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IHRA Holly Spring Nationals Results

By Summit FastNews

ROCKINGHAM NC - SUMMIT FastNews - Bruce Litton earned his first Top Fuel win of the season at the Holley Spring Nationals presented by Castrol GTX at Rockingham Dragway Sunday. The second of eleven races comprising the Summit Drag Racing Series, the Spring Nationals were contested under clear skies with cool temperatures that allowed racers to set eight IHRA World records. Litton, the number two qualifer defeated top qualifier Clay Millican in the Top Fuel final with a 4.777 second/303.64 mph pass. Millican's team had crankshaft problems and thrashed to the last minute, bringing an unhealthy racecar to the line. Millican, a victim of a broken push rod, sputtered to a 20.196/61.02 run. The upstart Millican team, owned by Peter Lehman and sponsored by stealthsponsor.com set the IHRA World E.T. record at 4.725 seconds in the second round of qualifying, backing it up in the first round of eliminations. Millican also defeated Darlington winner Paul Romine in the semis on his way to the finals. "What started out as a rocky weekend ended up tremendously for the Wix team," stated Indianapolis resident Litton. " My crew chief Richard Hartman's grandmother is ill and in the hospital. I'm dedicating our team win to "Grandma Markley" and delivering the trophy to her hospital room personally. I know this might not seem important but my dog also died and it affected me. It's been a weekend of tremendous emotions. Litton added, "I knew Clay (Millican) was struggling but there is no way in the world I wanted to win the Spring Nationals making a solo run. I always want to race for the win." Millican was ecstatic about the Lehman team's performance. "This weekend was nothing but great news for the stealthsponsor.com team," enthused Millican. "We broke some parts and I was so ill Friday that I thought I was going to get sick in the car. But overall, how can we complain about a number one qualifying position, a runner-up finish, and a national record. This is a team on the rise." Litton also announced that he would provide a second Top Fuel car for 18-year-old J.R. Todd, a rising African-American driver. Litton will mentor J.R. and plans to have him make his IHRA Top Fuel debut at the Amalie Oil Summer Nationals in June. Doug Foxworth set an IHRA Top Fuel World speed record at 307.02 during the second round of qualifying. With his win and a second-place finish at Darlington, Litton now leads the chase for the $200,000 Summit Top Fuel purse with 241 points. Paul Romine is second with 206 points.

Fred Hahn of Elma, N.Y. led a 38-car Mopar Performance Parts Pro Modified field, defeating Todd Tutterow in a final that can only be described as "wild and hairy." Hahn, in his blown Summit Racing '53 Corvette, and Tutterow's nitrous-powered '63 Corvette swerved down the track in the final, Hahn prevailing 6.998/193.54 to 10.108/87.79. "It was a case of he who lifts last wins," explained Hahn in the winner's circle. "Any time you end up with a win and a national record is a good day." Hahn set the IHRA Pro Modified World speed record with a 227.65 mph run in the first round. "We took the Summit Corvette to test at Englishtown and found out everything was wrong," stated Hahn. "Jim (Oddy) put the engine back on the dyno and we came up with a winning combination for Rockingham. Our first qualifying pass was a 6.41, our second 6.35. We knew we were in pretty good shape. "The cool weather favored the blown cars, and with a Jim Oddy engine, we were prepared to be there at the finish," added Hahn. With the win, Hahn moved from tenth to first in Pro Modified points. Hahn has 153 points with Ed Hoover in second with 146.

In Screamin' Eagle Nitro Harley, Jay Turner of Whitsett, N.C., took his first win of the season, defeating 1998 World Champion Johnny Mancuso. Turner defeated Mancuso, who couldn't get the power down and crossed the centerline with a 6.654/179.59. Turner also set a world E.T. record at 6.443 seconds.

