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Drag News -- On Compact Disc!

The legendary Drag News is now available on compact disc!Drag racing was in its golden era during the '60s and early '70s. There were hundreds of tracks all across the country holding hundreds of weekly races for thousands of drag racers. Top Fuel car counts were at an all time high and southern California held three to four fuel shows a week. Fuel Altereds stormed the nation's strips with reckless fury. Factory Experimentals and Super Stocks thrilled doorslammer fans with rosin swept, two of three match races across the south. Supercharged Gassers did the same from coast to coast. There had never been more weekly professional drag racing action -- and those days will probably never return. 

All during this incredible period, Drag News was there to bring drag racing fans ALL the action. With reporters from coast to coast (and some who TRAVELED from coast to coast), Drag News brought all the action to its readers' doorsteps. Each issue of Drag News provided enough hard core information to drive drag racing fans into Nirvana. I remember my first issue of Drag News. It was honestly a mind-expanding experience. I was at the drags, at a funny car race no less, but I couldn't put the newspaper down! Drag News was a priceless publication in every way.

In 2000, an idea started to brew among some online drag racing friends. Standard 1320 Drag Racing -- an online collection of former racers and fans dedicated to remembering drag racing's golden era -- wondered if it would be possible to "scan" the old Drag News papers and put them on CD ROM. Dennis Holding, one fourth of the famous "Frantic Four" Top Fuel team, took the lead and tracked down all the facts about getting this done. Once he found that it was indeed possible, Dennis Holding pulled out his wallet and FUNDED THE ENTIRE THING! After gathering complete sets of Drag News from varied sources, including Big Daddy Don Garlits' personal collection, Dennis started having them scanned to compact disc.

And now, we are proud to announce that the first two sets are DONE! Each CD contains the COMPLETE run of Drag News papers from the era. EVERY PAGE WAS SCANNED. That means all the cool advertisements of the era are there in addition to all the fantastic stories and photos. What would you pay for a complete set of Drag News on a CD? When we were just talking about this concept, I stated that I would gladly pay $1,000 for such a thing. And I still would if I had to. But I don't have to. And neither do you. That's because these priceless pieces of drag racing history are being made available for only $49.95 a volume. 

If you are a racer or a fan from the era, how can you pass up a chance to see that golden era again? And if you never got to see those magic days, a Drag News CD will give you insight into why so many old timers miss the good old days. Every race, every week, every month, every year, every ISSUE is captured on CD ROM. Drag News on CD ROM is the perfect gift for any drag racer or drag racing fan from any era.

Thanks again to Dennis Holding, Don Garlits, and Lee Schelin and the entire Standard 1320 Drag Racing group for making these priceless memories available to us.

We no longer carry Drag News CDS. However, you can still get them. The CDs are available directly from Standard1320.com. Click HERE

Drag News CD Volume 1 - The Early Years - 1955 to 1961Drag News CD Volume 1 - The Early Years - 1955 to 1961

Drag News CD Volume 2 - The Golden Years - 1962 to 1966Drag News CD Volume 2 - The Golden Years - 1962 to 1966

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