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Posted: Fri May 09, 2008 9:59 am
by RH
Cool Jack.
How about the Whitehouse in Waldorf and Berk Motleys in Colmar? Used to stop in there coming back from Budds Creek or Capital and a crab house/beer joint in Clinton that I can't remember the name of. I saw Jim and Allison Lee at Old Dominion 3-4 years back and they both looked fantastic! Some friends of mine ran LMSC and had the Lees along for the night. They brought along some old photo albums,very cool. Nicest folks on the planet.

Dealt with Raley lots when he had the tow company and I was a regional mgr with a large insurance co . Had sparks fly more than once :lol: He really built that operation into a big player in T&R.

Your post have brought up a lot of names and memories.I grew up in Alex. and knew Ed Sloper,Eddie Schwarz,Dennis Whitestone and a bunch of that crowd.

Still talk with Dennis occassionally.

Please keep posting........good stuff.

Posted: Sun May 11, 2008 2:21 pm
by Dino
Jack you ol fart...remember me? Dino From Dover.

RH, Gator & DINO

Posted: Tue May 13, 2008 11:25 pm
by Jack Redd
RH & Gator, I hope that your homes are okay after this wild week of storms. My butt is dragging from limbs and leaves.
Because of that, I was hurrying on the post the last time, and excuse any mistakes. I am going to also skipped the (JA) JAck Approved Decal Club and the Forkner-Marsh Rt 301 Grambrills drag race with their tow trucks with trailers and race cars this time. Next time!
RH, I was the one that got the Lee's to the stock car race at Old Dominion. Raley had a race shop in West Va., and Al Watson and I would stop in and visit them on the way to the shop. Ed Sloper flipped his dragster on Rt. 1 in Alex., Va. testing it one day. He also had the first Miss Hurst Pat Flanney on the cover of his first catalog. There were three Miss Hurst, one being JaNeen and of course, Linda Vaughn.
Eddie Swartz, one of the three in the Swartz Bros. Speed Shop. I towed his B/D over to the Bill Holz (York Dragway) custom show in Baltimore for upholstering my '57 Ford 500. The Ford was the 1963 AHRA Springnationals E/SA Champion at Aquasco Speedway. It was also third in the AHRA National Points Championships. The last time I saw Eddie was at his shop in Merrifield, Va.
Dennis Whitestone did all of my mechanical work when he was at the Shirlington Texaco. It was just around the corner from DRAG TIMES. He later moved to Alexandria and opened his own shop. A great drag racing mechanic also. Isn't he now working with "Bunny" Burkett?
DINO, I still have the "Dover Gang" photo in my scapbook taken at the Holiday Inn in Indy where we had the (JA) Party and me with too much (JA) Grog backed into a car where you all took up a collection. I think the last time I saw you was when the Lee's match race at Dover got rained out. It is great to hear from you.
This the second time I wrote this. The first time the computer cut-off. So I don't know if this is typed twice. If so, sorry!
Oh well. if Washington weighs ton, what does Iowa weigh?
Soon to join the "Pistol Club". Drinking beer till twelve and pistol dawn!
Thanks for your time! (JA)ck

Posted: Wed May 14, 2008 11:13 am
by RH
Just water and limbs here,the Tornado damage was s/w of me by a few miles. Thanks for asking.
And my apology,I did meet the Lee's with you guys that night .I know 4-5 guys that ran late model there and my younger brother worked at Posner and he helped a few teams so we always did a lot of visiting in the pits. I think Big Al or maybe you took some pics of me and bro with the Lees inside Raleys hauler that night.Small world.

Posted: Wed May 14, 2008 11:31 am
by Barb
Man, y'all are bringin' up some names from the past. I also grew up in the DC area and remember bits 'n pieces from the old days.

Swartz Bros Speed Shop was something. Went to a party at Tommy's once and his decor was maniquin's dressed in racing gear.

RH .. that crab joint .. wasn't it Capt. Phillips?

Posted: Wed May 14, 2008 6:54 pm
by RH
Miss Barb,

Phillips Seafood was kind of a swanky place up on Maine Ave waterfront in DC.
You might be thinking of Capt.Billys Crabhouse which has been on the Potomac near where Budds Creek Rd and 301 intersect for 50 years or so. Used to be the place to be as there weren't many places below Waldorf where you could have a drink down that way. Still there and going strong.

The place in Clinton was called Sams I believe and was near where Aquasco Rd came into 301.

