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Re: Racin' and Rockin'..."JB's Take"

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:52 pm
by Wheelzman
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Re: Racin' and Rockin'..."JB's Take"

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 6:43 pm
by WildcatOne
Alder Outlaw VW Racing Team

My pick for Racers of the Week is the Alder Outlaw VW Racing Team, based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Our friend Brennden Alder sent me a lot of information about the team, their cars and their accomplishments. Due to time constraints with my segment, I’m going to focus on the hot rods of the group and ask for folks to go to the feature of this team in the DragList Forum for the complete story he sent. It’s a drag racing family team, and it’s well worth the time to read about these great people.

Brennden sent me the following info, and I’ll quote him here.

I’ve owned my bus for 25 years. Originally it was going to be a quick fix and sell and make some coin but after driving it for a while I loved it too much and now I can’t part with it. When I was younger it was the surf mobile loaded up with mates and surfboards for trips to the coast every weekend. Then I started my own business doing mobile car detailing. I was doing roughly 1500km a week in it!! My uncle John rebuilt my original engine and my dad ported the heads. It Had enough get up and go to upset many a driver at the lights in cars with bigger engines! I’ve raced it on many occasions and made it to the final in my bracket a few years back to pipped at the post by a close family friend!! Recents times my health due to a car accident has prevented me from racing and the engine in my bus is showing signs of age as well. It’s over 20 years old and well over 400 000 hard kilometres hehehe. I’ve got all the parts to build a 3L aircooled engine in my shed once time and money permit. Hopefully by then my health will allow me to race again! In the meantime I’m switching between family members lending a hand and crewing for whoever is the next on the track!! I do drive my bus but haven’t for 2 years since having a car accident. Scott Alder my cousin would prolly be better as he is the one running the numbers and setting records!! He isn’t totally computer literate so I can always help him if need be

My cousin Scott with Fillmore is very well known here in Australia and in Europe as well. A few Vw people know of him in the USA but bus racing isn’t as big as it is in Europe and here in Australia. On our fb page you will see his pb run of 9.838@ 138.77mph Second fastest Kombi in the world. Fastest in the Southern Hemisphere. Fastest rear engined Kombi in the world. Both of those buses are Making 415-450hp at the wheels. My brothers tune chassis beetle is making about the same power. My cousin Tim’s yellow bay window panel van is making about 175hp at the wheels from 2.6L N/A with a lot of torque. Fillmore is a 57 model. 3 inch roof chop and channeled 6 inches on tube chassis. Someone had cut the floor and chassis out of it so it was perfect for a drag bus. Bullet holes and axe wounds as well!! Beetle rear torsion housing and front beam with disc brakes all round. Auto is a modified T3 Kombi with manual valve body and spool built by the Vw auto guru here in Queensland Aaron Roberts from Aaron’s autos. The Porsche engine is in pieces atm due to a breakage so it’s getting some love and more mods. Finished product Scott wants to see 650+hp and wants to run an 8 sec pass. That engine was a stock engine we put a turbo and Efi on and it makes that power with on 22psi Of boost. Bump the boost to 35 or so with some stronger internals and we will see what happens..

Scott’s wife Yuri is from Korea and her first drive in Australia was on the drag strip in an early 2000’s model beetle. She is an absolute natural and has a reputation as a cold blooded killer on the lights! Super consistent and has won the water cooled category of Vw Racing more than any other racer. In fact she may be our most successful driver who makes the finals almost every single year! Yuri ha upgraded from the beetle to a Tiguan and is even more consistent!!

His brothers car is the red and black split in the video. It has run a high 6 over the 1/8 and best of 11.47 over 1/4 mile. That’s a full qtr mile not 1000ft over whatever the shorter track distance is now at some places. That time was on a back off and shut down due to a breakage. It’ll easily run a 10 sec pass which we are hoping to do in the next month or so.

John Alder has owned the dual cab for nearly 30 years. It ha travelled over 1 million km
Towed race cars all over Australia and has spent a lot of time on our beautiful sand islands and beaches upsetting many a 4wd owner!!