Scott Weney of Royersford, Pa., took his first ihra.com Funny Car win since the 1998 Southern Nationals at Darlington, defeating current world champion Von Smith 5.958/237.75 to 5.935/238.05. Billy Gibson set the IHRA Funny Car E.T. record with a 241.97 mph run.

Jerry Yeoman from Galena, Kan., took the Sunoco Pro Stock title, defeating Jon Yoak 6.646/209.59 to 6.703/208.94. The three-time IHRA national event winner and owner of Tulsa International Raceway made it to the final by surviving an incident in the semi- finals with Steve Spiess. In an accident ironically reminiscent of his crash at the 1999 Amalie Oil Nationals at Bradenton, Spiess crossed the finish line and lost control, crossing in front of a surprised Yeoman and hitting the left lane wall. The engine separated from the chassis at the firewall and crashed through the concrete wall, catapulting the rest of the car back across the track. Spiess emerged from the spectacular crash unharmed. "I saw pieces of car in front of me, "said Yeoman. " I just missed Steve and pulled over to the side to make sure he wasn't hurt." Yeoman who set a Pro Stock national E.T. record at 6.608 announced he will contest the entire IHRA Pro Stock schedule. John Montecalvo set the IHRA Pro Stock World speed record at 210.77.

In Pro Outlaw, Laurie Cannister won the fifth win of her short career, defeating Mick Snyder, son of 1999 champion Larry Snyder. Cannister also set a national Pro Outlaw E.T. record at 6.038 mph. "To win the event and set a national record is incredible," said Cannister. "My team worked hard to get the car together. Last Sunday night it was in pieces. Our victory is a testimony to their dedication." 18-year-old Snyder, blew a pressure relief burst panel in his supercharger in the final, but was pleased with his performance. "We ran well and had a chance to win. I tried to deep-stage Laurie (a starting line tactic), but she didn't fall for it," commented Snyder. "Mick is a great racer," added Laurie. "I expect that we will soon be competing as fiercely as Mick's dad and I did. With her win, Cannister takes the Pro Outlaw points lead, The million dollar Summit Drag Racing Series moves now to Grand Bend Motorplex for the inaugural Mopar Performance Parts Canadian Nationals, June 2-4.

ROCKINGHAM, N.C. -- Sunday's final results from the 35th annual Holley Spring Nationals Presented by Castrol GTX at Rockingham Dragway. The $700-thousand race is the second of 11 events in the IHRA Summit Drag Racing Series: Top Fuel -- Bruce Litton, Oneida, Tenn., 4.777 seconds, 303.64 mph def. Clay Millican, Drummonds, Tenn., 20.196 seconds, 61.62 mph. Screamin' Eagle Nitro Harley -- Jay Turner, Whitsett, N.C., Harley, 6.654, 179.59 def. Johnny Mancuso, Houston, Harley, broke. ihra.com Funny Car -- Scott Weney, Royersford, Pa., Pontiac Firebird, 5.958, 237.75 def. Von Smith, Oak Ridge, Tenn., Pontiac Firebird, 5.935, 238.05. Mopar Performance Parts Pro Modified -- Fred Hahn, Elma, N.Y., '54 Corvette, 6.998, 193.54 def. Todd Tutterow, Lewisville, N.C., '63 Corvette, 10.108, 87.79. Sunoco Race Fuels Pro Stock -- Jerry Yeoman, Galena, Kan., Pontiac Firebird, 6.646, 209.59 def. Jon Yoak, Ellenboro, W.Va., Ford Probe, 6.703, 208.94. Pro Outlaw -- Laurie Cannister, Clinton, Pa., 6.038, 222.55 def. Mick Snyder, Demotte, Ind., 7.243, 150.01. Omega Performance TS Shootout -- Barney Squiers, Locust Grove, Va., Corvette, 6.626, 210.73 def. Clarence Marsh Jr, Raleigh, N.C., Corvette, 7.083, 188.23.