Boy do I miss those great open nitro shows at Budds Creek :cry:

Crabs, bars, highway racing & Hurst

Posted: Wed May 14, 2008 11:23 pm
by Jack Redd
RH & Barb - Capt. Billy's was at Popes Creek. However when we went to Colonial Beach Dragstrip, we would naturlly take in the Beach Bar. Then traveling north or South of MIR, it was Aqualand owned by MIR co-owner Larry Clayton and his brothers until it burned down. Heck, how about Stone's across the road from th end of MIR. It could also be was the "Whistle Stop" at the railroad tracks south of Waldorf now a Chinese resturant. Or, we would make the "Stardust Inn" in Waldorf. Travelling north on 301 to the Crossroads Bar at Rt. 5 & 301. I knew a Barbara Ways in drag racing.
Speaking of RT. 301! After one of my fuel meets at Capitol Raceway Sat. nite we had a little get together at "The Gables". After leaving there for a fuel meet Sunday at Raceway Park Fred Forkner and Ray Marsh was going to have a drag race on 301 with trucks and loaded trailers. I was the flagman. The lined up and I gave them the go signal. Well, I forgot about the wide mirrors on the trucks. Talking about big eyes, I ducked just in time. It was a dead heat and almost an very injured me. Ray Marsh drove "The Rebel" dragster and was later fatality injured at Atco Dragway. Boy, his funeral is a story in itself! After the race, weall headed to Raceway Park (N.J.) On the way, while I was napping, Shardon Schwamp was driving my Mercury Comet when I heard the loud noise at my window. He had gone to sleep and was off the road. I yelled and grab the steering wheel and recovered the car. We arrived safely. Al "Super Jew" Friedman driving the Bruce Wheeler "Wheelr dealer" won by defeating Tom Raley in the Jim & Allison Lee's "Grat Expectations" Then onto "Cantore's"!
By the way, if you are ever in The Plains stop at the ex-Robert Duvall's Inn. Jim & Allison's daughter runs it now. Great crab cakes that the movie star was famous for, after all he was from the Eastern Shore.
Now for a funny story about George Hurst famous for the "shifter" and the "Jaws of Life". I was flying to Daytona for the "500" and the NASCAR Drag Races at Deland from the Las Vega SEMA show in 1967, after attending the Bakerfield March Meet. Courtesy of John Raffa of Car Craft Magazine. I arrived too late at Jacksonville to catch a plane to
Daytona. While sitting there dumb-founded, I hear a voice, "Jack what are you doing here"? It was Jack Duffy waiting to pick up George. I told him the deal and he said, "we have room come on, you can ride with us". Well, George drove with Leonard Tose (the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles and Hurst lawyer) in the front passenger side with Duffy and me in the back. Now in '67 the cell-or-car phones were not like they are today.
Mr. Hurst was trying to get someone on the car phone for about an hour.
Finally, after all of the confusing, he yelled "operater "f--- you"! She said, "Sir that is against FCC regulations, but not mine"! Boy, did we have a laugh!
Going to Ocean City Thursday for that big Car Show with Julio Marra. We are working on a drag racing deal for the little guy, like a "Bracket Racer Top Dog Meet. More later!
Hear about the Indian that drank all of the tea? Found him dead in his Teepee!
If Maine had no potatos, what would Idaho?
Here one for the kids. Germany got Hungry, took Turkey and dip it in Greece and broke China. Norway!!! C U later!!

Posted: Thu May 15, 2008 8:46 am
by Barb
Dang Jack!!!! Good memory

I emailed back and forth with Larry Clayton shortly after D.A.'s death. He's married, a dealer in one of the casino's in Vegas and still as nice as he ever was.

The "Stardust Inn" WOW! I can remember havin' a meal or 2 there after some of the Pro Stock shows. It was a riot .. Carlton Phillips, Roger Cook, WJ (before he became famous), Wally Booth and a few others.

The "Beach Bar" .. it's only down the road a piece .. LOL!

Hey Jack, do you remember when they usta run 4 at a time at MIR? Todd and Larry had some awesome shows back in the day. I would either work in the tower or et shack. On some nights, when they had big shows, I'd end up directing traffic .. it was like a mad house trying to get outta there.

Oh, for the good ol days :(

Posted: Thu May 15, 2008 9:06 am
by Gator
Great history Barb ( for such a young Lady)

Jack..Thanks for asking ( the weather)..Wow..Safe, but others got zapped.
BTW/ I think I've been JA approved since ( many moons ago ?), but, a re-cert. would be an honor......

8) 8) 8)

Sam Auxier,Rizzoli,Me...MIR on the 25th with Francis Butler..You?
The day before..Suffolk.....

Posted: Thu May 15, 2008 9:38 pm
by RH
The Stardust ,Rebs,The Wigwam (now a bakery) Lil'Reno,Reno & Monte Carlo at Colonial Beach Va.(but built out on piers so they were in Md waters) Aqua Land,Marshall Hall. All had slot machines at one time or another.Charles County Md used to be the "Sin City" of the east long before Atlantic City and Waldorf was a wide open town.