(JA) JAck Approved Decal (Flyers) Club

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Re: (JA) JAck Approved Decal (Flyers) Club

Postby Jack Redd » Tue May 24, 2011 11:34 pm

Thanks to my ole friend Bud DeBoer got some new members at the CHRR. They are; Mike
McCarthy, Pete Broadribb's D/Gasser, Wayne King's Doss-Claytom & King AA/FD.
Now more at Maple Grove Dragway and they are; Travis Renninger, Jose Rodriquez, Valerie
Boyd, Charlie Cabanas, Mark Moore, Jeffrey Moore, Ashly Babb, Shirley Moore, Scott Weney,
the Blond(i)e, Tonya & Lamont Wright, Joe Lepone Jr, (yes, the Joe hisself), Bob Bender's Racing
with Ken Robinson's D/SA 67 Camaro, Zach Treyo, Penny Bender, Brian Kuhn 41 Willy's, Ed
Ferandez's T/SA and Bob Bender's 144 O/SA, Carey Carpenter, Tina Cruz, Rick Green, Jenn
Harmony, Dale Walker and Dave Kurway.
Leaving the "Beer Garden", I met; Dave McCelland and his wife Louise (yes the great NHRA
announcer),George Weiler,, Fran Hampter, Deb Foder, Bruce Wilson,Susan Maylloyd, Alan
Knodle, Holly Tatreau, Carissa Krenlisky, Matt, Joe, Catie & John Shaff, Craig Eisenberger,
Brandi Snyder, Kristini Wittner, Mike Gerry, Joe Kaminski, great photographer Harold Hoch,
Wesley Wells, Janis Bolen, racer Troy Humphrey and the one and only "Fordman" Bob
Now thanks to Dale Broderick a trip to the (JA) Frank's Sports Bar in Oxon Hill, Md., (5-25)
and met the owners the Priviteri's, Frank Sr, & Mama and had some great Italian food with
Frank Jr. his wife Mary Priviteri, Dale, Pat Russell, Kenny Blaney, Dave Outten, Justin Sylev
Ronald Fulton, Marc Lyon and Brook Bittnev.
Time to break and there is alot more to come from Maple Grove and Md. Intl. Raceway

See how and when the JAck Approved Decal Flyers Club started on page 16 of "What's Up" and
scoll down to Welcome Jack Redd (JAck Approved)
May GOD Bless You & the USA!
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Re: (JA) JAck Approved Decal (Flyers) Club

Postby Jack Redd » Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:03 pm

It is great to have a site like this, isn't it? More members of the JA Flyers Club and they are as follows;
Jim Hawthorne, Bill Jennings, Bob Falie, Vicki Wydenowski, Chuck Joslin, Katrina Kaminski, Jacqueline
McCarthy, Scott "Lucky" Hudson, Diana-Mite, Bruce Barker, Mike Ross, Frank Steigerwald, David
Craig, Donnie Miller, Tom "Mr. Boston" Steed's AA/FD, Tom Snden Jr., Riley Sneden, Tim Pratt,
Gloria Cunningham, Todd & Austin Stanley, Mark Kessler, Al Loy, Bob Fain, Lee Sloppy,
Amanda Sloppy and Boyd Wylie.

Now here is a few from Bruce Larson's Barnfest (last year) that got lost & Found! Mike Putzak, Tim
Stoerr, Jim Mailiamer, Lou Costello, Teri Bayer, Catmira Gunther, George Al-Billeh, Miss Tori Hall
a future drag racer, Tom & Desiree Kristoff, Paul "Goldy" Gold, Harry & Thelma Hall, Mike Freiert, Ms.
Barb "Black Magic" Santucci, Jim Anderson, Betsy & Dave Thomas, Brigit McLain and Geri Lynn Tarvin.