ROCKINGHAM, N.C. -- Final round-by-round results from the 35th annual Holley Spring Nationals Presented by Castrol GTX at Rockingham Dragway, the second of 11 events in the IHRA Summit Drag Racing Series:

TOP FUEL: ROUND ONE -- Paul Romine, Indianapolis, 4.841, 303.43 def. Jim Bailey, Mantua, Ohio, 11.676, 77.60; Jim Head, Columbus, Ohio, 4.778, 307.93 def. Doug Foxworth, Lytle, Texas, 4.822, 307.02; Bruce Litton, Oneida, Tenn., 4.867, 302.82 def. Shirley Muldowney, Armada, Mich., 6.576, 143.96; Clay Millican, Drummonds, Tenn., 4.796, 304.60 def. Steve Smith, Princeton, N.C., 5.078, 283.97; SEMIFINALS -- Millican, 4.739, 305.22 def. Romine, 7.890, 89.02; Litton, 4.791, 305.42 def. Head, 4.917, 299.26; FINAL -- Litton, 4.777, 303.64 def. Millican, 20.196, 61.62.

NITRO FUEL HARLEY: ROUND ONE -- Jay Turner, Whitsett, N.C., 6.443, 212.36 def. Allen Peterson, Titonka, Iowa, 6.917, 222.03; Jim McClure, Williamsburg, Va., 6.809, 211.49 def. Steve Stordeur, Goshen, Ohio, 7.080, 170.36; Johnny Mancuso, Houston, 7.610, 182.92 def. Bill Furr, Orangeburg, S.C., 8.180, 119.12; Doug Vancil, Albuquerque, 6.762, 199.17 def. Dale Nungesser, Belle Plaine, Kan., 6.939, 199.46; SEMIFINALS -- Turner, 6.607, 211.96 def. McClure, 8.778, 103.46; Mancuso, 6.664, 198.03 def. Vancil, 7.483, 202.91; FINAL -- Turner, 6.654, 179.59 def. Mancuso, broke.

PRO MODIFIED: ROUND ONE -- Alan Pittman, Lyman, S.C., '41 Willys, 6.250, 220.40 def. Steve Vick, Mocksville, N.C., '68 Chevy Camaro, 11.157, 75.15; Mike Castellana, Westbury, N.Y., '57 Chevy Bel Air, 6.386, 221.20 def. Tommy Mauney, Shelby, N.C., '41 Willys, 12.577, 72.47; Ronnie Hood, Lenoir, N.C., '63 Chevy Corvette, 6.361, 220.04 def. Quain Stott, Inman, S.C., '63 Corvette, 6.426, 219.94; Billy Harper, Paducah, Ky., '68 Plymouth Barracuda, 6.420, 217.28 def. Ed Hoover, Gilbert, S.C., '63 Corvette, 6.438, 216.97; Todd Tutterow, Lewisville, N.C., '63 Corvette, 6.375, 219.51 def. Kevin O'Dell, S. Souix City, Neb., '70 Chevy Chevelle, 10.495, 82.14; Rickie Smith, King, N.C., '63 Corvette, 6.364, 221.42 def. Steve Cossis, Astoria, N.Y., '53 Corvette, 6.387, 218.72; Fred Hahn, Elma, N.Y., '54 Corvette, 6.272, 227.65 def. Carl Moyer, Ankeny, Iowa, '57 Bel Air, 7.713, 119.05; Al Billes, Barrie, Ont., '53 Studebaker, 6.256, 225.00 def. Mitch Stott, Mill Spring, N.C., '63 Corvette, 8.801, 106.78; QUARTERFINALS -- Tutterow, 7.003, 201.76 def. Harper, 11.380, 75.83; Smith, 6.378, 220.92 def. Hood, 6.605, 180.74; Billes, 6.322, 223.39 def. Pittman, 7.360, 122.79; Hahn, 6.300, 225.75 def. Castellana, 8.732, 98.15; SEMIFINALS -- Tutterow, 6.568, 216.38 def. Billes, 10.772, 77.27; Hahn, 6.267, 226.92 def. Smith, 6.378, 220.73; FINAL -- Hahn, 6.998, 193.54 def. Tutterow, 10.108, 87.79.