John Alder built the Rapier formula Vee entirely himself. Designed the chassis and body panels and made all the moulds for the body panels then built the engine gear box and set up the Vw brakes and suspension as well. All done in house at his workshop my uncle john alder doing all the race prep and actually built and designed the car. My uncle built the little yellow formula Vee you see on our page. That is his design and he built the car from scratch including designing the body etc etc. that car has won soo many state titles and hold lap records and pole positions etc over the last 6 or so years it’s unbelievable The little open wheeler when he races it at the drags we swap the formula Vee engine out and my uncle built a 1640cc Mighty Mouse motor. Everything is Vw apart from cam rockers lifters etc. with a single dcn Weber it makes 113hp at the wheels and at our last race meet my cousin drove it and got it into the 7’s over the 1/8 mile! Paul Manteit drives and owns the car with the Alders.

Troy Alder’s Tune chassis 1960 model beetle is a car with a bit of history courtesy of its original builder and owner Dangerous David Butler. Full tube chassis beetle originally power by a 3L twin supercharged engine making big hp back in the early 90’s. Car ran deep into the 9’s on maybe full power for only half track or so and was destined to be fast! David had an accident in the car during testing due to bad track prep and never raced it again. Car was a rolling shell minus front end and chassis due to accident damage and was bought by a family friend who owned it for a period of time before Troy bought it. Car is now 2.3L turbo efi flat 4 engine making just over 400hp at the wheels. Car has run 6.30’s over 1/8 mile but results have been minimal of late as Troy has been making a lot of changes to improve reliability and is in the middle of converting the car to auto from manual. New Ecu is also on the way as well. Old ecu has some gremlins that were causing a tuning nightmare at times!! Troys good friend has helped him with development of his engine and making it a reliable bit of kit. His engine builder also builds engines for the DJR Penske V8 supercar race team here in Australia

Bit of background on Lis and Stephens golfs. Stephens golf used to be owned by his mum Lis but she decided to upgrade to a newer model with the 2.0L turbo Diesel engine. Stephen bought Lis’ old golf and had diesel Tune put a tune in it which improved his 1/8th mile times by a second! Both of these cars are daily drivers and are nothing overly special but being consistent and running close to your dual in is the name of the game! Stephen has won the watercooled vw category and always makes finals in the category. Lis is the oldest of the Alder’s Racing and began her racing career about 2 years ago from memory. Never too old to start!! She consulted her sons and her nephews on the dos and donts of racing and was extremely nervous before her first run down the strip. The adrenaline was running by the time she returned to the pits and she was hooked!! No racing for Lis in the last little while due to some surgery which restricted her from driving all together. She is informed me she will be back this year with vengeance!!

My wife Elouise is the newest racer to the Alder Outlaws driving our Vw Amarok in the watercooled Vw category. The Amarok is the biggest car in the field but certainly isn’t the slowest! Elouise has been a part of the family for a few years now and once she decided to have a go at racing instead of spectating her method of spectating changed a lot. When she isn’t racing she is on the fence at the start line watching other categories and drivers race learning from others how it’s done and also relying on the family for input as well. Again extremely nervous first time out to the point of not wanting to do it at all but after that first run somebody else was hooked!! Another one of the Alder ladies to fear in the watercooled category to the point of other racers deliberately trying to line in the staging to avoid racing any of the Alder’s all together!!!

My Aunty Lis sent me this tonight...

Hi Brenny.
My Turbo 2.0 litre Diesel Golf is a 2012 model.
What I love about drag racing is that I have been challenged to do something new that I have never done before. And at an older age. I love the anticipation at the staging lights and the take off and SPEED. I also reckon it’s cool that I can beat most guys half my age and I appreciate the down to earth people involved who had the patience to teach me about the staging lights. I love the Adrenalin rush. And I love my nick name given to me by Phil Burchell(track announcer) Queen Bee. After all I am the oldest in the Alder Outlaws. Lol.

Re: Racin' and Rockin'..."JB's Take"

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 6:03 pm
by WildcatOne
My pick for Racers of the Week are Chris & Gary Salkeld, from Cabot, Pennsylvania. I found Chris and Gary when I noticed they were friends of our former Racer of the Week, Zach Schlumpf. This is a father-and-son family team, with both guys helping each other out in the construction and performance of their cars.