Another list from Md. Intl. Raceway's for the JA Flyers Club and they are; Skeets Phillips and his
green "The Frog" '53 Studebaker and his "Balltimore Bandit" Mopar Funny Car, Tommy & Dave Vito & Ron
Jr., sons' of Ronnie Vito of Champion Automotive and owner of the blown- Chevy A/FD (yes single A)
1965 NASCAR Top Fuel Champion that was driven by Tom Raley, then cousin Mike Vito, Captain Ron
Bodman & his "American Flyer" dragster cause he is an American Airline pilot, Ferd "Milkman" Napfel,
Greg Sullivan's "Pandemonium V" formerly of Bob Sullivan fame funny car & his "Strip Teaser" A/FX
Mercury, Lavon Hawkins, Tom LaRoque son of the St. Marys, Budd's Creek, Md. Intl. Raceway builder-
Joe LaRoque, Al "Jetman" Hanna & his "Eastern Raider" jet car, Pat Estevez, David Hill, Calvin Starcher's
Corvette and his Slot Car Racing track in Hughesville, Md., on the way to MIR, William Marion, Jill
Canuso driver of the "Queen of Diamonds" Jet Car and her dad Mr. Canuso. While I was there at MIR
talking to Al Hanna a guy came over and said are you that guy that had them JA Decals way-back-when?
It was Dick Rosberg, remembering me over 35 years ago. I, JAck Approved him, his son and his jet car,
"The Fighting Irish"! RIP my ole friend, you were one of the BEST!
Jack Approved!

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Re: (JA) JAck Approved Decal (Flyers) Club

Postby Jack Redd » Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:05 pm

While at Maple Grove for the NHRA Toyo Nationals in October, celebrating my birthday and being
honored into the Maple Grove Dragway "Walk of Fame", there were a few more very interesting
drag racing people being inducted in to the JA Decal Flyers Club and they are; the NHRA President
Dallas Gardner and his wife Sandy, Vince Putt, Roger Richards, Ashley Broadwater, the Gwynn
family, Jerry, Darrell, Jon, Lisa, and Kotie; Carl & Jan Ruth, Wayne Ulman, Mike Gerry (who
builts' the Darrell Gwynn's electric dragsters), WFO Radio.com, Mark Moyer, Joe Costello, Greg
Whedbee, Sonic the Hedge Hog. Betsy & Dave Thomas, Neli Mahr, Villa Mahr, and the Bill Stiles
ladies - Della, Megan and Melissia.
Also retired NHRA announcer Dave McClelland and Steve "Hook" Gibbs.
Jack Approved!

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Re: (JA) JAck Approved Decal (Flyers) Club

Postby Jack Redd » Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:02 pm

Just trying to catch up a little on members of the JA Decal Flyers Club. A few nights at the
Craig "Whooppee" Hennigie Wednesday Night Dinner Club has Debbie (Teets) & Bob Rice, Carol
(Craig's sister)) & Wayne Evans, Tommy Latham and thanks to Mr. Kenny Blaney of Kenny's
Kar Kare Center on Tucker Rd., in Oxon Hill Md. for the trips each week to Frank's Sports
Bar & Grill in Oxon Hill, Md., Frank & Mary Ellen Privtera for great food and drinks. Friends of this
group include; Lina Privitera, Vince Manjella, Rich Shorty, Alex "Pizza Man" Lopez and Cutie Yanin.

Also Roxine H. at the Red Lobster in Camp Springs, Md. for great service and food.

Now from the MD. Intl. Raceway Legends races there are: Donna & Jeffrey Gaynon, The California
Mallicoat Racing Twins Gary & Jerry and their race car the AA 68 Cuda, Wolfman Jon, John Newton.
Ted Scott. Cindy Matsi, Stewart Barber, Announcer Bob Villwock, Rick Butterworth and Mr Dave Bishop.
Honoring there was Mr. Joe LaRoque who built the St. Mary's Dragway, later becoming Budd's Creek
Dragway and now Md. Intl. Racway was his family. There are; Alberta LaRoque (wife), sons Mike &
Tommy, daughters Donna & Rita and other members Donna Gardiner, Dale Gray, Kerry Gray, Al
Nosse, Betty Duley Smith, Donald Smith, Larry Duley, Marguenti Suite, Helene Gatton, Arnold Gatton,
and Donna Brown.

Others to join the decal club were: Charlie Hennige, Ed Railt, Chris Matters, Andy Marquis, Coretha Short,
Denise Marks and Mike Kainz.

