE TWO CLASSES. MATCH RACE MADNESS allows you to race ANY two racers in the world, regardless of class. Simply type the appropriate two or three letter class designators in the blanks. The following is a spelled-out list of all the valid class designators:

TF Top Fuelers SD Sportsman Dragsters
FC Fuel Funny Cars JD Jet Dragsters
LPS NHRA Pro Stock JFC Jet Funny
UPS IHRA Pro Stock JTK Jet Trucks/Bikes
APS Australian Pro Stock WS Wheelstanders
EPS European Pro Stock NDS Nostalgia
JPS Japanese Pro Stock GAS Blown Gassers
AD Top Alcohol Dragster APC Aussie Pro Comp
AFC Alcohol Funny Cars EPC European Pro Comp
LPM Legal Pro Modified OPM Outlaw Pro Modified
ATD Aussie Top Doorslammer PST Legal Pro
FA Fuel Altereds RKT Rockets
BA Alky and Gas Altereds    

MRM will mix the two classes into one database, then will continue.

Happy racing! Bill Pratt


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