Garrett Bateman Racing Rockabilly Reunion

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Garrett Bateman Racing Rockabilly Reunion

Postby F/C Girl » Thu May 26, 2011 2:36 pm

Garrett Bateman Debuts “Nitro Pirate” Funny Car at Rockabilly Reunion in Vegas

Las Vegas, Nv. -- 2009 NHRA Heritage series Nostalgia Funny Car Champion Garrett Bateman has been named driver of the new “Nitro Pirate” Corvette Nostalgia Fuel Funny Car owned by Les Leggitt. The teams first event is Memorial Day weekend at the Rockabilly Reunion at The Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bateman carries multiple racing licenses including an NHRA Top Alcohol A/Fuel Dragster license and he also earned his class A License at Bonneville last October while setting a new land speed record in AA/BGC at 222.768 mph in a full bodied1967 Barracuda.

“Last year when I met legend Les Leggitt at the Salt Flats” said Bateman, “we hit it off very well. Les is a legend within the land speed record world and holds multiple speed records at both Bonneville and El Mirage. We both share the same drive and desire for success and he is a person that will spare no expense for a top notch car and team.

“Les has spent hours and hours doing homework to come up with the right combination of people, parts and brain trust. I know we will succeed.

“Additionally, we have the support of two great marketing partners. We welcome to our family Pure Vision and Clean Boost Performance Oils. With Steve Strope of Pure Vision on board along with Jim LeClaire (Marketing Manager) with Clean Boost Performance Oils, we have the makings of very good things to come for our team."

Steve Strope, founder of Pure Vision, is a current, world renowned custom car builder with a style all his own. Pure Vision cars have appeared in numerous magazines, TV shows, and major motion pictures.

Clean Boost 70W Racing Oil is specifically blended for nitro-methane and methanol fuel burning engine applications.
Additional, it is designed to treat and protect the internal moving parts of an engine, reduce friction, reduce operating
temperatures and create a better film strength for longevity of parts.

For more information on Pure Vision please log on to:

For more information on Clean Boost Performance Racing Oil, please log on to:
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