While heading into E-Town Funny Car Reunion my son John and I met an ole friend, policeman Ted
Bongiovanni who has work there since the mid-60's. Then met Walt Frey, Cheryl Enos, Rich Hoerth,
George Johnson driver of Jim Wemett's funny car and Jim too. Then there was "Top Fuel Tony", Courtney
Emdt, old top fuel racer Roger Toth, Chris & Kista "Total Insanity" Masssarella, Janell Matney, Kristi Wynn,
Thomas Mirabile, Augustus Smith, Karissa Sarcone, Gale Morris, Brian Moody, Karen Shauley, Beverly
O'Malley, Steve Vallieres, Karen Boyle, Duane & Allie Beers and Kenny Flanagan, Joe "Green Hornet" Black,
And "Drag Racing Underground" & "Diane the Doc". & her "Blogs"! And the E-Town Raceway Park tower
and Press Room. Also the "Jungle Jim Nostalgia Texas Racing Team" of Henry Gutierrez.

There were bands there too. So the bands "Nurse Diesel" & Don Waller, "Purple K'nif" the "Heartless
Devils" with Scott Mirabella of Mirabella Guitars join the JA Decals Flyers Club too. By the way guys
thanks for the "The Heartless Devils" tee-shirt. One more in my collection. Will posted about my tee-shirt
collections on here some day. Even had a Catholic Priest Father Ed Aigner to verify it.

Now to finish out this site was meeting "Jungle Jon" Capps of the Henry's Texas "Jungle Jim"
Liberman Nostalgia Racing Team from Texas. "Jungle Jon'" is the brother of Ron Capps on the NHRA
Funny Car Circuit. He has already contacted Bill Pratt about appearing on "Racin' N Rockin"" Show.
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Re: (JA) JAck Approved Decal (Flyers) Club

Postby Jack Redd » Fri Aug 19, 2011 6:26 pm

I made a bunch of changes. See if you can find them! All for FUN!
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Re: (JA) JAck Approved Decal (Flyers) Club

Postby Jack Redd » Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:41 pm

Here we are as the drag racing season has come to a close. But, not the (JA) JAck Approved Decal Flyers Club.
At the Annual 50yr Old Dominion Dragway Reunion some new members are; Paul & Pam Balash's 1941
Willys Gasser, Rick & Terri Osburn's "38 Special" Chevy p/u gasser, Leonard Cornelius, Butch Manning,
Jeff Young, Kevin Clayton, Caroline Frantz, Carly Frantz, Ted Britt, Steve Britt, The Stewarts - Don, Steve,
Bruce & Ashley. Madison Gore & Ricky Gore, Walter Scott, Van Scott, Bobby Wilcher, Rich Shorty, Fletcher
Harrison Karen Turner, Delaney Klinker, Jerry Wilman and Danny Lenza.
New members to join from the NHRA Nationals at Maple Grove Dragway are; Bill Huneke of the Trenton Times,
Tom Stephenson, Greg & Ann Wheabee, Eric Pritchard, Dale Wheabee, Paula Pritchard, Brittiney Pritchard,
Brenna Pritchard, Karen Marberger, Hollie Ray-Bansher, Jason Logun, Benny Barker, Richard Grunett,
Matt Robinson, George Romaner, Richard Hawkins, Jules Roman, Russell Miller and Candida Benson of
National Dragster who put the action of the NHRA races on the NHRA Internet.
Now at Summerduck Dragway for the "Matt Stambaugh Memorial Race" and the new members that joined there
are; Charlie Overfelt, Jeff Moore "Mr. Ed's" grandson (Mr. Ed was a great old guy that raced pick-up Ford pick-up
trucks in he 60's), Ashley Babb, Al Loy, Doug Wood, Jeffrey Moore, David Roth, Jack Noppinger, Mary Ellen McKay,
John Youella, Deb Foose, Allison Hankins - the charming lil granddaughter of Hank Hankins the former operator
of Suffolk Dragway.
Then a trip down to the ECDTHOF in N.C., thanks to Bill Pratt . New sing-ups there are; Micheal Russell, JIm
Walther of AA/FD "Special Edition" & 72 NHRA World Top Fuel Champion, Mark Emery, Vicky Brown, Jerry & Pat
Baltes AA/F fame, John Blackwell, Jim Whetsell, John Warehime, Steve Zerber, Steve & Kay Moths and their
"Bad News" A/FX Mopar, and famous photographer Steve Reyes and his charming little daughter Emily Reyes.
A thank you goes to Larry Holland for supplying the drinks that Mr. H. Platt has given up! LOL
Up to Capitol Raceway for their "Annual Show 'N Go"!. New sign-ups there were; Dave Reitz of the famous
Bob Banning Dodge Racing Team, John Ware, and Anthony Jacobs grandson of Bill Baldwin the engineer
who built Capitol Raceway in 1962.
Now up North, but not to Alaska, but Bruce Larson's Barnfest. New members from there are; Eddie Luscavage's
40 Ford coupe, Jerry Hargey's FED (front engine dragster), E.J. Kowalski's Bonneville record holding Belly Tank
Lakester, 51 Ford D/Gasser "Agent Orange", lil ladies Jennifer & Cyrdi of Ken Kull's pit-crew and Ken's 41 Willys
A/GS pick-up,Bob Macinscuski, Pete Trumbauer, Howard Radtke's 56 Ford gasser, Judy McTarnaghan, the
Eastern Auto Racing Historial Society and the "Paddy Wagon" wheelstanding Chevy Vega panel wagon
(formerly owned by Bob Hall) of Alyson Kurtas.
What a great year and thank you all for being part of drag racing and being (JA) JAck Approved.
GOD Bless you all and have a good winter.
Group please join and support the f0llowing associations and groups:
RacersReunion.com (includes all types of racing)
Jack Approved!