First, Chris Salkeld’s ’65 Ford Falcon

This car was purchased the day after Chris’ 21st birthday. His dad saw the car on the side of the road on his way to the Canfield part swap meet. Gary told him he should buy it but he really wasn’t interested, until one day Gary spent all day looking for something and when he found it he handed Chris the side Falcon emblem to the car and said that is a start. Shortly after that, Chris bought the car. He got it home and started the restoration process.

With a lot of help from his dad and bargaining for parts it took him 6 years to get the car on the road. He used a ’77 Lincoln 9 inch ford rear end with disc brakes. Chris converted the front end to disc brakes using Granada front spindles. He got the car painted and got it on the road. Chris takes it to car cruises and to Cruise-A-Palooza.

Chris converted the front end to a straight axle in 2018 after being accepted into Hot rod Drag Week. He was in gasser B class. Day 1 of Drag Week competition he lost his torque converter and fought high transmission temperatures all week long. Day 3 at Z-Max Dragway Chris asked his best friend to be his wife and she said YES!

Even with transmission issues he ended the week with a 15 second average for quarter mile runs. The motor in the Falcon is a 289 cast head engine. Chris hopes to compete in Drag Week again and he is currently building a 4 stall garage to build more cars with his fiancé Kylie and his son Liam who has a love for cars. Chris is hoping one day to build cars with him like his dad and he did.

Next is Gary Salkeld’s ’64 Ford Fairlane

Gary bought the car around 2001 in the woods of East Brady PA and paid $800 for it. The car was in pieces and all the chrome parts were stuffed in the back of the car. He did not have a garage at the time, so he stored it under tarps and in different people’s garages until he started his own garage. Gary built a 1-stall garage just for that car. He used all his money to build the garage and even had to sell cars to have enough money to build his Fairlane and garage together.

First, he put a straight axle on and welded all the floor pans in. He bought most of his parts at swap meets and flea markets. In the meantime, Gary helped his son Chris put his Ford Falcon together. He sold a gas lease to get the money to paint and finish the whole Fairlane. He only had 180 days to finish the car in order to make it to Cruise-A-Palooza in Butler in 2013.

He cruised it a few years with a 289 4 Barrel with headers and a 4-speed. He got the car hand-painted and found a blower motor out of a 5.0 Mustang. Gary redid the motor to fit in the Fairlane. The first year with the new motor, he blew the head gaskets and trashed the radiator. So he rebuilt the motor, rearranged the radiator, and rebuilt the frame for ladder bars.

He signed up for Drag week and updated everything to fit in the Gasser A category. He never Drag raced the car before Drag Week, but that week he raced it every day and only had minimal problems. He stripped stud on a back wheel, fixed it up and ended up finishing drag week with an average 13 second quarter mile. Now Gary is back to going to car cruises and tearing up the highway a little bit. His Hairline is a definite crowd pleaser. He said “Once you go gas it’s A GAS!”

Our friend and former Racer of the Week James Young of the Footbrake Division commented that he remembers those cars being in pieces and he saluted Chris and Gary for the hard work they put into these cars to make them into excellent hot rods. Thanks, James!

Chris and Gary, we wish you good luck, safe racing and the best of times in the future!

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Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 6:24 pm
by Wheelzman
Oh John, you're killin' me buddy. You warned me of all the gassers coming up several weeks ago but how many straight axles can I take before I go into meltdown?????? I think I almost hyperventilated myself into a oblivion!!!!! Awesome cars, keep'em coming. :D :D :D :D :D
I would like to invite these guys to the Downtown Dover Car Show in Dover, Ohio around July or early August. They trailer in the drag cars to a nearby parking lot and drive them into downtown. We usually stay till they leave at night. A story about my wife, we were dating at the time and I asked her if she wanted to sit and listen to them fire up and leave the show? She was all for it and that was the night that I knew she was a keeper. A very healthy Nova fired up and blipped the throttle and she got goose bumps on her arms and down her back!!! Yep, she had me at the goose bumps. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Re: Racin' and Rockin'..."JB's Take"

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:45 pm
by WildcatOne
Great story, Wheelz! Thanks! I have more gassers on the schedule, so hang on tight! WC1

