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Looking for Dads old Corvette A/FC (MR KIM)

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 1:50 am
by kimshaidy
Looking for my Dads candy Blue 1965 Corvette topless Funny Car.The car was campained as MR KIM, an A/FC,injected gas circa 1968-1970 solely in So. Cal. The chassis was gas welded from 4130 1/8 inch round tubing. The rear suspension was Olds/Pont.hand made torsion bar 4 link. The front was transverse leaf/wishbone. The engine sat in the pass. area. Last powered by cast BBC and clutchflite or TH400. The body was constructed from several Corvette bodies and leghthend about 8 inches.I think the car went to Canada in the early 70's. Any info. would be greatly apreciated. 626-945-1666 (There is a pic on Drag list under A F/C Victor Kim Los Angeles 1969)[img][img] ... Ditty_.jpg[/img]
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Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2007 10:36 pm
by draglist
Cool car... good luck in finding it. bp

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 8:55 am
by B Duke
I recall your dads car quite well, having seen it run at Irwindale. He was part of the Southern California injected gas funny car circuit. I even had a magazine, American Rodder I think, that featured an in depth article on the car, where it was quoted to have run mid nines at 145 plus. He was one of the few drag racers of the time that was of Korean descent. I have several old Drag News CD's and will attempt to locate the 2nd owner. I recall seeing it being offered for sale in the back of drag news about late 1969. Shortly afterward, a simialr looking car made a presence on the east coast, albeit sans any lettering. It was constructed in the same manner as your dads, in that it was tubed framed, injected and featured off set driver compartment and painted candy blue! I will make pursuance and attempt to locate any additional info

Corvette info.

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 11:07 am
by kimshaidy
Thanks for the information with any luck maybe we'll find this car.

Mr Kim Corvette

Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 12:17 pm
by kimshaidy
In the early seventies the car was purchased by Lou Roundpoint from Anaheim Ca. this is my only lead.

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 9:53 am
by B Duke
And what about your dad? What was history racing wise? Did he have another car before and/or after the Vette roadster?

Mr Kim Corvette

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 11:04 am
by kimshaidy
My dads previous car was a Red 1963 Corvette B/SP raced back in'63-'65. I've seen E/T slips of 11.40-11.60 and about 30 trophies from various So. Cal. venues. It was the west coast AHRA record holder, a tenth slower than the Magenta 289 Cobra in the NHRA. He now is currently racing AMA Pro hillclimb events,carrying the #1 plate in the senior division. This year he is hoping to win at the Widowmaker on a 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa at the age of 68.

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 11:36 am
by B Duke
That "magenta Cobra" that you speak of was none other then east coast funny car legend, Bruce Larson. As for his hill climbing escapades, I tip my hat. Been riding dirt bikes myself since 1971. I hope to be lugging myself around the trails and tracks when I am 68! I saw your dads car at Irwindale several times. I had a neighbor who raced a jr fueler. The promoters would often book the jr fulers and inj gas funnys together. The AHRA instituted the inj gas class in 68. It was regionally popular, with a healthy following in the Northeast and West coast. The east coast cars were mostly 426 Hemi powered cars, with the exception of the Gapp and Roush Cougar/Mustang. West coast guys seemed to favor the BB Chevy. Let us know of your dads success witht he AMA hill climb record effort

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 11:57 am
by draglist
Thanks for the great thread, guys. Super memories of your dad, kimshaidy, and of course, it gives our resident SoCal racing EXPERT Bill Duke a chance to tell us all some more great stuff from the good old days. bp

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 12:58 pm
by jim sanders
yes very interesting thread 8)