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Re: (JA) JAck Approved Decal (Flyers) Club

Postby Jack Redd » Sat Jan 05, 2013 6:39 pm

What a year 2012 was in drag racing. Thanks to Bill Pratt, Bob Wilberger, and my son John Redd
for trips to the NEW Capitol Raceway, Eastern Museum of Motor Racing,, E-Town Raceway Park,
Maple Grove Dragway, Md. Intl. Raceway, Old Dominion Dragway and York US 30 Reunion.
Also a special thanks to Bob Wilberger (Capitol), Lynn Paxton & Darwin Doll & their volunteers (EMMR),
Walter Frey & Vincent "Maplewood" Mele (E-Town), Lex Dudas & Kathy Musser-Phillips (Maple Grove),
Dave Outten & Royce Miller (MIR), Gary Gore(ODS), and Darwin Doll and his group (York) for
making my trips special.

Now for a new group of the (JA) JAck Approved Decal Flyers Club members and they are;
PattyKay "Lady In Redd" Lilley, "Legend Tim" Leeming, Devin "Redd Drummer Girl" Alexander,
Patsy "Redd Neck Girl" Thompkins-Keisler, Jr.Legend Cody Dinsmore, Margaret Frank and
John Spradlin -all members in the StockRacersReunion site.

A special thanks to Jeff Gilder, the "MAN" that started StockRacersReunion.com & the DragRacers
Reunion.com and Kirstin Lebert a "Real Estate lLady"!
Doug Boyce & his new "Junior Stock" book, Joe Black's "Green Hornet" A/FX Mopar, Buddy
& Chuck Stolze owners of the famous S & S Parts Co. Race Teams, Julie Braskett model & member of
the Braskett & Burgin Funny Car Team, Willie & Barbara Lee of the "Quartermasters" Drag Racing
Club, Kyle Keck's Foundation, Eddie Buck's Eureka Signs, Brett Johnson & his "Dyno-Motion" Camaro,
Joe Boggs & Marty Harrison & the restored "Hundley & Boggs" AA/FD, photographer Todd Dziadosz,
Steve Robertson & his custom 37 Ford 2-dr., Geoff Satek's Pontiac Tempest "Skyler", the group at
SpeedSceneLive.com - Lucky Hudson, Diana-Mite, Bruce Barker, Lynn Layton & Bob Beck,
Check SpeedSceneLive out on Tuesday nights at 9 PM and special thanks to Thomas Nichols an artist
from Maryland for his great "Rt. 66" picture that I won last year on SpeedSceneLive.com.
and Kim McKean's "Agent Orange" Funny Car (thanks for the t-shirt Kim). By the way, all sales
of Kim's souvenirs got to a "Viet Nam Wounded Soldiers Foundation". Thanks Kim!,
midget & sports car racer Leon Mandelson, Rocky Pirrone & crew, Steve Musser, Bernie & Bryon
Durham (Malcolm Durham's sons), and Tom & Barbara Barnhill & the "Brougher & Reese" AA/FD.
Tom & Barb also do animal rescues of all types.

