Draglist.com Story Photos for 2001 by Various Photographers

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Roger Toth and the crew accept congratulations for another win at Englishtown. Photo from the Hemi Hunter archives

Roger Toth and the Hemi Hunter power past the Maple Grove starting line. Photo thanks to the Hemi Hunter

Ron was in the Zone when he got this photo of Tony Schumacher in late 2000. Photo by Ron Dilley

Royce Miller confers with Lugnut and the Second Dimension Dancers on down-time entertainment strategies. Photo by Tim Pratt

Royce Miller greets Lugnut, the Racing Squirrel, as announcer Lewis Bloom and the Second Dimension dancers look on. Photo by Tim Pratt

Scotty Cannon went to Australia and became an immediate winner by bolting an engine into a waiting Murray Anderson Stude. Photo courtesy of Murray Anderson

SIR Northwest Open Program Cover

So they wouldn't let the Greek bring his helmet bag on the plane as a carry on. Photo by Zak Hawthorne

Strippers Car Club Decal. Scan by Pete Garramone

Sunday's events at the CHRR began with this stirring flyover. Photo by Vic Cooke

That's right, Caddo Mills was an air field. Photo by David Ray

The barn was hoppin' at Bruce Larson's place. Photo by Stephen Jones

The beautiful Greer, Black, & Prudhomme Top Fueler. Photo by Zak Hawthorne

The Beebe and Mulligan Fighting Irish car brought back fond memories. Photo by Zak Hawthorne

The Cacklefest again was one of the most emotional events at Bakersfield. Photo by Zak Hawthorne

The Chevy II Much lays down a crowd pleasing burnout. Photo by Sheryl Ogonoski

The crowd admires the exhibits at Drag Fest 4. Photo by Greg Gage

The famous Tee-Rat fuel altered will once again tear up Britain's drag strips. Photo by Roger Gorringe

The Freight Train was a welcome addition to the Cacklefest this year. Photo by Zak Hawthorne

The God of Hell Fire reigned once again at MIR. Photo by Tim Pratt

The Hemi Hunter gang lived up to its name in 1971. Photo from the Hemi Hunter archives

The Hemi Hunter lays down a fogbank. Photo thanks to The Hemi Hunter

The Hemi Hunter led the way in NHRA Division One in 1971. Photo fromt the Hemi Hunter archives

The Hemi Hunter ran in an era where a bunch of guys with jobs could field a competitive Top Fuel dragster. Photo from the Hemi Hunter archives

The Howard's Cams Rattler. Photo by Zak Hawthorne

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