Vallco Drag Racing Game

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Vallco Drag Racing Game

Postby Grabber1 » Tue May 22, 2007 7:00 pm

Every decade or so I clean out my closet looking for some long lost gem. Last night I came across Greg Zyla's drag racing board game from the mid 70's. I have the cards from 76, 77, and 1978. I think this was all the cards that were made but I could be wrong. It even came with some Pro Stock cards where you could make your own drivers. Me and a friend made our own cards and some local Pro Stock drivers. I had a Vega and he had a Demon. We also made cards of Dave Paxton, Jerry Haas, Jim Fuerer when he had a Pinto, Brian Rodekopf in a Hornet, Dave Shafer and Rick Radar. Did anyone else have this game and what did you think about it. One of these days when I get some free time maybe I'll run a race. Mike

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jim sanders
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Postby jim sanders » Tue May 22, 2007 7:15 pm

:?: to be honest Mike this is the first i've ever heard of it :shock:
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Postby draglist » Tue May 22, 2007 9:43 pm

It was a fantastic game. I sold a copy of the game for Ray English's widow on eBay a few years ago, but not before writing down all the info from the cards! My own Match Race Madness computer game turned out to be very similar to the game, although I wrote the code in the early 80s. That tired old gem is still fun to play in the DOS version. One of these days, I'll translate it to the web... Photographer/Model Maker Mike Garland has a full set of the Vallco game and in fact made dozens of model cars to match the cars in the game. He used to stage full races in the basement of his house. bp
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