Now some more of great people that I met this year at the above listed meets that I attended.
There are; Al Watson, Rahine Moaser, Todd Milshem, John Spraden, Jerry Jeitner, Jim Senkenwitz,
John Hodgnish, Lisa Rustterholz, Roger Mitchon Jr., John Spradlin, Ginger Alcott ,Lester Howell,
Marlin Heller, Meon Dlep, Fletcher Harrison, Kipp Hanley, Steve Filins, Rich Shorty, Linda Calone,
Mary Ann Borne, Vincent Vordrain, Meredith Larson, Butch Mori, Frank Dawson, Donnie Baleman,
Jim Kerr, Amanda Panicaro, Gllenda & George Worthley, Michael Jennings, Joe Dred, Ron Folks,
Larry Wozeckowski, Breone McCabe, Lonnie Tones, Tom Larson, Jan Stiety, Bamdie Wolf,
Josik Swisher, Ken Sterling, Rudy Spriers, Kathleen Brown, Marie Norman, John Rodgers,
Lewis Fleming, Marc Lyon, Anna McMachon, Bobby Wilcher, Dottie Plummer, Dawn Crowe,
Allan Crowe, Jennifer Crowe, Leon Cooper, Falon Smith, Lou Costelli, Tina & Artie Kitcher,
Rob Kitcher and Ross & Jerry Gilbert (Jerry the former Miss York & York Trophy girl).
And Shan Coughlin of The Golf Director.com another Jeff Gilder site.

It was great seeing you all this past year and looking forward to seeing you again this year.
Once again "THANK YOU" ALL for being part of the (JA) JAck Approved Decal Flyers (& FUN) Club
and Bill Pratt for this site

Please JOIN & SUPPORT the following:
BestofTimesNostalgia DragRacingAssociation.com
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Re: (JA) JAck Approved Decal (Flyers) Club

Postby draglist » Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:27 pm

Great post, Jack! Looking forward to seeing you at some of these events! bp
Bill Pratt
Draglist.com - Crowdsourced drag racing history.
Headlines and Results: http://www.draglist.com/
Drag Lists: http://www.draglist.com/draglist/draglist.php

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Re: (JA) JAck Approved Decal (Flyers) Club

