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Big Erik
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nother question/request?/.......

Postby Big Erik » Tue Oct 23, 2007 12:43 pm

guys, got another question that someone here can and i are looking to put a new set of strange struts on our stude when we redo the chassis(ordered a pro mod chassis kit from vanishing point :lol: ) and we will have to update the wheels, i have been informed that the wheel pricing is gonna go sky high soon and while i will buy new wheels if I have to, a nice used pair of weld aluma stars or american trackstars would be ideal......everything I have found though is for the anglia/lamb spindle......we could buy the high dollar lamb stuff but a buddy of ours can get us a good deal on anything strange so thats what we wanna do.......finally here's the there enough material in an anglia spindlemount type wheel to machine it out for the strange size races?? My father in law can do the machining thats not a problem.......also anyone here got any wheels for sale like what we need??...... :? ERIK
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