From Animal Jim--my E-mail is down for a bit.

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From Animal Jim--my E-mail is down for a bit.

Postby animal jim » Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:21 am

:? My old shop computor updated and rebooted itself to obscurity! :o :lol: I came from lunch the other day and caught it finishing a reboot :?: :roll: Since then I have not been able to connect to the internet. my is not active at this time. I called CenturyTel , my provider and they saw my modem was old and sent a service man. He checked it all out and hooked up his laptop. No problem. He got right on. Not the modem. the provider sent me a new one anyway :?: :?: :lol: 8)

:? So then it was time for my wyz kid. He has had my PC since Sunday but not lot of time as he is a college student. He called last night and tells me he is baffled why my PC will not connect. Scary sh*t! That is what he majored in! :shock: :cry: usually he has my problems solved in hours. :?

Right now, I am using one of the Lacon Libraries old PCs they gave me to use in my shop so I can order parts and do research for my customers. I do get more work done without my e-mail active. :roll: :lol:

If anyone needs to get hold of me ==my home e-mail is my shop phone is 309-246-8556 my cell is 309-238-8556. I have a new cell that takes pics. now I am up with all the yupps :D :!: perhaps I will take a picture of my disabled PC :lol:
It has been quite a ride!
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Re: From Animal Jim--my E-mail is down for a bit.

Postby draglist » Fri Apr 20, 2012 6:50 pm

It sounds like one of the recent updates that Windows pushed is screwing you up. I can't talk... because my PC has been limping along for the last month and I'm only 'JUST' keeping it alive... bp
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