Postby Jack Redd » Tue Jul 30, 2013 12:08 am

Starting with the Annual Eastern Motor Museum of Racing in York Springs, Penna.,. There I met Susan Jenkins, the daughter of Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins. Also Bobby Schlegal of "Hellapoppin" fame with his buddy Bill Russell, Charlie Reinhardt of the Jenkins Competition "Black Arrow" Mopar, Raymond Carter and Reggie Murphy.
Then it was some car shows in the D.C., area, thanks to Nick & Kimberly DeGren (check them out on Facebook) we started with the Davidisonville Fire Dept. Show near Capitol Raceway. One of the clubs there was the Hi-Rollers and member Bobby Wilcher's '39 Chevy and his buddy Charlie Driver. After the show we head to Crazy Otto's Sporty Saloon in Gambrills, Md., for refreshments. There is where I met Redd's Apple Beer.
The next week was car show in Bowie, Md., at Glory Days Grill & Bar. I was surprised by seeing and old friend Patricia Vaughn, whose
Dad, Tom Lane raced at the Indy 500 and was a race promoter in the 40's in Washington, D.C. Tom & Frank Lane promoter indoor
midget racing at Uline Arena in Washington, D.C. They also raced on the "Board" track located in Laurel, Md., in the 1920's. Also joiniung the club there were; Cody Siddons, Spider Thomas, Lustin Lippell, Harriette Lowery and Sam Martin.
On to York with Bill Pratt for the big York Musclecar Madness Show. Join the decal club there were; Doug Doll Jr., the youngest NHRA Nationals Eliminator at 18; "Gentleman Joe Schubeck, GiGi Carleton of the Petersen Magazine Group, Dave Reininger and larry O"Donohue,
Jene Raley, Judy Freels, Eddie Careccia, Ken Sodano ad his '57 "Maddman" race car, Dave Wholey of the old Wholey & Starr AA/FD,
Ken & Scott Montgomery (grandsons of Mr. 555 Ken Montgomery) Jackie West, Ed Hoffman's "Barely Legal" street driven gasser, John Ramble, Shawn Sheas , Owen O'Hare, Bill Warburton Jr., and David Marsh, son of Ray Marsh a AA/FD driver back in the day.
A little overseas trip for the decals had my ole buddy Drake Viscome tripping to Sweden and Denmark to hook-up the Euro Top Fuel Champ Rune Fjild and the Denmark/Anderson Family Fleet of Julie & Thomas Nataas dragsters.
For the Racersreunion.com site we have the Shag City USA, The Golf Director, (which without Jeff Gilder those sites we would not enjoy) Shan Coughlin, Devin Alexander Patsy Thompkins-Keisler and Ms. PattyKay Lilley. Also the site Race Fans Forever.com.
By the way, lookout soon for the JA Bob McClurgs' (JA) book on Tasca Ford and their racing history.
Jack Approved!

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Re: (JA) JAck Approved Decal (Flyers) Club

Postby Jack Redd » Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:07 pm

Some old re(JA) JAck Approved Decal Flyer Club member and more new ones. Thanks to Dale Broderick, Ellen Mcauliffe and Bill Pratt
for the trips to the Aquasco Speedway Reunion at the Brandywine Fire Dept., in Brandywine, Md. Also the Mr. & Mrs. "Mort" Morton " get-to-gather" at the Texas Ribs & BBQ Restaurant in Clinton, Md. The Old Dominion Dragway 60 years of Cars & Stars at the Colonial Beach Dragway in Colonial Beach, Virginia and the "Legends" at Maryland International Raceway in Budd's Creek, Maryland.
At Texas Ribs were newbees Dave Rohls and Linda Zuromski; at at Brandywine FD were Mike Lantz, George able, Diane Daniels, Hopalong Chessie and oldie member re-upped Marco DeCesaris and his Mopar SS/AA.
Then down to the "Beach" and joining were; Joe & Lisa Young, Steve Fillius, John Van Horn, Ray Sandy, Mary Foscato, Kayia Jordan, Amanda Bell, Ahniya Chase, Jack Varlaich, Jon Van Harn, Adrian Hankins and R.R. Hankins '58 Cadillac.
Then on down to MIR with re-ups Dave Reitz, Tom Sneden, Bob Banning Jr., Tom & Mike Reitz and their Bob Banning Dodges. Others are; Joe & Kathy Atwell, Erin Rush, Cindy D'Carlo, Cindy Monroe, Steve Fellner, Dan Fellner, Dave Bishop, Martya's Bag Works, Mike LaRoque & his Mikes Custom Truck Accessories (Mike's Dad - Joe built the track in 1965 and opened in 1966); Tom Stephens and his son Tim who was helping Arnie Beswick AND Arnie "The Farmer" Beswick and his "Tiger" Pontiac!
Also new members are; Ole Skool RODZ Magazine, Geno DiPoi, Jeanne Linke and the Linke Racing Family and one of the guys on the Racersreunion.com "Goat Rodeo" (Stock Car) radio show every Tuesday night Hugh Overcash.
Hope to see you at the NEW Capitol Raceway Nostaglia Drags & Car Show & Funny Car Meet on October 12th.
Thanks to Drake "Vindicator" Viscome and his sons Greg and Drake for joining the JA Decal Club.
Jack Approved!

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