Another Nice Day

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animal jim
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Another Nice Day

Postby animal jim » Sun Apr 08, 2012 12:28 pm

:D What a spring--and winter for that matter. At least here in the Midwest. :wink: I have been busy and unable to contrib to this site lately.

We had ETI two weeks ago at 66 Dragway in Joliet, IL. (They call it a Raceway :?: :roll: It is a damn dragstrip :!: call it a dragway folks :!: :roll:

8) I am again doing tech-for 9th year. Somehow I have managed to maintain my SFI certification for all those years. To stay SFI legal have to take a test and attend a seminar in Indy every two years. This last in Dec. test I scored 40 for 40. :D If you miss 5-you fail! So I still have my SFI certification 389S. S is for silver. There are 3 standards. Bronze--Silver and Gold. I am happey with a silver. :wink:

8) We open April 14th. with Test and Tune. It is a daytime event. I will need to leave at 3 PM to get home 91 miles back to Lacon to pick up Linda and put on my Don Bohlander shirt and head to Peoria Speedway 35 miles SW for the annual Don Bohlander Parkison Benifit Race. (Linda loves Stock Car racing-in fact she loves ALL Racing.) 8) For those that are short dirt track
un-versed-my friend and dirt track hero , who is still kicking , Don Bohlander was the winningest Late Model racer and multi champion of all time. He is also a victim of Parkinsons. I watched him win races since the early 60s. He was awesome. Se www,animaljim click on AJ and Friends Hot Rides. First picture is of Don in middle me to his left and his sonilaw and my friend Chuck Fleming. Taken at last years Parkinson event.
The UP touring late models will mix it up Sat. night with our locals for $5,000 for a 50 lap feature. I am sponsoring a lap. Lap 17. That is my birthday date. In Feb. Also Chris the 66 DRAGWAY manager hit 17 on roulette once back a couple years ago on my advise. The odds 38 to 1. He bet $30. My reward was many shots of the best Taquila the Mexican joint we later celebrated at inventoried! I wish I would have maxed my $100,000 line of Lacon First National bank credit on that bet! :D
It has been quite a ride!

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Re: Another Nice Day

Postby draglist » Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:05 pm

Happy Spring, Jim! We are glad to get you as often as we can! I know you are super busy with your customers and other duties. Thanks for the great update! bp
Bill Pratt

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