Draglist.com Story Photos for 2000 By Various Photographers

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Jason and Dad on the return road

Jason and Dad set the dial-in

Jason and Dad

Jason and Emily with the JD

Jason Gets Strapped by Putnam 2

Jason in Staging Lanes 2

Jason in Staging Lanes

Jeannie Booz 00 by James Morgan

Jeff Bennett 2000 by Tom Posthuma

Jeff Bennett

Jet cars warm up the night at Moroso Motorsports Park. Photo by Gonzo

Jim Neilson's Jet Limo 6-10-00 by Tim Pratt

Jim Oddy has been making blown horsepower for decades. Photo by Bryan Epps

Jim Yates 5-17-00 by Charlie Willis

Joe Buckley is enjoying a second childhood in his Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity Beretta. Photo by Bryan Epps

John Bradley Today by Bob Plumer

John Ellis burnout. Photo by Fawcus

John Force does what it takes to get the fans on his side and the sponsors on the side of his car. Photo by James Morgan

John Lukens TAFC by Jim Burke

Johnny Barb by Ralph Crosby

Jones-Mailliard Sidewinder. Magazine clip courtesy of Joel Naprstek

Ken Lowe Seeking

King & Marshall 1972. Photo thanks to James Morgan (the darn kid in the leather jacket)

King & Marshall 1973. Photo by James Morgan

King & Marshall 1980 after the fire. Photo by James Morgan

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