Re: Racin' and Rockin'..."JB's Take"

Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:46 pm
by WildcatOne
My pick for Racer of the Week is Ryan Sheldon, from Auckland, New Zealand.  Ryan's '58 Plymouth Fury is a marvelous machine, 
themed after the Joker from the Batman series.  Ryan sent me a great information packet, including the article that was done on
this awesome car in NZV8 magazine, and I'll quote the article for Ryan's feature:

If you replaced the word 'criminal' with 'drag racer' in the statement "This city deserves a better class of criminal, and I'm going to
give it to them", you'd pretty much sum up Ryan Sheldon's goal.  It wasn't Ryan who said this imposing quote, however, but Batman's
nemesis, the Joker.

Ryan's not twisted like the Joker...well, not as twisted, perhaps, but is all for having a laugh and making drag racing fun again. 
Besides kicking some supercharged arse with a naturally aspirated engine combination, bringing back the glory days of great
showmanship and sportsmanship is what it's all about for the Auckalnd-based furnace operator.  He's been winding up the
competition in Top Street and generally having a laugh doing it for the past few seasons behind the wheel of the Joker Camaro.
The '58 Plymouth Fury is that same car.  Well, kinda.  This is Joker 2.0 - a rebodied version of that same chassis that's powered him
to national championships and race wins at both ends of the country and a personal best of 7.89 seconds at 174.55 mph.

While Ryan's been on the strip with the car for just two years, his story with it goes back a whole lot further - right back, in fact, to
those good old days he's now emulating.  The goal at the time was to join the hugely popular Wild Bunch ranks with a steel-bodied
second-generation Camaro powered by a blown and injected big block Chevy.  For this he and a racing partner purchased a
former Super Stock car to gut it and create a tube chassis for what he affectionately describes as 'the overweight pig'.  Not long
into the chassis build for whatever reason, the partnership dissolved and the car disappeared.  But that didn't sour his tastes for
racing, though, and Ryan went on to be involved in many other successful racing partnerships and built a bunch of street cars
in the years that followed.

Some 25 years after the Camaro dream began, a very similar Camaro appeared on Trade Me in nothing more than very bare rolling
form.  On closer inspection, it was found to be indeed the same chassis that Chris had created, but the steel body had gone,
replaced with a fiberglass version - albeit a less-than-perfect one.  Before he knew it, his racing dreams were reignited even if now
he'd decided that natural aspiration was better than supercharging, or so he claims.  Six months after purchasing it, and finally with
a shed to work on it, he got stuck into the build.  Fellow drag racer Doron Anderson and GSS parts-slinger/fabricator extraordinaire
Trevor Kitney were roped in to help, as was Ryan's dad, Des - a long-time car guy himself - to make it happen.  The 598 - cube big-
block Chevy, previously campaigned by Stu Stanners in his seven-second altered was sourced and mated to a BTE Powerglide
transmission, and before long, he was sitting at the staging lights, ready to mash the accelerator pedal.

Ryan explains:  "In a season and a half with the Camaro, we won 10 of 15 racers with a couple runners-up, set an NZDRA record,
and won the National Series at our first attempt.  Running high-sevens was fun, but the aging body was slowly falling apart."

While he could have got stuck in to the fiberglass body, instead he decided to direct his efforts into another shape that he'd
always loved - a shape you'd not generally find near a drag strip, and certainly not on Ryan's side of the planet.  Of course, to
keep the competition guessing, and to have a little fun with everyone, he kept that body shape quiet until this very article came out.

The '58 Plymouth Fury - or more correctly, a fiberglass version of it - was sourced from Suncoast Race Cars in Florida and to date
is one of just a handful ever produced.  Plans to get it home were delayed a bit by Hurricane Irma, which struck the area in August
of 2017, so once it arrived, the build needed to happen in a ridiculously brief time frame if Ryan was to make it to the start of the
season, some two weeks after this article was published.

Normally, a chassis would be built to fit a body, but in this instance, that worldly order would be disrupted and both needed a small
amount of tweaking before they'd sit happily together.  Dad Des is the one who's still extracting fiberglass splinters from his fingers,
being given the task of widening the body to suit the Camaro's broader frame.  Even then, the new body wasn't a simple change, as
it affected many other parts of the build, such as all the internal tin work, and the glazing, which Ryan created replacements for.

