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TH400 dual feeding

Posted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:42 pm
by chevyv8_power
I have been reading a lot on the forums about dual feeding the direct clutch but am still not sure how to do it since there seems to be different ways of doing it. Plus I don't have a tranny to take apart and look at right now or a fluid diagram to look at. I have a TH400 with a B&M transpak(shift kit) and want to dual feed the direct clutch.

Is it as simple as plugging the feed to the accumulator in the valve body?

I did not remove any seals in the clutch or a pump sealing ring. The kit modified the accumulator if I remember right, I think replaced it with a different one and blocked a hole on the outside of the valve body. Also a hole was drilled larger on the separator plate but I think that was for 1-2 shift. I am trying to firm up the 2-3 shift.