The Eddyville Pit Stop

The Draglist Super Crew shares friendship and racing every year in a different town and at a different race track! Here are stories and plans for Draglist Nats past, present, and future!
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Re: The Eddyville Pit Stop

Postby Gator » Wed Jul 19, 2006 6:22 pm

With a lot of talk about how cool the cars were and their performance, I'd like to say how really cool it was to meet other DragList members. Gary (Pro70z28) and his wife Cheryl offered me a ride and made sure I was all set to go. It was one of those things that happens again and again. I feel as I've know these folks for years!! 8) Jerry and Cheryl..Always a pleasure to hang with these folks. I am upset I didn't get a rum and coke :cry: Catman!! I met Catman! Much better in person, Like Mike's 60 Chevy! Novel-T Boyd!! What a great guy! Cool stories and a great little scrapbook! Al, Booton, Norb and Bonnie Locke All of Lippys' family I wish I could've talked with you folks more. Maybe we should have DragList week.. :shock: I'm not sure how any of this would've happened without the Bakers and Pratts!! I would have starved if not for Barb!! :P
Thanks everyone. I know I have left some folks out, But I'll add you as my pea like brain let's me.

Then there's Billy Mac!! Are you home yet!???? :?

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