Once mounted, the car was sent on a trip under the radar to Wellington where WelTec paint tutor Dean Riches and his students
would lay down the gloss white supplied by the team at Linkup Parts.  Under the cover of darkness once again, the car was dropped
off to Kurt Goodin Artworks where he was given three weeks to work his magic on it before it could be sent back to WelTec for a
coat of clear to protect it all.  Essentially the mechanicals remain as they were when Ryan terrorized Top Street - the 600-ish cube
big block was good enough to run clockwork seven-second passes with minimal fuss.  The new body is a touch lighter than the old,
so, all is going to plan.  Those consistent seven-second slips are a touch more impressive, too.  That said, having crewed on or
co-owned over a dozen Group 1 cars of there years, Ryan is well aware of the fact that going faster means more maintenance, and
with the current combo, there's a good balance of performance without the need for it to lose its enjoyment.  A 7-month build and
he was back out there.

"We have created this car to be fun for everyone - no stress and something people can relate to and identify with, and get back to
what has been lacking in our sport for years - fun for family and friends, and spectators alike."  Ryan said "We may not have the
fastest or best-looking car out there, but everyone knows who the Joker is!"

Ryan has a great many mates and family members who he can call on for help.  Included are fellow drag racer John Neilan, who's had
a vital role in the motor build.  Trevor Kitney and Doron Anderson have both been involved in the fabrication side of things, while
Mike Reid has been crucial on race day, and Mark Thomas is indispensable for helping move the car around while Kurt Goodin was
taking care of the top-secret paint job.  Des Sheldon for doing all the crappy, time-consuming jobs, Paul Lambarth for giving up most
of his Sundays to help, Kurt Goodin, for being an ever cleverer bastard, Dean Riches at WelTec, Tim Barwell at the Krysler Shop,
Stephen Virtue at SV Photos for Motorsport, Nigel Dixon, Nakita Hart, Ryan's mum Di, his sister Shanyn, and Drew for doing stuff
that Ryan can't stand and being there to help and support.  Mark Thomas, cousin, Kimi, Troy, and everyone else who helps out
on race day.  Parts suppliers such as Linkup Paints, the Krysler Shop, and Century Batteries are also key to the car's ongoing success.

Ryan, we wish you good luck, safe racing and the best of times in the future!

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Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:45 pm
by Wheelzman
That thing looks evil. Cool. :D :D :D

Re: Racin' and Rockin'..."JB's Take"

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 7:25 pm
by WildcatOne
Yes, it does, Wheelz. Ryan is an awesome racer...he chose a different path, and it's wonderful!

My pick for Racer of the Week is Bruce Siegler, from Moline, Illinois. Bruce was recommended to me by our
friend and one of the admins of the Quad Cities Drag Racers page, Tim Ryherd. Thanks, Tim!

Bruce is a lifelong hot rodder; he is well-known and liked in the Quad Cities. His ’68 Camaro is an extremely
Dynamic and powerful race car. He’s had it for a long time and his recent red paint job not only brings back
The original look of an early-era Camaro, it is the perfect complement to the graphics he’s added to it.

His beloved Roxie’s portrait is proudly displayed in front of the rear quarter panel, and as I understand, in
recent times, Roxie has entered Doggie Heaven. This was Bruce’s best friend for many years, and I know how
that feels. It’s a great tribute to a great companion, Bruce. I had a great time making your graphic.

Bruce works at Cordova International Raceway, as the golf cart technician and he’s also a regular racer at their
many local and regional events. I’ve seen pictures of him and his Camaro with Roxie in the Winner’s Circle there. He is a top competitor.

Bruce also has some 70s muscle in the form of an outstanding ’72 Olds 442 and a beautiful purple Cutlass
Supreme convertible. I included the picture of Bruce wearing a tuxedo for his daughter’s wedding standing next to the purple Supreme.

The orange 442 is one of the finest examples of a street car that is also an awesome drag strip competitor. Bruce poured his heart and soul into these cars, and he more than deserved to be featured tonight.

Bruce, we wish you good luck, safe racing and the best of times in the future!