FUNNY CAR: ROUND ONE -- Billy Gibson, Chaptico, Md., Chevy Camaro, 5.868, 241.97 def. Bobby Baucom, Charlotte, N.C., Pontiac Firebird, 6.012, 212.53; Rob Atchison, London, Ont., Firebird, 6.069, 226.51 def. Mark Thomas, Louisville, Ohio, Dodge Avenger, 8.713, 103.83; Bruce Peterson Jr, Wappinger Falls, N.Y., Avenger, 6.092, 214.76 def. Dale Brand, Sully, Iowa, Firebird, 6.615, 230.10; Jimmy Rector, Vernon, Ala., Avenger, 6.228, 169.68 def. Jim Phillips, Evansville, Ind., Firebird, foul; Paul Athey, Groton, Conn., Corvette, 6.186, 227.80 def. David Rowe, Newbury, Mass., Olds Cutlass, 6.332, 231.48; Jim Lape, Myerstown, Pa., Camaro, 6.112, 234.29 def. Frederick Tigges, Holbrook, Mass., Camaro, broke; Von Smith, Oak Ridge, Tenn., Firebird, 5.899, 239.53 def. Bunny Burkett, Sterling, Va., Avenger, 7.484, 169.93; Scott Weney, Royersford, Pa., Firebird, 5.894, 240.25 def. Sam Leland, Jarrettsville, Md., Avenger, 6.078, 220.62; QUARTERFINALS -- Peterson Jr, 6.075, 227.31 def. Athey, 6.507, 182.62; Smith, 5.945, 236.96 def. Atchison, 6.118, 227.15; Gibson, 5.868, 241.80 def. Lape, 5.986, 235.89; Weney, 5.921, 239.31 def. Rector, 5.881, 237.84; SEMIFINALS -- Weney, 6.020, 238.09 def. Peterson Jr, 6.103, 228.15; Smith, 5.885, 239.74 def. Gibson, 5.953, 240.59; FINAL -- Weney, 5.958, 237.75 def. Smith, 5.935, 238.05.

PRO STOCK: ROUND ONE -- Carl Baker, Ridgeville, Ohio, Ford Thunderbird, 6.738, 206.20 def. Tim Nabors, Lawrenceville, Ga., Chevy Monte Carlo, 17.035, 56.39; Gene Wilson, Canton, Ga., Thunderbird, 6.686, 208.10 def. Ed Machacek, Atkins, Iowa, Pont Firebird, 8.431, 96.85; Steve Spiess, Manhattan, Ill., Monte Carlo, 6.697, 208.42 def. Floyd Cheek, Soddy Daisey, Tenn., Ford Probe, 6.703, 207.08; Jon Yoak, Ellenboro, W.Va., Probe, 6.665, 209.92 def. Rocky Watford, Andrews, S.C., Chevy Camaro, 13.645, 60.64; Bob Holzer, Rochester Hills, Mich., Firebird, 6.763, 206.39 def. Dwayne Rice, Grove City, Ohio, Firebird, 7.679, 192.88; John Montecalvo, Ctr.Moriches, N.Y., Monte Carlo, 6.605, 210.77 def. Doug Kirk, Lenore, W.Va., Probe, 6.709, 208.01; Ron Miller, Lebanon, Ohio, Monte Carlo, 6.636, 210.73 def. Chris Holbrook, Redford, Mich., Olds Cutlass, 7.122, 196.16; Jerry Yeoman, Galena, Kan., Pontiac Firebird, 6.608, 210.31 def. Charlie Peppers, Auburn, Ga., Ford Mustang, 6.761, 206.10; QUARTERFINALS -- Yoak, 6.712, 208.88 def. Holzer, 6.795, 201.34; Miller, 6.689, 209.33 def. Baker, 11.289, 76.79; Yeoman, 6.680, 209.33 def. Wilson, 9.139, 98.39; Spiess, 6.694, 207.66 def. Montecalvo, 6.673, 209.10; SEMIFINALS -- Yoak, 6.681, 209.20 def. Miller, 6.684, 209.88; Yeoman, 6.666, 209.26 def. Spiess, 6.697, 207.94; FINAL -- Yeoman, 6.646, 209.59 def. Yoak, 6.703, 208.94.

