Inaugural Nationals This Summer!

The Draglist Super Crew shares friendship and racing every year in a different town and at a different race track! Here are stories and plans for Draglist Nats past, present, and future!
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Inaugural Nationals This Summer!

Postby draglist » Thu Feb 23, 2006 8:51 pm

Inaugural Nationals This Summer!

By “Rapid Randy” Baker

Everyone is invited! We are planning on having the DRAG LIST NATIONALS on July 14 and 15, 2006. It will be an event where all the Drag List members get together and hang out for a weekend.

WHERE: Here in the Midwest! It will be held at Eddyville Raceway Park in Eddyville, Iowa. Check out the website at

If you can't bring your racecar this far, come anyway and be part of the happening! I have also heard of other people racing rental cars. (Not that we would EVER condone that!)

The Nationals will be more of a "happening" than an actual drag race event. It's more like a big get together for the Draglist gang and whoever else wants to come out to play. It is going to be on a day when Eddyville is having a regular bracket program. If anyone wants to enter the bracket class, they sure could. We are thinking maybe we would all go to the line together, and watch each other make a pass however many times everyone felt like it. Cars like Randy Baker and Rocky Ausec's blown altereds will need more service work, so we wouldn't run as many times as the more bracket like cars.

Please let me know if you will come and what kind of car you are bringing. All styles and types of cars are welcome. Those who are bringing your cars, PLEASE make sure your car will pass tech! Our tracks here in the Midwest are VERY strict on that! Eddyville is an IHRA track.

(It would ruin someone’s day if they towed clear out here and couldn't pass tech.)

Email me at:
Work email:
Home email:

There is camping right at the track, motor home, tent whatever you have. A motel is about 15 minutes from the track.

We will have a block of rooms there for whoever needs them. The motel is Comfort Inn in Oskaloosa. The phone number is 641-672-0375. You MUST mention Eddyville Raceway Park to get the discount. You can call anytime to reserve your own rooms. The rate is $59.00 bucks a night. I am going to be staying here, as well as Bill Pratt and family, and others. The hotel said they will ask you how many are staying in the room, but the charges don't go up no matter how many stay in one room. They have an indoor pool and whirlpool. The rooms all have a refrigerator in them. They also serve a continental breakfast every morning.

We can arrive Friday night. Our deal is $25.00 for our racer entry fee on Saturday. We will all pit together. We can basically do what we want to with the track from noon until 6:00 p.m. If you want to, you can enter the bracket races. I believe the entry fee varies by class. We are welcome to have our guys play music, have a picnic, whatever. Bill Pratt will have tower/microphone duty. If you’re not racing, Eddyville has generously set the entry fee at only $5.00 per person.

Bill Pratt had the following stream of consciousness on how the event might run. We will get things finalized as we get closer, but here are some of Bill’s ideas:

It would be cool to go up there as a Drag-List group and run our cars together. We can arrange ourselves however we want to if somebody wants to race a particular other draglist member. We wouldn't want to be in the position of us having to rent the track (covered!) but on the other hand, we will have to have our group together so that we can do our thing without interfering with the local bracket racers and their regular deal.

I thought that we would run time runs however we wanted to line up (as time runs go on with the bracket cars, too). Then we would all be ready later on for our big, bad ONE ROUND ELIMINATIONS where, based on previous runs, we line up every car with its closest competitor, from the slowest to the quickest. The final might be Randy vs. Rocky, or Rocky vs. Animal, or... who will be the baddest?

I foresee a major picnic type lunch, depending on how close the local stores are... maybe a potluck deal where we all bring something... might talk Wildcat1 and our other musical members into bringing some instruments and having a big impromptu karaoke party.

It would be fun to do something like a hot dog race, where you need to eat a hot dog and a coke before you can even get in your car and take off... but, I don't think that would probably work within the track's schedule for their bracket program...

Definitely need to have t-shirts available. Definitely need to have a huge group photo. Of course, once we get an idea who's bringing a race car, I'll want to get info on each car and driver so I can do appropriate color commentary in the tower... it will be just like a good old match race with each guy or gal having their nicknames, trash talking over the PA, etc. Did it for match racers for 15 years at MIR and our team will get the same treatment...

Just some of the things I'm thinking of off the top of my head. We ALSO need to think about off-track activities... depending on when everybody gets in. We need to take over a local restaurant the night before... or other ideas? Anybody else have any other good ideas?

Back to Randy: We told him we would want a big group shot, and to come run as our own class as far as track time. We will get our own color of run cards, so these are covered.

Ok, one other thing: I am going to tell you guys the only down side as I see it. Eddyville is in Southern Iowa. There is NO NIGHTLIFE, as BP was talking about. We would have to just get our own drinks, beer, whatever and sit around at the track for our evening fun. To me, this isn't a down side, but I wanted to bring it up. I am sure there are a few bars in Osky, a town 5 miles from the track where the motel is, but it would be a small town bar, not a nightclub type deal.

The other one is, you can fly into DSM airport, and I have an Enterprise Rental car connection for whoever needs it. In Des Moines, you are about 1.5 hours from the track. If you fly into Kansas City, I am guessing, but you would be probably 2 hours away driving time.

I am thinking of everybody arriving Friday sometime, and hanging out at the track Friday and Saturday through the night. I verified we can all move in on Friday during the day. Just pay the Saturday charges at that time. No additional charges for coming in the gate on Friday.

The place has nice restrooms, and looks more like a park than a racetrack. Nice concession stands. Bring your horsepower tune-up, this track will have the best hook that you probably will get to run on!

Another idea I had about the up and coming Draglist Nationals is this: If each member could bring a history describing their racing background and who influenced them, Mom & Dad, Garlits, Dr. Jim. Add to this any photographs of their old cars plus memorabilia like time slips, car club jackets, scrapbooks, etc. This would enhance the bench racing or allow us to check the validity of the lies... er, I mean stories, we will be discussing.

This is a collection and overview of the ideas from the DragList Nationals thread on the Computer Magic message board HERE. It has input pulled from all the Drag List members. We will be updating this post as additional ideas present themselves.

This thread is going to be locked so it can stay as an easy reference point for information.

Please see the thread "Draglist Nats Roll Call" thread here:

to add your name if you will be attending and to add a description of your car.

See you in EDDYVILLE!

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