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Drag Racing Story of the Day!

The Greek Gets a "Four"

By Ron Johnson

Chris Karamesines, who is 73 and has been racing since the 1950s, ran a four-second run at the recent NHRA O'Reilly Auto Parts Nationals in Houston. Junior Dragster veteran Ron Johnson provides some behind the scenes info on that historic pass.

The Greek getting a "four" is very cool. Bob Stange from Strange Engineering helped to make this happen. Glen Mikres was pulled on board the week before the Gators to give a hand with tune-up, clutch etc. He got to the track on Wednesday and did what he could there. They must have just pushed too far after the very low five that Chris had on Saturday - they blew the tires off on the last run. I heard that someone else is going to get into the car after Chris accomplishes these goals of the 4 second run and 300 MPH.

I bet that Garlits won't be far behind. As good friends as he and Chris are, Don's going to be very happy for Chris but I betcha he'll be envious and wanting his own 4 and 300!

I had a chance to talk to Chris Karamesines for about 10 minutes at the Drag Racing Hall of Fame ceremony. He was very appreciative that someone (Frank Hedge) would be interested enough to go to the trouble to put a motor in his car so he could make Cacklefest at the California Hot Rod Reunion in October. All the same he seemed somewhat puzzled by all the attention and effort being put into this. I suppose he's like Tom Hoover and still looking forward and hasn't had the "Nostalgia Bug" bite him yet.

Big Yohns


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