not gonna make the DLN again!!

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Re: not gonna make the DLN again!!

Postby Big Erik » Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:42 pm

well got it apart last night, just as suspected the ring and pinion are completely shredded took all the teeth off the pinion and half off the ring gear...some of that was probably done gettin it back to the pits ....but i also found both sealed hub bearings are really rough, and iknew the rotors need replacing so thats all gettin fixed and i am also gonna redo the shock mounts correctly it has trick billet four link brackets on it and had billet shock mounts, well when we built it the car was too low and the fix was i made some steel mounts out of some old crappy shock mounts i had and they work but they always scared me a little so with it all apart i can redrill the brackets and put the billet ones back on ..still not gonna have all the parts in time to make it out this weekend but it'll be better than it was before gonna also put more gear in it and see if it'll run harder down low......hell it may pick up a little because of the new bearings!! it always had a "noise" in it that i blamed on the wheels....i think it was the bearings all this time.......why one never failed i dunno??.......I am lucky in that respect anyway......ERIK
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