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Drag Racing Memories Books

John Shapiro from Cruisin' Times Magazine has put together some fantastic nostalgia drag racing books featuring photos and information on the top match racers of the 60s and 70s. While these books primarily feature cars from Ohio and the Midwest, they are for ALL drag racing fans! Any fan of Gassers, Funny Cars, Top Fuelers, Pro Stockers, and MORE from the greatest era in drag racing will LOVE these books! Books are spiral bound with glossy pages.

Funny Car Match Racing East book. Click to see the full size image!Funny Car Match Racing East. The 3rd book from John Shapiro, Funny Car Matching Racing East is a unique look at the fuel floppers that roamed the Eastern, Midwest and Southern tracks during the late '60s and '70s. These “self sponsored” asphalt gypsies did it for love, going from track to track, three and maybe four times a week. If you remember: The Trojan Horse, the Chi-Town Hustler, the Eastern Raider, the Damn Yankee, the Super Duster, Color Me Gone, Mr. Norm, Jungle Jim Liberman, the Frantic Ford or the Flying Dutchman, then you were there watching a Funny Car Match Race somewhere East of the Mississippi. And... if you remember the Coca-Cola Cavalcade of Stars that made a stop at a track near you, there's a complete a special color chapter devoted to those burgeoning Funny Car Stars from ‘69 to ‘76. 108 pages. Click photo to see a larger image.

Funny Car Match Racing East $24.95 

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