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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

Fat Jack's Charm School

By Clare Sanders

Three Funny Car racers rented a shop (an old storefront) that looked directly on to the main street of the little tourist community of Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio, near Cleveland. Members were...

Paula Murphy - Her mechanic, Fat Jack Bynum, was anything but charming, the paradox giving birth to his nickname (in reality, a very nice guy, but don't blow his cover)

Super Chief - Brian Teal, Logghe 200-MPH Club member, ran Nelson Carter's Dodge high-gear car. Now operates Teal's Automotive, north of Austin, Texas. Cool guy, married to a girl named Rhonda. I have a story on him

Huff-Sanders Camaro - Frank Huff owned big-block Chevy-powered car. Fast, squirrelly, this rig could click off 200-mph numbers, if you knew to run it 1st-direct-to-3rd gear so the flexy chassis would stay hooked. Money making car, Huff just couldn't make the move to the Hemi cars, but it was a fun ride while it lasted. Driver (yours truly) got paid 35% off the top!

Fat Jack was a real character, known for putting on a gruff front, so one day I made a sign saying "Fat Jack's Charm School" and taped it to the front window of the shop, just for laughs. When the Geneva-on-the-Lake Tour Bus would pass, you could hear the driver say "and on our right is Fat Jack’s Charm School." We would roll with laughter!

We had a great time that summer (probably 1970), running the UDRA circuit, racing in the Midwest, doing the Wednesday night US 30 Dragway bit, booking through Ed Rachanski. Lots of parties. I even met my first wife there!

Jungle Clare Sanders


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