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12 Rules, Records, and Information

DragTimes.com - Online Timeslip Database   

Dragtimes.com is an online database of 1/4 mile drag racing timeslips submitted by drag racing enthusiasts. This site serves as a resource for readers to share information about their car or motorcycle, find out what other cars and motorcycles are running, and what modifications it took to get those times.

DragTimes.com - Online Timeslip Database

Ete Reman   

Quality begins, well, at the beginning. Research and Development engineers analyze all transmissions and then design replacement parts which often, improve upon the quality of the original component.

Outlaw Nitro Alliance   

Front Engine Top Fuel Dragsters.

Combustion Chamber - Nitronic Research AA/FD 5 Second Club   

Recognizing the accomplishments of the first 16 front engine dragster drivers who broke the 5 second barrier.

Svenska rekord Competition   

Swedish drag records.

70s Funny Cars - Forgotten Funny Cars   

Little known floppers that nonetheless were a huge part of the scene in the 70s.

70s Funny Cars - Remember When?   

Remember when funny cars were awesome? Let this page take you back to the way floppers were in their greatest era -- the 70s!

BEI Dragster Racing - A great new German drag racing site   

This is a visually beautiful site. It is all in German now, but ETs and speeds are universal. They are working on an English version.

Avon Quick Times   

This site is the on-line version of Quick Times Racing News, the official newsletter for Shakespeare County Raceway formerly Avon Park Raceway, UK.

DragTrucks.com -- Pro to Sportsman Drag Racing Trucks   

The home for pro and sportsman drag racing trucks.

Nostalgia Funny Car Registry   

Nostalgia Funny Car Registry

Muscle Car Review   

review about classics and muscle cars

Tulsa's Automotive Repair Blog   

AutoTulsaBlog.com provides Quality article about automotive topics to educate our loyal customers and friends about automotive repair problems and informative automotive topics

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