PRO OUTLAW: ROUND ONE -- Mark McElwee, Port St Lucie, Fla., 6.132, 218.72 def. Kevin McClain, Andalusia, La., broke; Jeff Chatterson, Brantford, Ont., 6.324, 213.60 def. Michael Barclay, Henderson, Tenn., 9.481, 85.47; Laurie Cannister, Clinton, Pa., 6.373, 218.27 def. Dave Christensen, Mt. Morris, Mich., 8.977, 91.10; Mick Snyder, Demotte, Ind., 6.100, 225.41 def. Neal Parker, Millville, N.J., 12.236, 80.42; SEMIFINALS -- Cannister, 6.080, 222.58 def. Chatterson, 6.249, 217.28; Snyder, 6.077, 226.92 def. McElwee, broke; FINALS -- Cannister, 6.038, 222.55 def. Snyder, 7.243, 150.01.

ROCKINGHAM, N.C. -- Point standings (top 10) for IHRA professional categories following the 35th annual Holley Spring Nationals Presented by Castrol GTX at Rockingham Dragway, the second of 11 events in the IHRA Summit Drag Racing Series:

TOP FUEL: 1. Bruce Litton, 241; 2. Paul Romine, 206; 3. Jim Head, 140; 4. Clay Millican, 136; 5. Jim Bailey, 123; 6. Doug Foxworth, 102; 7. Steve Smith, 101; 8. Shirley Muldowney, 95; 9. Danny Dunn, 71; 10. Bobby Lagana Jr, 30.

NITRO HARLEY: 1. Jay Turner, 226; 2. Steve Stordeur, 165; 3. Doug Vancil, 148; 4. Johnny Mancuso, 146; 5. Dale Nungesser, 120; 6. Jim McClure, 82; 7. Bill Furr, 65; 8. Jack Romine, 63; 9. Ray Price, 61; 10. Bob Spina, 60.

PRO MODIFIED: 1. Fred Hahn, 153; 2. Ed Hoover, 146; 3. Al Billes, 132; 4. (tie) Todd Tutterow, 103; Rickie Smith, 103; 6. Tommy Gray, 98; 7. Quain Stott, 95; 8. Alan Pittman, 84; 9. Tommy Mauney, 82; 10. Steve Vick, 79.

FUNNY CAR: 1. Scott Weney, 203; 2. Jimmy Rector, 177; 3. Von Smith, 143; 4. Mark Thomas, 107; 5. Jim Lape, 97; 6. Sam Leland, 95; 7. Rob Atchison, 90; 8. (tie) Billy Gibson, 68; Dale Brand, 68; 10. Paul Athey, 67.

PRO STOCK: 1. Steve Spiess, 182; 2. Jon Yoak, 165; 3. John Montecalvo, 155; 4. Jerry Yeoman, 150; 5. Gene Wilson, 117; 6. Dwayne Rice, 88; 7. Ron Miller, 86; 8. Carl Baker, 81; 9. Tim Nabors, 77; 10. Ed Machacek, 72.

PRO OUTLAW: 1. Laurie Cannister, 217; 2. Neal Parker, 166; 3. Mark McElwee, 149; 4. Mick Snyder, 147; 5. Jeff Chatterson, 122; 6. Michael Barclay, 104; 7. Mike Decker, 82; 8. Kevin McClain, 60; 9. (tie) Scott Ray, 59; Dave Christensen, 59.


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