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Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 6:46 pm
by WildcatOne
My pick for Racers of the Week are Roy Wilding and Mark Luton, from Oldbury, Sandwell, United Kingdom. Our friend and former Racer of the Week Andy Fadster, who is the admin of the Supercharged Outlaws UK group recommended Roy and Mark to me. Thanks, Andy!

Summary of Roy Wilding’s 35 Year Drag Racing Career

Renowned for his affable, unyielding and dedicated approach, Roy Wilding has become one of todays established and more well-known drivers in British Drag Racing.

Roy began racing 35 years ago in his V6 Ford Pop Hot Rod. It was driven from the back seat and could achieve 98mph in 14.9 seconds.

Approximately 30 years ago, a young 14 year old kid named Mark Luton (who is now Roy’s Crew Chief) began helping with Roy’s first dragster which was a 322ci Nailhead Buick. This achieved 131mph in 11.001 seconds despite running on Kelly Springfield “Pie Crust” slicks. At the same time Roy had built a second Hot Rod. When the dragster chassis reached its end of life, Roy built a new chassis and transplanted his 430 Buick Hot Rod engine into it. The new set up went on to achieve 147mph in 10.002 seconds.

Shortly afterwards Roy bought the ex-Monica Oberg top fuel chassis, into which Roy fitted a 454 Buick Engine and 3-speed GM Auto box. This car achieved 132mph in 10.00 seconds when driven by Roy’s wife, Angela. At that time Mark Luton decided to take a break from competitive drag racing and concentrate on family life, but did re-join Roy 14 years later.

From this point Roy probably built around 15 race car chassis for other racers, plus two more race cars for him. One of his cars was a 1923 T-bucket competition altered, running a 383ci Chrysler engine and 3-speed box. The best time ever for this vehicle was 10.9 seconds at 131mph. The second car was a restoration of the Hemi Hunter dragster, which was originally owned by Gerry Andrews (who ran top fuel in the 1970s). Roy installed a 392ci Chrysler engine and 2-speed box in it and ran a best of 183mph at 8.001 seconds on methanol.

Moving onwards Roy built his Chariots of Fire slingshot. He has achieved a very respectable 199.1mph in 7.2 seconds and insists the car has more to give.

Currently Roy is producing a Competition Altered with a 426ci Chrysler Hemi and 3-speed Lenco, running with a 14:71 blower. This is being built for Roy, Mark and the crew to have the experience of driving a blown alcohol car.

As an aside, it is interesting to note that since Roy raced the Hemi Hunter car 10 to 12 years ago, Roy has built another 15 race car chassis, and restored 3 of the more famous British Altereds; namely Paranoia, Hellzapoppin’ and the Thunderbird car. It was with the help of drag racer Chris Round that Roy even surprised himself with the speed in which he could work. Working together, both guys were able to produce a complete rolling dragster chassis from raw materials within 28 hours! Throughout all this very productive time Roy also continued with a full time job, and currently works at Futura Design concept car builders.

For the last 6 to 7 years Roy has been actively involved with the S & K Racing Team, participating in Super Pro. Using a non-supercharged Keith Black engine, the car regularly runs 170mph in 8.00 seconds. The team owners are Roger Sinclair and Mike Kemp. As the car’s driver, Roy personally believes he has the best role in the team.

It is hoped this summary of Roy Wilding’s 35 year racing life and career will give an insight into his prolific chassis building and renovation, as well as his dedication and unique approach to British Drag Racing.

Roy would like to pay special thanks to his wife Angela, Mark Luton, Arran Skelding, Mark and John Bensley, Dave Sirwell, Ashley Phipps, Kevin Turrell, Tony Brace, Clive Bush, Roger Sinclair, Mike Kemp, Steve Lewin, Mark Fletcher, the late Danny Spooner, Roger MacLaren, Brian Gandy, D C Customs, Barry Woodford, Pete and Rob Brown, Lesley Prior, back up girls Holly Jakes and Kimberley Berry, plus all his fans and followers for their support over the many years of his racing career.

Roy and Mark, we wish you good luck, safe racing and the best of times in the future!

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Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:32 pm
by Wheelzman
8) 8) 8) 8) 8)