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 Don Montgomery's Hot Rod Books

Don Montgomery's Hot Rod Books set the standard for high quality automotive books. These large (11 x 9 inches), beautiful hard cover books make the perfect gift for the hot rod or dragster fan in your life! Well written and packed with hard to find information and hundreds of photos, Don's books "take you back" to the heyday of American Performance cars. A racer himself, Don captures the "inside scoop" on the history of the men and women who drove these fascinating machines. Bill's Drag Racing Gifts is proud to offer Don's books on the Internet.

NOTE: Don will be happy to autograph and personalize any book you purchase. If you wish to have Don sign your book, please include the name of the recipient and the desired note in the SPECIAL PROCESSING REQUESTS section of the Check Out form.

Old Hot Rods Scrapbook by Don Montgomery Old Hot Rods Scrapbook is the eighth in a series of terrific hot rod history books by Don Montgomery! This book has almost 600 old photos taken in the early days of hot rodding. The period covered is from the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s. The photos display many of the ideas and modification that went into the hot rods of over 60 years ago. This book is an excellent reference for hot rodding enthusiasts who want to learn about the good old days and those who are looking for ideas and their own nostalgia hot rod projects. Review the golden years of hot rodding through the hundreds of vintage photos, many of them straight from the rodder's albums and never before published. Don Montgomery’s book shows it like it was! Hard cover. 192 pages. Almost 600 photos.


DM8 - Old Hot Rods Scrapbook $39.95 

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Hot Rods in the Forties by Don Montgomery Hot Rods in the Forties. SCTA - THE CLUBS - RUSSETTA - HOT ROD SHOWS - EL MIRAGE - HOT ROD MAGAZINE. This book is for rodders of all ages. Older hot rodders will remember names and rods and perhaps a lot of memories. Young street rodders will see what the early street rods were like and the ideas that resulted in the street rods of today. The 1940's were the most important and most exciting period in the history of hot rodding. 

Today's separate and distinct activities of street rodding, drag racing, lakes time trials and Custom cars have all evolved from the hot rods of the 1940's. In addition hot rodders have had a major influence on all areas of automotive related activities from racing to styling to design and manufacturing. But over fifty years ago hot rodding included the whole thing. The rodders built, altered, and maintained their own rods. Working on the rods provided a good "hands-on" education for the owners. And of course driving and testing at the lakes or on the street was more than half the fun. 

This book presents a look at 1940's hot rodding through the pictures from rodders' photo albums. Naturally the emphasis is put on showing the hot rods of that period. Roadsters, coupes, and sedans are shown on the streets and at the lakes. Information about the cars, the owners, clubs and speeds are included with the photos. Hard bound. 144 Pages.

DM1 - Hot Rods in the Forties $39.95

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Supercharged Gas Coupes by Don Montgomery Supercharged Gas Coupes. "Supercharged Gas Coupes" is the story of the exciting blown gassers of the 1960s. It shows and tells about the evolution of the cars and the technical improvements in both engine and chassis design. Lots of photos show most of the Supercharged Gas Coupe class racers. Also included is the hype, the challenging ads in the drag racing newspapers, and the fierce competition that made names like Stone-Woods-Cook, Ohio George Montgomery, K.S. Pittman, and Big John Mazmanian known to drag racing fans the world over. Hard bound. 192 pages. Packed with photos. THIS GREAT BOOK IS BACK IN STOCK! The ESSENTIAL supercharged gasser guide!

DM4 - Supercharged Gas Coupes $39.95

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Hot Rods as They Were by Don Montgomery Hot Rods as They Were. "Hot Rods As They Were" shows the evolution of the various styles of hot rods, roadsters, coupes, and sedans. Modifieds and Streamliners are shown and discussed. In addition there are chapters on Track Roadsters, early drag racing, and engine modifications. Hard bound. 160 pages. 301 photos. 

DM2 - Hot Rods as They Were $39.95

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Don Montgomery's ROCKERHEAD Willys Gasser die cast -- close up.Don's "Rockerhead" Willys Gasser Die Cast! As you know, Don Montgomery didn't justDon's ROCKERHEAD Willys Gasser -- the entire package. write about the golden days of drag racing -- he was a huge part of the scene! Here's the Johnny Lightning die cast reproduction of the car Don drove against all the top names in the Gasser Wars. What a great accessory for your desk! Or... keep it packaged as a collectible! Don will autograph each Willys that goes out the door. Own a little piece of drag racing history! $14.95

DM-RH - "Rockerhead" Willys Gasser Die Cast Car $14.95

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