NHRA's big problem

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Postby overdriv » Sun Sep 13, 2009 12:26 am

I know it's been going on since the '60s 'cause that's when I saw it first! You know what made me madder than anything? Mike Dunn. That was just too much mouth on NATIONAL TV. He should have kept his opinion to himself. His job is to tell what is going on, not tell everyone how pissed he was because he 'thought' someone did something wrong. He could have discussed this anywhere later or OFF TV, but I really think he went about in the wrong way.

No change in pairings...things are confusing enough for the fans, let's don't make it any worse! It truly is a NON-issue since it was a battle for 10 and 11. Don't you think emotions are getting quite stressed since they're coming up on the end of the year and it means so much money to so many people? There's more than one bunch of cry-babies out there!

As far as sponsorships are concerned, hey, that's the name of the game. If they don't have them, they don't race. Just because Force has busted his ass to have more sponsors than anyone else or more cars than anyone else doesn't mean he's any better winner or loser. That whole team has had a rough few years, this year it's their cars that have been giving them the problems. Anyway, I'm not saying any of it was right or wrong, so why is everyone carrying on the way they are? You cannot police it and no one in NHRA is going to go up against any sponsor who may eventually be an event sponsor or major sponsor in the future. If you looked at the tapes, how would you ever prove anyone did anything wrong? Good grief folks, ain't there more important things to argue about????

All the years I did Quick Times Racing News, one of the things I kept on everyone about...racers and race tracks alike...was THANKING their sponsors and getting them as much attention as they could every chance they had. Maybe that's why so many grass roots racers don't get good sponsorships...they just don't understand the concept. That's what they're doing and every time I see it, I say, "Way to go." If you want sponsors, you have to do something for them, they aren't going to GIVE you anything! Maybe that's why so many racers DON'T have them!

I'm sure NHRA is NOT going to do anything about changing the rules because they can't afford to lose the cars OR their teams' sponsors. If you say there can only be one Force car in funny car, there would be some mighty slim shows in some places. Besides, the fans love Force. Everyone has their favorite, but his mouth sure has done a lot for this sport. And not only his mouth, but all the other things he's done. I just don't think NHRA is going to sh*t in their own back yard over this one! Becky White...STILL drag racing's most dedicated fan!
Do you understand the significance between 10th and 11th place at the US Nationals?

What if someone, say, JFR came out next year with a 8 car team. There would be a high probability that all 8 could qualify for the same race. Would that still be ok for the sport? What if he had 12, 16 cars?
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Postby WildcatOne » Sun Sep 13, 2009 3:30 am

I found this interesting. Cheers, WC1

http://www.competitionplus.com/index.ph ... 7&Itemid=6
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Postby Greg Green » Sun Sep 13, 2009 12:26 pm

I'm really mixed when it comes to this stuff. Here are some thoughts.

Does taking a dive happen? Yup
Has it happened in the past? Yup
Will it continue? Yup
Is NHRA catering to the "old time fans"? Nope

What I've seen in the pro area is NHRA is wanting to cater to the new fans in order to bring the new fan into the fold of current spectator. Let's face it, there are more people that don't watch/go to NHRA events than there are that do. It is in this area that I think NHRA wants to head. We all have our dreams of what it should be, and remember what it was like. NHRA right or wrong has chosen a different direction in order to create something for the casual fan, or to draw in the new fans.

This is the first year since I can't remember when that I didn't go to a National Event. However, I have gone to about 8-10 Nostalgia events. I just enjoy that so much more, but that's just me. Of course, working on a Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car, and being around people on the weekends like Rapid, Danny, Seth, Harry, and Rich is just what I call a good time and more like the old drag racing. Not to mention getting to burn a whole lot of Nitro..lol Even the little ride stealer is getting to be a Nitro Snob, as he has gone to every event with me this year. It's just a lot of fun for us, and I get to share one of my passions with my 13 year old. That to me is priceless.

Becky White
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Postby Becky White » Sun Sep 13, 2009 10:30 pm

Hmmmmm...let's see if this is more understandable...what is the difference between taking a dive and splitting the purse? Have any of you EVER said, "I'll let you win since you're running for the points if we split the purse equally!" Have any of you EVER split the purse with someone who would lose to you because YOU were running for the points?

Yes I understand the significance of the difference between 10 and 11 at the U.S. Nationals, especially since they were in the countdown to the championship. Becky White...STILL drag racing's most dedicated fan.

(However, NHRA is the FIRST to say they are NO longer a racing organization, they are a MARKETING organization...I got told that many years ago when the management of NHRA was changing and Jim Teller is the person who said that to me the first time I heard it! I've heard it many times since. They ARE trying to cater to the NEW fans, if they don't, they don't stay in business!)[/url]
Becky White
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Postby Solid Rock » Sun Sep 13, 2009 11:03 pm

Very well put, Becky.
It's good to see you posting on here. Hope all is well with you.
Thank you for your support way back when I was running the Midwest Funny Car Association. It was, and still is appreciated.
Rocky Ausec

I have to wonder how many of these folks that are all worked up with what happened at Indy last week remember the great old match race days of the 60's and 70's. Many of those events were predetermined.

While I was never a great fan of NHRA, the countdown has really dampened any enthusiasm I had for their show.
I read all this stuff about the fans being cheated by what Force did, but IMO, the NHRA is cheating everyone involved in the sport with the countdown, racers, fans and sponsors.
Crowning anyone a season champion beside the person who has the most round/race wins is a farce.

I find it really ridiculous for Tony Pedragon to say the things he did about JFR and their tactics when it was OK when he benefited from those very same tactics when he got his first championship.

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Bret Kepner
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Postby Bret Kepner » Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:49 am

Does taking a dive happen? Yup
Has it happened in the past? Yup
Will it continue? Yup
Is NHRA catering to the "old time fans"? Nope
...and that's all there is to it, folks.

As I pointed out, I stay out of ethics debates. I was only addressing the fact that it was nothing new.

In the eyes of many, the worst dive ever was the 1971 NHRA Summernationals Stock Eliminator final round and, quite frankly, it was the epitome of an intentional loss.

Let's see if anybody remembers THAT one. :lol:

To Overdriv: I did not work for Diamond P's NHRA broadcasts.
Bret Kepner
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

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Solid Rock
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Postby Solid Rock » Mon Sep 14, 2009 6:14 am

Brett, I'm gonna take a guess on the 1971 Stock Eliminator final round at the NHRA Summernationals and say it was Dave and Judy Boertman.[sp]

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Postby draglist » Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:10 am

Well, you nailed the spelling, Rocky... now I'm waiting to see if it's right! bp
Bill Pratt
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Postby bandit » Mon Sep 14, 2009 11:32 am

The worst dive in my eyes was Minor vs Beck! And it didn't even work

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Postby Solid Rock » Mon Sep 14, 2009 3:01 pm

I remember that one also, bandit. Gheeeeesh, I must be old!!!!

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